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"Astral pilgrims' - a group of like-minded, passionate about the idea of the development of information and energy of human capabilities, access to the astral plane and the realization of the self in it. We are not a sect and not catch the "bugs." On the contrary, we are people who refuse to "narrow-minded ignorance" and prejudice, actually looking at the world, trying to gain insight into the questions of the universe. We do not force anyone to their ideas, but we are giving you the opportunity to see the world, casting aside prejudices and notions, take off your glasses, to figure the nature surrounding you phenomena and processes, enter the astral world and experience the limitless possibilities of the human
 The basis of the site consists of materials collected and developed over 20 years of astral practice. The focus is on the practical side of the issue, the study of the astral world, and methods of work in it. Astral output is not mysticism, it is the same science, like any other. In it their strict rules and laws. But if the math you may know as "satisfactory" and that you can get away, the output should be engaged in the astral just perfectly. And there is no mystery, there is virtually no restrictions or contraindications - if you are certainly not innate idiot. These techniques are available to everybody else. Only one condition - must conscientiously study and train (at least a month - the latest technology allow you to complete your training in 30 days). Now everything is just in your hands.
   Practical techniques that we offer - this is a real breakthrough in consciousness and human capabilities. At the core of the proposed methods is 20 years of practical experience astral outputs. This is not a fairy tale. It is an objective reality
          I am 25 years old and go out into the astral plane can only say one thing - it's physiologically given to man laid his body prirodoyili god and stupid to live life and not to have known of such amazing capabilities of their being. I understand why there were such thing as a soul, spirit, and in what way God created man in his image and likeness.

The phenomenon of astral output - is the practice of allocating the energy of the human body and transfer it in mind.
      As a result, the astral exit was possible as a result of long practice of Eastern schools, as well as used the most famous magicians, sorcerers and shamans. Now lift the veil on this great mystery. The offered technology astral exit permit to perform it in 2-3 weeks of classes. Otkryvayushiesya astral body before human possibilities are virtually not limited in time, not space. For him there are no barriers. Moreover in the astral body man can invent and create information-energy structures and use them in the practical world.
 The effect is to activate your astral (energy) of the body and create opportunities for his exit from the physical body. In this case, your astral body, being in fact the structure of the field gives you a lot of advantages:

- Feelings of 99% corresponds to the physical sensations of the body, but there is plenty of opportunity, not achievable in the physical body.
- For you to virtually disappear obstacles and barriers, right out of bed you can go through the wall to the neighbor
- In its request, you will be able to fly (even in space) - while fully preserved function of touch and smell. Trip to the Moon will be for you in the same routine as going to the bakery.
- Distances for you to lose all sense-you can just walk, fly with great speed, instantaneous travel across vast distances
- Your meetings in the astral plane with its citizens - is equivalent to the meetings in the kitchen with the aliens.
- Virtually unlimited arsenal of usage of techniques (for example - go back in time (the future), the use of magic, treating yourself and others, astral sex, access to egregors and information fields, etc.)

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