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This is the name prints in the astral plane of human action and other phenomena on earth. Since our every thought and every action is imprinted in the astral plane , that it retains all earthly events, and their worn cliche in the astral vortex, in obedience to its currents.
Astral clichés apply not only to the past but to the future actions and events that is explained as follows:
As any earthly creature, the action is first in a potential state, and how it is implemented first in the astral, and then in the material world, that is, on the ground. Note however, that depending on the will of the people and different place events that may block future to its implementation on the ground multiple times to change


Egregors called astral entities that are generated by the society of people united by one thought and will, and representing the spirit of the above society. Create egregores based on the law of magical chain.
As we have said, the magic chain creates in the astral plane collective pile asteroids , ie, thoughts, desires and images.
When the magic chain persistently acts in the continuation and some time and represents a large company, all of whose members hold on known principles and directed his will to a certain goal, the astral plane is created independent entity representing the sum of beliefs and goals of society. This amount is the sort of principle of a new being called egregore .
received from members of the public an adequate supply of power, egregor already beginning to live an independent life, but he does not enjoy completely free will, because his whole life is directed towards the attainment of the objectives of its constituent principle. But, on the other hand, he himself affects the members of the society and makes Hx serve the purposes of the latter. Thus, between egregore and create a society of people interaction is established.
When fighting earthly societies among themselves their egregors , these astral giants are also entering into a fierce struggle, and, conversely, sometimes egregors begin to fight, pulling it, and people.
Deceased members of society up as a part of egregor , feeding him, and after his death his psychic powers. So no idea what in the world can not be destroyed by violence. Indeed, the martyrs of this idea only reinforce representing her in the astral plane egregor .
With the disintegration of society on earth egregor it is sometimes a long time there in the astral plane and tries to implement goals of society, bringing to life povoe society and as if to revive it.
Especially interesting to see life egregor in the fate of the Knights Templar in France. As you know, at the beginning of the XIV century, Philip the Fair, King of France and Pope Clement V destroyed this order, utterly tortures and executions of many knights. However, the shed blood only strengthened egregor Order of the Temple , and now the covenant of its existence were the implacable hatred of the French kings Bourbons and to the Roman popes, expressed in the motto of the three mysterious letters LPD, which means " Lilia (ie, coat of arms Burboiov ) pedibus destrue " and " Latro Pontifex (ie, the pope) deleatur ".
Since then egregor caused to life and supported all of society and the plot to overthrow the rule of the Bourbons or the throne of the popes, in the XVIII century it appeared in the secret societies 'enlightened' which swarmed the then Germany, on the border of the XVIII and XIX he, like a hurricane, billowing
Among the world egregores must first note the two main, namely egregores of good and evil.
first of these is the unity of deceased saints and good people living and good thoughts, and the second union evil . people who could or living, and evil desires and thoughts. In Kabbalah the first one is called Michael, and the second Samael . Last is the devil, or Satan, esotericism ..
When a person with a belief utters the words or signs of uses that serve the motto of any society, then this it attracts, and has in its favor egregor this society.
This explains the miraculous power of prayer, as well as various religious symbols, such as Christianity, crosses, images, icons and so on. Note, however, that the reality of prayer requires not only the strength of will and faith, but also plays the role of purpose and motive of prayer. What this motive cleaner, more spiritual and selfless, the more action is prayer. If it is low-lying and material ingrained selfishness furious waves the French Revolution, and even now he inspires Masonic lodges. Note that the motto of the Freemasons are the same mysterious letter L. R. D., they, however, are now explained otherwise.

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