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1)    Astroydei , ie, human thoughts in the astral plane .
Under the concept of the astroid in a broad sense, we can take a man's desire, for any desire to take the form of at least a vague idea, and the images caused by the human imagination in the astral plane .
Note, however, that desires of the person living in the astral life more intense than a simple thought, and that any desire represents the astral entity that seeks to be realized in the matter, that is, to carry out the desire that is its principle and caused it to life.
As for the images and pictures our imagination,? o they are imprinted in the astral plane , and imagine anything in the imagination , ' is simply to create a famous image in the astral plane . To do this, man must have first of all an abundance of astral fluid (or life force) and the ability to emit it to condense on the astral atmosphere, or to influence the latter.
Thus, images and pictures of our imagination really exist in the astral plane , and, apart from the outer life for example, dreaming, we can clearly see them through our senses astrosoma . In this case, sometimes with the help of our own nervous fluid astral condenses and astral image materialized, so we can see it and physically. This is the origin of hallucinations. People with a lot of imagination are different in that their panicky strength comes from them in large numbers often even against their will, so to speak, embodies the astral plane of thought and imagery.
famous occultist Eliphas Levi says that there is nothing easier than to call the devil: we need only imagine it, and in order to give effect to this image, he likened his soul - and the image is printed in the astral plane , as in a mirror. A number of images of human-caused, giving the so-called astral mirage. All novels, poems, dramas and other works of the human imagination are in the astral plane in the form of astral mirages.



When several people are united by one's will, their thoughts, desires, and the images are printed, and live in the astral plane with special force.
So prayer of believers, inspired by the same desire, has tremendous power and is able to work miracles.
Exactly the images created by the religions, such as Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and various saints, regardless of their true identity to exist in the astral plane , being created by the imagination and the will of millions of people, drawing from the principle that the will and direction of their lives, they embody powerful forces.
Therefore, people denying the existence of the devil, are judged more quickly. Astral image of the devil's
note, however, that because these images had drawn its strength in the will and the imagination of the people they depend on faith in them, and H ado think that now the devil's horns is not as scary as in the Middle Ages.
So when Julian the Apostate mages summoned before him the shadow of the Olympian gods, the gods of these were exhausted and worn out look. Indeed, while no one in them are no longer believed.
Thus, every collective astroideya , that is created by a few people, stronger astroid individual. This is based on the construction and operation of a magical chain. The basic rule of her words are inscribed cuprates at one of its Pantakl , namely: first collect and then spread astral force.
Magic chain formed by a mix of people associated with one idea and the will of one man. All members of the chain should be negative, except for their chapter, which is positive, ie, all members should only accept the will of the chief, and having learned it, return it in the form of astral currents, is a chef, so this astro-psychic battery and can be sent to your own huge stock of astral forces .
in his allegorical poem " Le Crocodile ou la guerre du Bien et du Mal " occultist Saint Martin vividly depicts the operation of a chain of magic in the story Urdeka . In faltasticheskom in Atalanta Urdek , being present in a large meeting, where it kept the Hierophant of black magic, observes that in the heart of the latter part of the street talk of ideas and re-emerging from the heart in the opposite direction ... Following this current Urdek Hierophant . Current ideas on the seat stay Hierophant , so that his heart and the chair were two starting points of this double current, but also from the chair Hierophant currents were to face each of the members of the congregation, and from their lips came back to the place of current Hierophant .
All Society, united internal discipline and a single will, are magical chains, and these people form a chain, not at all suspecting that they follow the laws of magic. However, if the positive and negative elements, ie, members of the Society are located awkwardly, they cancel each other out, and the will of society can not be expressed in the astral plane with sufficient certainty and strength.
Religious orders are usually very successful examples of magical chains, and among They palm belongs to the creation of Ignatius of Loyola - Order eizuitov undoubtedly exists and even has horns and a tail, just as he is depicted as a church and superstitions of the people. enters the cave where he sees 14 people occupying the seat rail 14. In the center is the 15th seat, higher than the other, it is empty, but above it is written that this place

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