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The inhabitants of the astral plane
As we have said, the astral surrounds and permeates the entire world. The astral atmosphere is full of astral bodies, as generated by the movements of the astral plane , and the effect on it of the Spirit and faith. At the astral plane are:
1) elementals or nature spirits and elemental;
2) astroid , ie, human thoughts and desires and images,
3) astral cliche or fingerprints of actions and events on the ground;
4) egregors , or spirits of human societies;
5) Larvae, or astral beings generated bad feelings and passions of man;
6) men who come in astrosoma of the physical body (but temporary);

7) elementery , ie, spirits of the dead , finally fled his body and consisting only of the spirit, soul and astrosoma .


Elementals - they are the spirits of the elements and nature. As we said, all organic bodies have their principle and astrosoma who are potential first state in the astral plane , and then enter the minerals and plants and are as it were the soul past . These astral beings and are in the elements. All are generally referred to as the elementals .
combination of different objects brings to life a new elemental , the resulting compound of the former. Since oxygen and hydrogen are each of their elemental , and when you connect these gases get water, which also has a special astral principle.
Among the elemental spirits of the elements can be distinguished, which in the Middle Ages called gnomes, Undines, sylphs and salamanders, depending on the accessory to the ground, water, air and fire. According to the man elementals , generally speaking, hostile, as he tries to subdue the elements and disposes all things organic world. With these E- objects should be treated with caution, as they are always ready to take revenge on the man. It should be a chemist gape and elemental gases bombed and killed him. Elementals produce explosions in mines, landslides, hurricanes, cyclones, and so on. Note that the elementals are included in the composition of the human body, representing the soul of various organs of cells and germs that live their organic life. Elementals are different strengths and sizes, ranging from the spirit of grass and ending with the spirit of the vortex that combines the myriad of elemental air. Influencing elementals , a person can control the elements. Mage really makes itself serve elementals ; sorcerer also causes them to their goals, but an hour-Go itself is their toy or even a victim, because, again calling, no longer able to curb them.

To dominate the elementals , people must first subdue the body and material desires, as the elementals are like the soul of the matter, and then win a fear of the elements.
In ancient Egypt, at the dedication of a magician, the neophyte had to prove their might to the elements, and for this he had to wade through a narrow and low move in the cave, hanging over a dark abyss, to rush into the raging waves, and finally pass through the flames.
these tests was not only apparent, but the real danger, and that pass through them safely, it was necessary to have a coolness and courage.
According to Eliphas Levi, if someone wants to command the elements, it must prove the elementals that is not afraid of them, and for this to go through the test, similar to ancient Egyptian, such as swim across the turbulent river , walk the plank over the precipice, and so on.

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