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24.07.2013, 14:31
Man as a system of penetrating worlds
Without exaggeration we can say that this issue is fundamental to any study-related knowledge, at least a small part of their own, with the "other side." Communicates knowledge is summarized here in a single system, so that people could grasp a thread of reasoning, which seems closer to him, or to understand more natural and easier, but on the way, even if erroneous, could change their way, without starting from scratch complete . This makes some sense. If you think about it, all of talk about the same, but with different language and different means.
     On the system itself worlds above, but on the concentrations of matter
has not been told. As already mentioned, most people on a gross level presents a set of polycrystalline links, combined in the life support material and supermaterial bodies. Do not be too hard to understand, for example, that the structure of the concentration of the material bodies of the heart and liver are significantly different from each other, and the concentration of the material manifestations of the same energy crystallize
bone, depending on the functions and capabilities of the energy of their respective owners.
     To maintain the physical body created by nature, so to speak, drawings, on which the body recreates itself in the gradual destruction of the body or material wear by erosion and external influences. These figures, in the case of loss, can be recreated by the appropriate authority, as the pattern (this capability is present for each person). If the person is not able to recreate these message Lost scheme, he finds persistent dlyashiesya years, progressive changes and disease. They are expressed in the form of mutations and conditions of organs and tissues. A typical manifestation of this can be the formation of various types of tumors, both benign and malignant.
     The recovery process of the drawings can be compared with the usual situation in life, as the following example.
     To machine a certain design drawings are lost. Careful owner, immediately drawing attention to it, will try to rectify the situation. He takes the drawings or in the relevant institution or removes metering units and mechanisms, in the event of failure to produce them for a replacement. In the case when the drawing and detail at the same time destroyed, the owner may try to create this detail from the measurements, but the quality of the parts created in relation to the actual may be subject to some criticism. This example is an exact match of the situation that arises when
"Energy shocks" coarse energies.
     Each of the diagrams of human organs in the physical manifestation of a repeated as we ascend from the most serious to the more subtle matter. However, the method of "record" of information varies from level to level, that allows a person with a certain loss of the "drawings" to recreate a copy of the scheme of higher-level and lower in relation to the affected. As mentioned above, it is not always possible. In such cases, hormone preparations are used as substitutes for information on these drawings.
     The fields that fill a person in the same heterogeneous and can create as power plugs, and energy holes. In addition, and just dead zones. In these cases their owner will feel some discomfort sometimes reaching the pain (for example, clogging of the brain or spinal crystalline energy structures). When systematic movements to warm up the entire body, cork, as a rule, they leave. It is hidden and secret being
"Live" people.
     The coarsest fields have a certain viscosity and can be experienced even an ordinary person without any training. These energy environment have their flow channels in the physical human body and is defined as the impact of acupuncture channels or meridians of Chinese. They occur on the verge of contact muscles, ligaments and bones, in many places, going deep into the body. It is these kinds of
energy attract the creatures, known for a long time vampires, ghouls and vampires. These kinds of energy - the concentrated physical strength, health, youth. However, these being, in order to avoid energy infections usually not touch people with diseases transmitted through energy.
     Energy is more subtle and the high is more astute ability to form around a person more or less smooth concentric spheres. In a normal healthy person the energy flows out through the top, poured a fountain in all directions over the man, going around the crotch area for the new lift up the body. The man in the above case, acts as a blower or pump which drives the amount of energy in the image of the heart, not only pulses, constant flow. Place on the top, through which the energy go outside in Buddhism has been called the "hole of the gate," as it is through this "hole" on the concepts of Buddhism, the human soul leaves in the case of death, in the physical sense, crystallized structure of its former owner or body.
     The above-described movement of energy along this cycle is because they tend to have a structure comparable with the structures of the Earth's gravity, and can be captured by them in the gravity field of the Earth. It is in this case a method of creating an infinite movement "spherical web" is the most simple. All of the above described applies to people whose energies are sincere, but not spiritual.
     The energies of mankind spiritually developed members have the ability to emerge as a rough and heavier layers of the Earth's energy plan, and therefore, in contrast to the above case, these energies can purchase the opposite movement, depending on the will of their master. That's why, being in such a "pop-spiritual field," one feels light and the ability to hover.
     As these fields, you can judge the state of the owner or his entourage. For example, in a completely healthy person has exactly the specified field perfect surfaces, very juicy and full of color and energy of paint. Current energy resembles a smooth and quiet movement of fabric on looms, their type is blowing something beautiful and harmonious, they are fascinating colors, because people believe clairvoyance lot of the few still using it subconsciously. Intuitively they feel attracted to the holders of such fields. Vampirism these people are usually not dangerous, as to overcome the powerful spheres spent a lot of effort, and the resulting "food" can not be compared with the effort.
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