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Man as a system of energy units
                             only to provide the necessary energy of the person, but the environmental impact of his, turning them into some sort of ownership of the sun in the spiritual sense of the word.                   

     located in the crotch area of the body just below. In the expanded form, is a kind of star with many rays. (According to Buddhist sources: moon chakra is red, resonant sound - Lamm ). Disclosure of this unit gives the owner the opportunity to establish contact with the physical and subconscious world, with the most inferior, in the spiritual and intellectual terms, its regions, the fact that in our physical world are called filth and evil in theosophy - chaos and disorder.                                             

     The opening of this center is closed at the other   will give   a person   the features of a stupid, stubborn, evil creatures.   will   present   all   that   is causing the pain and suffering of those around him.

     The meaning of the opening of the first center in   the following.   Himself   man   can   it opens worthy of her: in one case - to suppress the dangers of the emerging spirituality in man, on the other - when the man himself is transformed into a battleground between good and evil. Teaching, like Buddhism, they say that when you open it requires the presence of the teacher, who can win escaped from the control displays dark passions.                             

     The second energy center   is located,   approximately   midway   between traced certain patterns. So, for example, these properties can be logically justified and even give at the near consideration, some reminder of humanity. ( Sexual chakra is orange color, resonant sound - Wammy .)                                         

     Main of distinguishing the first two centers.   If   the inhabitants of   the first chakra can drive a person to suicide, the second energy unit in every way manifested being.                     

     stomach. Responsible for life manifestations average. Broadly resistance. As a rule, the power of the center is pushing people as directions, depending on one of the types of applications. ( The power chakra , color - yellow, sound - Ramm ).                                                          

     The fourth focus is on physical solar   plexus energy impacts of the category "curse" go to it here, if they are not directed at a specific repayment of any other functions. The heart and other vital organs are controlled directly from here. This center pridae human life kind of sensuality and moral-ethical coloring. ( Breast chakra , color - green, sound - Pamm ).                                 

     The fifth center run by thinking abilities in the appendix   to   their mental or sensory expression. Located in the exit area of the larynx from the chest. ( The throat chakra , color - blue, sound - Hamm .)       Two informational chakra - chakras of the subtle body.

     Sixth energy hub is responsible for understanding and changing or Earpiece mental activity and will - the "third eye". Its location at an altitude of various exercises varies from eye level to the level of the forehead. (Color - blue, sound previous. Located where the "soft spot." Powered by subtle energies.                             

Through the center of the opening of the seventh man in his physical embodiment has the ability to communicate with the higher worlds, the most acquiring knowledge Overmind . (" Tysyachalepestkovy Lotus ", color - purple, sound - Humm ).     

     There are a lot of secondary importance energy centers trunks.   They are located usually in the field of vital organs. Their functions   and methods of disclosure will be driven by the accumulation of experience and knowledge.
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