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24.07.2013, 14:28
As Reichenbach, Roche called the odic fluid. Water, wax, gelatin can soak this fluid.
If the belt air, filled with the subject of periodic rays, put a glass of water, it becomes saturated with these rays, and then between the water and the subject of this communication is established. Since cooling water is in the subject of fever, dive into it causes a dagger subject pain as the blow, and he nada, crying on the floor.
Once Rocha made ​​a figure in wax and put her strand of hair taken from Ms. L. When he after being hypnotized Ms. L. and saturated the wax figure of her Odic rays, then touch to the figure corresponding sensations caused Ms. L., the latter even localized exactly the same. For example, a pin prick in the arm figurines hurt R hand of Mrs. L., with the advent of even the sign of the injection.
Same Rocha was doing experiments with photographic plates. He infiltrated their gelatinous surface of periodic rays of the subject, and then shot at them on the subject and the manifestation of fixer and negative plates touch to it, Mr. Rocha (not someone else) caused a sensitivity to the appropriate location in the subject.
astrosoma impact on human impact and his physical body. This explains the influence of the imagination of pregnant women on the baby she carries, as well as different signs (stigmata), appearing on the human body.
known that in the Middle Ages, under the influence of religious exaltation, with other monks and nuns were obtained by the hands and feet bloody marks suffering on the Cross of Jesus Christ, as of a perforation of their nails.
What interaction there is between the spirit and the body, astrosoma, and how the idea goes into effect?
​​According to D'Urville, the relationship between the spirit, the Astral and physical matter is determined by their vibrating, as in ordinary matter. The vibrations of the spiritual matter or spirit cause corresponding vibration in the astral matter, just as the vibrating string vibrates and next stretched string.
Astral Vibrations cause its part of vibration of physical matter. But the vibration of the spirit can not be directly passed on to the matter, because these elements are too different from each other. Thus, the thought is the vibration of the spirit that spreads first astral, and then brain matter.
Note also that the idea is not only vibrates the astral, but due to its plasticity, at the same time, condenses it into any shape. We can say that man forms his thoughts in the astral plane, as well as a sculptor molds clay figurine of some. Printed and formed in the astral plane, we thought, for the sake of clarity, we call astroideey. With the strength and certainty of thought, its astral form can be printed or be realized even in the matter.
As evidence we present experiments Darzha with negative photographic plates. Holding the plate over the head of Mrs. Darzha, which was situated in a magnetic sleep, and thinking of the eagle, he was on the record the image of an eagle.
Putting the plate in a tray for display and holding his hand on the glass side, he stared at his stick and thought about it, wanting to play it on the record. As a result, the image turned out on a plate cane.
Under the same conditions Darzha got on the plate image bottle, once it is clear, and the other - very foggy.
Thus, every human thought is imprinted in the astral plane, and has a basic spiritual principle, energy and astral matter; being realized, the thought goes into effect.
This shows how immensely important is the human mind. And since the idea can be controlled through the will, then our will has in the astral world, even the creative ability. Since magic is concerned primarily with the astral plane, the first task of the adept magic, whether Egyptian priest, an Indian fakir or yoga, alchemist, Rosicrucian, Hermetic or modern - always strengthening and development of the will.
Since every thought is imprinted in the astral plane and stored there, depending on the clarity and strength of it, the astral is filled with billions of astroid. Last penetrate into the brain, causing it to vibrate and come in various combinations with other astroideyami generate, depending also on the characteristics of the person, the new idea.
One and the same astroideya causes two different people and different idea, just as numbers and depend on the type of fire glass skylight.
Thus, all people are surrounded astroideyami and are in continuous exchange of the latter.
How to Astral traffic and traffic pile asteroids are subject to certain laws.
to the astral plane, as we have said, are different positive and negative currents. The first is of a more active, and the second - a more passive character. Here, as in electricity, poles, one name (ie, + and + or - and -) repel each other, and the poles of different denominations (ie, + or - or - or +) are attracted.
Due to this law of human thought active, that is, the will, the person seeking to passive, ie, in whose more developed ability to read, and vice versa.
But thoughts are not only composed of the astral plane, and even from a spiritual principle, and therefore subject to the law and the other based for they belong to one of two categories, the first of which characterize - goodness, love, truth, spirituality, and the second - the evil, hatred, falsehood, materiality.
This law can be expressed as follows: thinking the same category attracted, and thoughts different categories repelled. This is based on the likes and dislikes of people, evil people unconsciously the good side, as their astroid mutually repel each other, and vice versa.
Therefore, experiencing good feelings and thoughts, noble person attracts astroid of love, mercy, kindness, and vice versa - an evil man, fueling hatred of one's neighbor, attracts astroid anger and offense.
astroid generated by a person come out of it in the form of rays to form around him special, his characteristic atmosphere, called the "aura", and particularly noticeable around the head (halo). Of a kind and good man come rays of light. Hence the idea of the glow around the head of the saints. On the contrary, the aura of a bad man - dark and sometimes even takes the form of heavy clouds, as these rays dominates the material principle.
Usually, as we said, a man is exchanged astroid, but the most familiar and related human thoughts are his aura and therefore constantly affect it. In the case of monomania, the same thoughts come from the human aura, and thence returning to him, enveloping him like a shell, do not miss any other astroid.
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