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24.07.2013, 14:27
The astral body or astrosoma serves as a mediator between the spiritual man and the principle of the physical body as well as spirit is too different from the matter that could affect it directly.
As we said, the human mind creates astrosoma yourself first, and then astrosoma creates a physical body, giving to him. because of its ability to plastic, shape, given to him by principle.
Astros manages organic life of the body, occurring independently of our will, that is, he was head of respiratory, circulatory, digestive and stomach all the processes, it allocates damaged cells and replaces them with new ones, it restores Lung tissue in wounds and kills germs.
astrosoma The main body has a large sympathetic nerve with its three centers. The representative astrosoma have an instinct.
During our sleep astrosoma awake and continues to monitor the organic functions of the body. If someone fell asleep, decides to wake up at a certain hour, then astrosoma wake him.
To clearly present three parts of man and their relationship, let's take the example of a horse-drawn carriage with a coachman on the box. The driver is the spirit, the will, the mind, the active principle, the horse is the Astros instinct, passive and motor start, the crew has a physical body.
between the coachman and horse there is a connection - the reins; between a horse and carriage - the shafts and traces between the coachman and the crew - goats.
During sleep. and sometimes during wakefulness, the Astros out of the body and can even be removed from much of the latter, but in this case between them still remains thin fluidic connection that terminates only death. In the dream, traces and reins only stretched, but the death of driver is transplanted to the horse and finally stops the crew, ie, the lifeless body.
existence in the human astral body is now no doubt and even confirmed by experiments.
Thus, in France, when Mr. Darzha photographed two girls Pinar, then turned, first, two ordinary girls figures, and next to them two are the same vague shapes. Meanwhile, the city Darzha sure that during a session of any device or girl does not move. In this case, the plate etched eksterizovannye, that is coming out of the physical body - astrosoma girls.
Other diseases such as hysteria, seals, explains the abnormal state of the astral body. Some people think that a hysterical ball that during a seizure rises to the throat and chokes the patient, there is nothing like a condensed Astros.
When a man cut off an arm or leg, then the corresponding part of the astrosoma remains in man, and because of its Simpson ticheskoyoy connection physical body of a person sometimes feels pain and sensation in the penis cut off, as if it was in place.
Lermina in his «Magie» cites the case of a patient who complained of pain from a nail in his hand cut off. Hand dug and found that. putting it in a box and zakolachivaya last nail hammered into it.
Since astrosoma up of the astral plane, that is, from the ethereal matter, its molecules can come from the body. It is used walking astral molecules occurs predominantly of the fingers and around the head, but we can say that all the human body emits rays of themselves.
Reichenbach said one of the first procession of the rays of the human body, which he called ically. Then the issue involved Colonel Roche, Dr. Baradyuk and many others. Baradyuk reproduced a lot of pictures and radiogravyur emanations of the human body, such as the emanation of hand, it retains the shape of the latter, an emanation of odic and nervous energy of the head during a sudden fit of anger, we see a circular cloud of gas.
As you know, in recent years, scientists are busy ray study emitted by the human body.
Colonel Roche, who composed a name for himself in research on hypnotism, producing interesting experiments externalization of human sensitivity.
He proved that in the deeper stages of hypnosis fluid comes out of a man having a sensitivity and is the zone around the body of the subject at a distance of 4-5 inches from the other.
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