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Thus, we see two main poles - spirit and matter, between which there are many intermediate steps. If we take as the starting point and the spirit will descend down the cliff, then we get an involution, or the materialization of the spirit, but if we go up from matter, we find the evolution of matter or inspiration. But the expression "going up and down" are here just like character, as in fact matter, astral spirit and penetrate each other, which can be exemplified vessel filled with stones, between stones, we can pour the sand, pour water into the sand, and between the particles of water will still air.
Astral penetrates and surrounds the whole world and connects with one another solar and stellar systems, connecting the star rays of light, the force of gravity and perhaps other unknown factors for us. Astral, etheric matter being, shared property of ordinary matter, namely,
the atoms of all matter is in vibration, and thus the vibration of the atoms of one body communicates to atoms of other bodies.
result of vibration or movement (in other words - life) are different phenomena and strength. Famous Crooks established the following table:
32 to 32,768 vibrations per second give sound from 1,048,576 to 34,359,738,368 vibrations per second is electricity, from 1,125,899,906,842,624 to 36,028,707,018,963,963 vibrations per second provide warmth and light.
These figures can not be embraced by the imagination, but we can not put a limit to them, because everywhere in the world we are faced with the infinite.
between or outside these vibrations must be rays X, rays N, animal magnetism, and more.
Already in the field of electricity vibrating matter, according to occultists, is the astral. Thus, the vibration of the Astral provide light, heat, X-rays and N and magnetism.
Animal magnetism, according to the experiments of D'Urville, is peculiar to all bodies, and bodies have positive and negative poles.
Astral also polarized in the positive and negative direction. However, he is in a constant circular motion, like an electric current closed. Note that the speed of the astral vortex can not even be comprehended by our imagination, as well as the above numbers vibration astral plane. Therefore, our concepts of space and time does not apply to the astral plane.
According to the laws of physics, astral subject to the action of centrifugal and centripetal forces, which are a result of struggle and get a balanced circular
Astral Positive rays are the symbol of the sun and the red color and are called in Hebrew - ADP , negative same-rays are a symbol of the moon and the blue color and is called in Hebrew, AOB. Ehud and AOB, being in a balanced movement, called together the aorta, which means the astral, or astral light.
Ehud lies at the base of "ion" force the expansion of space and life (its symbol - a dove), and lies at the base of Aoba "Erebus" force of compression , time and death (symbol - the raven).
adepts of magic are able to control the passage of the astral plane, and therefore produce astounding miracles.
example, through the ANM can etherized dense object, ie, diffuse it matter, and in the AOB can condense gases or even materialize astral in the intended manner.
sessions on magic and spiritualism sometimes one body passes through another, such as a glass of water that was on the table, suddenly finds himself under him, as he walked across the table. In other cases, we are dealing here with eterizatsiey first, and then with the materialization of the glass and water, which, after passing through the atoms in the form of a table, on the floor is restored.
ancient sorcerers portrayed astral under the guise of a snake or two snakes facing spiral around one another . This is the emblem of a deliverer and Aoba in a balanced motion. Hence, the caduceus of Hermes, which twist two snake.
Astral is full of different bodies, partly conscious and partly unconscious. According to the hypothesis Maria Dekresna, astral body and astrosoma formed by condensation particle astral plane, just as in the air, saturated with electricity, formed globular lightning. But the power of packaging are collected about the positive and negative points about astrosoma. In this case, as in the physical body, astrosoma in the process of bringing a selection of molecules and the astral plane. In this case, the potentiality of the molecules in an entire area should be more or less the same, otherwise, with a strong difference in potentiality astrosoma and Astral around him, the Astros are torn because its molecules break through the skin, seeking out, or external molecules break into his shell.
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