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24.07.2013, 14:08
In their approach to the practice of astral we focus primarily on the western type of perception of people. TE any practice should give that a particular result should be directed ultimately to practical application. So for us, astral practice - is, first of all, the possibility of its use in various application areas of activity.  Which is the direction ... .

 - astral travel and meetings. This is truly a unique theme. Astral output makes it possible not only to pass through the wall to the neighbors to visit the most exotic places of the earth, or fly to the moon. It allows you to go into other dimensions, plans a reality. It is not the consciousness of reality simulation for the idea, I really reality, but with its own laws. And the knowledge of these laws allows them to practical use. The practice of creating and using these portals allows you to move instantly.

    - The technique of using anchor points allow output to almost any information embedded in the subject or object. This allows you to not only read information, but also to change it, to impose on the information we needed, thereby alter its properties.

     - Travel through time. It's certainly not a time machine, and clocking a time shift is difficult enough, but special techniques can achieve a temporary shift in the future 7-12 years and reach the nodal point in the destiny of man. This is a real prediction of the future at the level of reality and allows you to not only know, but successfully adjust their fate

       - Health issues. This is also a range of topics, from personal improvement, improving the body's energy and remove mental blocks and finishing treatment of patients through the astral plane, or through special sessions. Our goal is not only to teach people themselves go to the astral plane, but also to teach himself to hold special sessions with patients to bring them to the astral plane, carrying out health practices and to change over time.

     - Jump to the family tree in the astral plane will allow you not only to meet their ancestors, but also to understand the whole range of issues related to information and energy actions on your Rhode, such as generic curse. It's not just a meeting, it's a real connection with his Rod, his support for you as a kind of successor.

      - Establishing a connection with the egregors will allow you to meet with representatives of these enormous power of astral entities. It is of great interest to people deeply religious. You have a real opportunity to communicate directly with all his saints. This is a unique opportunity to put questions to the plane of the Faith Reality. Many religions do not only allow the faithful to do that, but also teach it. In addition, it is with egregors we associate such thing as life after physical life. And this subject is of undoubted interest.

     - If you are a creative person - an artist, poet, musician, astral practice will give you a huge potential for your creative development. Astral practice - it's not just another reality and other features, but the other senses and perception. This is a unique opportunity to enhance creativity and personal realization. It is no accident that it was in a creative environment most in demand altered states of consciousness expansion. Astral output enables the perception of new ideas is not at the level of dreams and visions, but at the level of reality.

      - Many of you are engaged in the eastern culture - Yoga, Reiki, Feng Shui, Qi Gong, martial arts. This is a practice with a rich historical tradition. It is a whole philosophy of life. And everyone who has advanced far enough in these practices, understand that the roots of these practices in the astral plane. Not for nothing in these practices are widely used meditation techniques. But astral output allows you to go into a trance as the simulation of reality consciousness is indeed a reality that can be taken at the level of personal experience. Only astral practices can develop your psychic abilities. After all, it is nothing like the astral senses.

     - Everybody knows the magic word. This is a whole layer of human culture. But few of us know that this is in fact the oldest technology management astral principles. It allows for magic astral exit affect the physical world, using the laws of the astral plane. The ancients knew how to do it. Modern magic is trying to implement the laws of the physical world. but having no connection with the astral, it can be done.

         I told you about a few areas of application of astral practice. Believe me, it's not fancy, and easily attainable reality, accessible to everyone. I repeat, it does not have any innate abilities and birth data. Believe that a topic such as mine is quite difficult to move. Too many prejudices, misconceptions, and just narrow-minded ignorance associated with it. In fact, no one normal understandable language about it yet and did not speak. Topic does require understanding. I'm not saying that to be agree with me, we are only at the beginning and a lot more to learn and comprehend. But by itself, the topic is very interesting and would like that would be a sense of a proper understanding of and attitude to the astral plane.
According to anyone accidentally meet people and left some part of ourselves in others. I would like that to familiarity with me left in you spark a miracle, heat, light, kindness and love.

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