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What is unique about our school?

In teaching our school is based on the 26 - year-old personal practical experience, rather than on theoretical developments and theories. All calculations and regulations are based not only on my personal information, but also confirmed my students.

- Education We have neither a dead process, such as received material and do as you wish. The training provided an opportunity to use without restriction advice directly to me by any means of communication (e-mail, ICQ, Skype, phone, agent mayl.ru), including the use of audio and video modes. In addition, working in Skype chat to discuss collective practice. Information support of courses provides information portal Astral pilgrim on the basis of which the course participants have made a forum for discussion of astral practice. I am available for any means of communication and is willing to work individually with anyone who has read at least the first seven lectures (theory) and at least 2-3 weeks of practical work out the video course. Then it makes sense to discuss something specific. I believe that this is the right approach and the business.

- Have a practical step by step video course that allows you to independently master the practice of astral exit. I repeat that the subject of astral no one gives a level of practice. All that is on the subject - it is or advertising, or a show at the level of lucid dreams and mental projections. Astral output - is a system of interconnected fiziomotornyh skills that need to train and 3-4 weeks of practice - this is the only way to achieve regular, informed and effective astral outputs. Only our school opens astral practice to the full depth of understanding, development and application. 

- We use effective methods of copyrights, which allow to achieve regular, efficient and conscious astral outputs have a 3-4 week of practice

- Our proposed practice astral output is not limited to training issues directly astral exit. It is the whole system, including not only the astral practice, but also moral education, a proper understanding of the world in which we live.

- The learning process is not tied to the time nor the place. Most of the techniques can be practiced "in passing", in the course of daily activities, walking, traveling in public transport, in the meetings and so forth, without singling out for this special time during the day.

- We have no ideological, national or religious orientation. Our views and approaches do not conflict with existing regulations and generally accepted approaches. They, on the contrary, combine them together, creating a proper system of understanding the world in which we live.

- The importance of accessibility has applied techniques. Education does not require special training or knowledge, and is designed for learning "from scratch." All practices are accessible and understandable language, at the level of physiological and physical processes, rather than at the level of imagination, representation and visualization. We are opposed to faith in something, we are for the understanding and knowledge based on personal experience.

- We have no restrictions on age, education, and health.

- We use techniques and approaches to learning not only eliminate the negative impact on the health and psyche of the person, and, on the contrary, lead to rapid recovery and improvement, are helping people in their daily activities and communication.

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