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24.07.2013, 14:24
   DISPLAY OF POWER impact and
                             IN THE FIELD OF HUMAN
     Assuming that the field of human (average) is smooth and spherical power strokes are manifest as dents and holes of the sphere. There are many ways iagnostiki these holes, ranging from technical means such as candles and vines (frame) and ending with a visual vision yasnovideshego. Diagnosis of all types of detection broboin except clairvoyance, is gauging the field inhomogeneity. It does not matter whether involved in the work of an object or just a feeling and reacting to the pressure of a field hand. Surrounds the sensor in this case, the field configuration shell impact delivering information to a hypothetical depth and penetration impact strength, including its direction. From the breakdown of the transmitted through the physical body of a man between physical bodies and a copy of the drawing, there is a certain energy to the vacuum. To get past him information about restoring the body and its work should take place with a certain struggle and effort that lead to its distortion. The distortion is stronger than the sooner the body is starting to build the structure of tissues to degenerate their structures. Furthermore, the body proceeds to recharge the energy that is. ahoditsya he is in the human environment, but outside its
sphere. It is these adverse circumstances, in lozhivshiesya
regularity, and lead man in the case of a powerful isoenergy impact on a hospital bed, in a more or less distant future.
      Feature specialist, how would you call it, only to straighten curvature of the energy and, perhaps, in case of need, to help in the launch of energy nodes. Podpidka same risks of generating energies of the human phenomenon of vampirism.
     Yazvesten vampirism as a phenomenon for a long time. The main feature of its manifestations - selfishness, which finds itself in all sorts of excuses, tend to be very favorable forms. What is this? Vampire - a person or entity that is unable to because of their or vrazhdennyh or perceived qualities renew their energy reserves directly from the environment. He finds a way not to shift gradually to higher energies, and in certain types of training to open their energy centers, but in finding the victim. Typically, the victim is chosen with congestive nergetikoy or a system of ruptured membranes. Vampire sticks with omoschyu energy channel (resembling hose) to the most "delicious", according to him, chakra, thereby depriving the victim of its own energy. There are vampires who predpochetayut tougher and crystal energy. They suck so-called etheric body of Chinese channels man. There are many people who are calling for compassion for vampires, calling them miserable. These people forget that these are unhappy, then their victims alive devoid of the forces of livelihood, coming across very often. Basically the same misfortune are the vampires themselves and their self-interest, rather than self-development that pushes them to the path of murder. The only way to help a victim of vampirism - to help move to a higher energy in the spiritual sense, to become a "tasteless" for this
vampire. In any counteraction vampire immediately, the dnako, hoping to come back later, when the victim is alone, without protection. ld a different path, but less effective - a fast rotating energy field and maintain it until the vampire completely lose interest in the victim.
     The next class - hypnotic bioprogrammy or so azyvaemye installation. This class of effects applied so broadly that almost and not every one of us is their supplier, with the only difference being that Kashpirovsky suggestion applies different levels, and parents to communicate with children - the timing and other handy tools. The damage from this perhaps the greatest of all, which leads to a hospital bed. It is about them Martynov said, calling them "pinks" and "splinters" that seemed to cling to his hand when he holds her spine.
     The human world is very complex and many-sided and does not tolerate rinuzhdeniya.
Any installation, entering into the human consciousness begins to fight for the possession of all the power in the captured creature. This leads to a more or less long-term struggle that resulted in the winner is not the most dignified and not the master of the body. After the installation, keeping it and adding to her strength is, as a rule, being more highly organized, but driven by the same derivative - selfishness. "After all, I do not care what you think and what you want, I believe that
 should be so, and that's it! "
     But once there comes a time when the true owner of the body Raises and shakes off the fact that he imposed (this happens often with varying degrees of success), and that's when he has the opportunity to get acquainted with obvious psychiatric hospitals and remote places in Siberia, while as a "benefactor" continues to call for peace and tranquility. These calls-set as time-bomb exploded in the path of Dr. Kashpirovsky - the genius of Medicine and hologicheskih influences.
     It can be concluded that if energy shocks tend to view the structure of a brute force of Mars, the visible manifestation of vampirism effect of Saturn as a necessity of existence and action of the moon in the form of a commitment to black magic (vampirism is one of its attributes) , and in its pure form is observed in the work of Saturn's actions aimed at setting bioprogramm, in whatever form they were not present - with Mars or Neptune.
     This should include the formation of crystalline energy and blood clots, plugs, which prevent the normal passage of a viscous-energy habitual ways of following, provided that the appearance of them is caused by external events rather than estimates and the laziness of the owner.
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