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24.07.2013, 14:23
     A man in his energy as multicolored. But he has, and the prevailing background that indicates a connection to the human food energy to the different planets and constellations.
     As mentioned above, the purity of colors and their nasyshennost indicate the status of both spiritual and physical health. If you decode the information coming from the aura or energy field of the present characters that are unpleasant person (physical), such as: spiders, scorpions, snakes and so on - that can be learned about the inner world of the individual. However, it is available only to those who have clairvoyance. It may be that a man was attacked by alien energy manifestations. In this case it will be dramatically manifest antipathy owner and his "tenants."
     The color of the aura or energy field that can be said about his master is much more than he did. So, for example, red - the color of Mars and Vulcan, that is the color of rage and reaction, depending on the nasyshennosti. Stalisto-cold, chilling - the color of Saturn (the image of Saturn in ancient books is identified with death in the form of Chronos, symbolizing the inevitable, and was a skeleton with a scythe - the familiar symbol of death). The person with the ability of energy, must take into account that he sees through its own surrounding fields. It will dilute the paint to perceive the world and make this a correction. It is from here, and there are discrepancies in the perceived colors, and many representatives of different schools and teachings begin to talk thoughtfully about the wrongness of each other. Moreover, the observer may find that the object of contemplation changed color at a time when he, for example: for the first time observed the object in a state of harmony, and the second - in great excitement, or if its own corrective system is not able to provide complete corrections or swallowing their own emissions. Aura paint can be as simple, homogeneous, James and constituents, sostoyashimi of many colors. It might look like a few of mixed colors and getting the same. For example, blue. He, unlike the pure green and pure blue, will be deeper semantic range of loads. And the class is determined by the psychic's ability to recognize these deep layers that make up the core, the outer cascade of colors. Subject to the acquisition of this gift, the specialist can lightest corrections at the deepest levels to change the entire program beyond recognition. It is not necessary to conclude that the introduction of harmful rough, sometimes it is necessary, just psychics working on the "depth" are usually unable to this as a neurosurgeon and sawing wood. Color perception of energy fields is not the most important, and this discrepancy may well be offset by other means with the aid of a sensitive perception. For example, when locked out of the astral world, "the third eye", it shows a different way and by other means, provided that the seeker wants to possess.
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