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24.07.2013, 14:22
     Look to the solar system. You may notice that the set of planets will make a copy of the main manifestations of man - power doubles with relevant parallels. The functions of power units and planets appear too close to each other in content, that would be a simple coincidence.
     In the center of the system, we have a star or the sun, which gives life a person has an analogue of the sun - the solar plexus. Even with the loss of consciousness and severe damage to the nerves of the brain, the solar plexus is still some time to maintain vital functions of the body, and unless he is satisfied that it is unnecessary, cease to function. Here is the main body of the perceiver - the heart, as well as a major energy hub chakra. Knowing the importance and vulnerability of it, here is direct their attacks magicians, sorcerers and ordinary people are not aware of what they are doing.
     The other planets: Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Moon - can impose on their interoperability as follows:
     Saturn by the action of very akin to the lower energy hub and is the energy corresponding to the expectant dishonorable actions, impacts from under-Tishka, long stringy effects with vrednonesuschimi forces. His character - a decrepit old man, crafty and vicious, the typical Gobsek or Miserly Knight. Strokes are preparing for a long time and thoroughly, for many, is gradually built up the power of impacts, and the person does not even realize where he was taken that step, when everything started to fall apart and go out of control.
     Moon brings people reflected light energy of the Earth, symbolizes the mirror-return, superimposed effects in type to the second energy center. This is a purely earthly manifestation, the rest do not exist. Under certain conditions, the effects is quite normal. But there are moments when she recalled that her running around the world could end and on the head of a man - there are moments of summing up over a certain period of life. At the same time the moon entail a higher energy on the Earth planet. Therefore, the moon is the patroness of witches and wizards, on the astral plane coarse crystalline energies.
     Mars and Jupiter create a very interesting picture of the manifestations of the third power unit at the bottom. Mars is the heroism and courage of which will depend on the time and the conditions of their application, and specific situations. Jupiter is imperious, wisdom and ambition to the management. This chakra creates power struggles and actions, authoritativeness and ambition, pride and selflessness, but also ruthless suppression. In spite of this, the very proximity to the solar plexus talks about emotional content of this struggle, which is not alien and serdechchnost, as opposed to Saturn.
     The sun gives the fact that man can and must give: warmth and vitality. On the verge of a compound of the fifth energy hub overlap energies corresponding to Neptune and Venus. It appears reasonable dreamy creature prone to romanticism, calm, talking and trying to reflect in our crystal world more spiritual than necessary for existence. It is the center heralds, heralds of mercy and kindness.
     Mercury in its expression is elusive, as the moon shining disk, it is multicolored and clear. It can be low and the spiritual, selfish and unselfish, no fool, for he - the brain, thinking, intuition levels of our world. Happy is born under favorable Mercury, having a sharp mind and a full range of abilities. It is superimposed on the "third eye". Uranus adds all the advantages and disadvantages of giving a pass to the higher worlds. He - in excess of wisdom, a teacher and protection, communication with the spiritual worlds, has the opportunity to speak on their behalf. Understanding of the essence of Uranus gets under his protection, and acquires the finest of teachers - himself. Uranus energy fields projected on the seventh chakra. As energy nodes can not be closed completely, and vliyaneie planets can not completely disappear. They complement each other, creating a kaleidoscope of infinite color pattern, where there are no two identical patterns with a limited amount of broken glass pieces. Planets affect the opening and closing of valves sites of man, and he turned into a mechanism of planetary influences, goes through life, stumbling on the rocks of their own best performances.
     Subjecting the action of the valves, the chakras its own consciousness, the person has the ability to get out of hand of fate or karma and head that way, which is desired. But the seeker must have the will and heart, backed up by intelligence and knowledge, not to become a slave to re-open his own energy flows.
     The danger with these centers is high and still is, wherever the born-again energy, because they retain their function and responsibility for their actions is their breed.
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