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24.07.2013, 14:21
     Man has three manifestations: the body, the soul, the spirit. These joint actions and create that combination of physical and super-physical phenomena, which is called being inspired. For example:
     Carriage rides along the street. One can distinguish three main symptoms: coachman, horses and carriage itself. The driver - will that dictates terms of movement, horses - The strength of the executive, the coach - a necessary condition for comfortable movement. Kucher (by occult philosophy) represents the spirit of the horses - the soul, the coach - the body in its physical manifestation of the so-called external world phenomena.
     From the point of view of the coach-body-spirit coachman yavlyaetsyaya only that is popularly called the free application, and its presence is not necessary. So it is with horses, mental attributes of man, who believe that, as a coach we carry them, the free application in the form of a coachman's completely superfluous, and indeed coach - something quite burdensome and, by and large, do not. Here lies the cause of many human diseases. People who think at the level of the soul, it is treated as disregard for his own body, and to the highest spiritual patronage. They completely forget or do not think that this is an intermediate in the case of its energy losses, or be able to recover only on the decrepit remains of his body and will be infinitely pathetic type of similarity, or it will become a reflection of his immature and lacking the will of the spirit. Only the spirit of slumber and insurgent forgetfulness may as coachman
watch as the state itself carriage and horses, and to protect them against evil influences of predators and bullies to call for help in case of robbery. Sometimes you can hear the person denies the role of senior teachers or Guardians just because he asked, as he was not given. This situation is similar to the mechanism of the crowd standing in the square, kogdaa ask with one voice, and often quite the opposite, and be able to get someone who can
shout over the crowd, or the one who can rise above the crowd to those heights is not a supplicant, needy, and becoming a full participant in the events, have the will and the heart.
     All these manifestations have in common with each other. These are the reins, shafts, goats coach. And it is quite natural that the place through which the driver is trying to find a common language with the coach, the latter is perceived very poorly. For best effect, the next time the impact, the driver can change the whip in his hand on the ax and hammer.
These items are in this case, the crew will be perceived as a merciless blows of fate, which, in turn, is nothing but a manifestation of the astrological planets, constellations, energy flows. If the coach wished to listen to his coachman, she gets an opportunity to fundamentally change its existence on the physical plane.
     During the three components of human interaction lies the knowledge of many, especially chronic, diseases. Recognition for their work requires specialists who are not only clairvoyant, but also on the information fields.
     Now we can consider in a first approximation, the projection of the spirit, soul and body. Mention was made of the number of chakras - seven of them - but the third and fifth chakras have a dual function. Each component has its own expression for a similar copy of the "coach" with all the applications on each level. Owned And the spirit will decompose into the same part of the functions, as well as people in general. The same applies to body and soul, and a man accustomed to reason is not difficult to discern in the lower three energy centers of the reflection of his physical body, from the third to the fifth - a reflection of mental properties, and in the top three - a reflection of the spiritual properties. Imposition of boundary nodes on each other enables a person to reside simultaneously in the three worlds and be a conduit through which a physical life can be prevnesen element of spirituality.
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