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24.07.2013, 19:02
For example, during one of astrovyhodov, I happened to meet a kind-hearted by nature and very advanced for its evolutionary level, intelligent beings of Jupiter, superficially resembling the sweet greenish "dragons" in height from 5 to 10 meters, carefully developing and storing your own Jovian culture in the millions of years. Communicating with these humorous and good-natured, despite the unfamiliar and somewhat intimidating for our perception of form, creatures, gave me great pleasure.

In conversation with me, they behaved without the slightest sign of arrogance or superiority, as equal to equal, because of the external form of my human astrosoma they have seen multi-million dollar fine evolutionary accumulation of my mind, to expand their activities in many ways through the great variety of external forms. The same thing I can say about his dealings with the highly spiritual nasekomoobraznyh beings that inhabit the spiritual sphere of Mars, as well as with all kinds of color on energy "balls-humanoids" from other star systems and galaxies.

Absolutely everyone without exception religions recognize the existence of invisible superhuman Space Ghost, although they are called by different names. So, Hindus and Buddhists call their Devas, effulgent, Jews, Christians and Muslims - Angels and Archangels; followers Zoratustry give them the name of the seven Amshaspentov (Archangels) with an infinite number of subordinate performers. Most religions recognize the existence of lower spirits, for the most part podchelovecheskogo order.

Beings who are at a higher level of development than the people and the time (or periodically) inhabiting the Astral Plane of Earth (or our solar system) can be divided into three main categories. The first group includes all those who show themselves to man categorically hostile, considering it one of the reasons that threaten their own security.

Of cosmic civilizations that do not belong to our own Milky Way, such particularly aggressive against us, there is, fortunately, only two. Obeying the reasonable opinion of the majority of the space, they are already making overt attempts to destroy mankind in general, as a dangerous and incorrigible media destructive forms of energy.

The second, which in terms of its evolution is superior to us - they are those that belong to humanity is friendly and all the powers available to them and ways to try to help earthlings in their evolution. They only periodically appear in the Astral, acting mainly through the mental plane, and instructed people to ideas and thoughts that, despite the difference in their individual perception of many people lead, eventually, to everyone's spiritual growth and welfare. This does not mean that they pander to the wishes of all the people, on the contrary, they protect him from what would have gone to his injury and the surrounding cosmos.

This includes all light rings civilization and most of the civilizations of the Commonwealth superrings or Great Rings Glow, which we detail in the book "The Evolution of mankind." All they are interested in spiritual growth and development of man as a rational and long-term view, which, thanks to its unique properties acquired, as well as originally laid down in its field shell spiritual programs could make to the development of these civilizations fresh and very useful for them jet.

Others - are creatures of varying degrees of rationality and spirituality that somehow parasitic on slender bodies of man as a living and have a disembodied, taking his psychic energy and selfishly using it for their own evolutionary needs. These are all civilizations of the Dark Ring of Darkness and Black Cone, who would like to join as soon as possible to his earth and all its inhabitants as its third physical prison, but right up close Transformation of the Earth and humanity fundamentally broken all their occupational plans.

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