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Myslechuvstvennaya basis Astral
Astral Plane of Earth - is non-physical (in our sense) plans, and their inhabitants do not belong to our material world, although it does not mean that some of these residents can not stay for a while and in our physical environment. As a result of targeted concentration of Consciousness may be a problem, seen in persons with a fine mentality, the images that have a very different psycho-energetic source than conscious or subconscious memory of man.

Are caused by conscious or unconscious activities of the human consciousness, the images if they are strong enough energy and fixed, can be thought-forms - quite "real" astral creatures who gain residence currently on the lower sub-planes, and can be the most obsessive and clingy to their animated inhabitants - Shower dead people representing for these creatures only sources of energy which they require a certain quality and type.

The idea - this is purely an individual product that is played by human consciousness through the brain. As you know, these manifestations of consciousness, passing through numerous traps syntax can be expressed in the form of sound words, or translate into concrete forms of various kinds of art, or sent to a different, less specific, but quite creative activities. Literature, philosophy, art, architecture, music, science - all these experimental results of the human consciousness.

The idea - is reflected through the human consciousness of the mental image that can, under certain conditions exist on its own, and our thoughts, impulses may in appropriate circumstances be visible even enough material and energy intensive to actively work on some physical objects (that's fine show the phenomenon of telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation focused, levitation, clairvoyance, etc.).

Joint and in tune with the sense of Thoughts of large groups of people in different parts of the planet, according to the law of attraction like this together in the ether layer in the Earth's large group of identical quality education Thought Forms used by numerous Egregor astral and powerful archetypes for their own evolutionary purpose. It Thoughts people give the Earth's atmosphere to act accordingly where the great flare of passion or undergoing global bursts of joy, or, conversely, exploding black and scarlet clouds emanations of human hatred.

Writers and novelists often have to contend with the characters as they created the characters, the characters of his works, which arise out of their thoughts. They are talking to them, trying to get to know them closer, sometimes even identify with their characters, as if putting in specific situations ourselves in their shoes. They can be quite really love invented by them images, lewd desire immensely despise, hate or fear them.

These are designed in the words literary images displayed by using their imagination, represent different quality levels of their own consciousness, their own personality undiscovered, sometimes thoroughly and shamefully hidden from prying eyes. For many writers of their products are the only form of self-expression of their own inner essence, which is almost never, none of us is perfect and infallible.

Often, they find that their mental and sensual build, strengthen, and to form and finally establishing himself with fantasy and imagination in their minds tend to go out of their power and stand on your own path, while already, contrary to the will and wishes of its creator by refusing to behave itself expressed, feel and speak in accordance with the idea of ​​the writer, persistently striving to no one's own likeness "independent living."

Artists who are gifted with a live visual imagery may be subject to exactly the same influence from the portraits they created and invented paintings, especially if they are making a passionate love my job, my sincere conviction and fervor of his soul. Sometimes, when the fine organization of the psyche, they are also victims of the characters of his paintings, especially if these works were inspired by the terrible nightmares, fears and other negative emotions.

In ancient occult artist responsible for pictorial or sculptural creation of an image that is commonly used in spells, had the status of a priest, and he rightly attributed magical power. Portrait, which, in the literal sense of the word, "out of frame" - this is a typical example of what happens to the iconic magical creatures in the vibrations of feelings and thoughts.

The thought forms can be and become quite "real" beings of different layers of the Astral, depending on the quality of energy that created them. They are streams of energy that arises from the joint action of thought, will and imagination. The idea, clearly presented, full of emotion and directionally controlled by someone powerful will, may be enclosed in a long lasting shape and live in the Astral fully independent "life." (See "Archetypes of the Subtle World").

Thought Forms plastic substance that is formed Imaging and becomes active with a concentrated thoughts, becoming one of the varieties of "reality" and, having separated from its superior entity acquires an independent astral existence, that is, becomes an independent astral being.

Modern scientists willingly admit that the conditions necessary to sustain life, not limited to the earthly realm, and many of them do not deny the existence of intelligent beings elsewhere in the cosmos. Appearance, physical device function and life cycles of these forms may differ significantly from our depending on the circumstances.

Some of them are almost like earthly beings, and are similar to us, and others, by virtue of the specific conditions that determine the evolution and survival conditions of sentient beings in their particular world does not like us. Yet these imaginary entities may well have visual characteristics of forms of life on other planets Space.
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