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You can make yourself a handbag for totems. To do this you will need a piece of solid matter, thin rope or cord, a needle and thread. Take a piece of cloth of a color that symbolizes protection for you. The traditional colors are also considered to be white and gold, but that should not embarrass you.

If you are a follower of religion, which dominates the feminine, you can choose silver, symbolizing the goddess, and if you are closer in spirit to the deity of ancient Rome, you can choose red - the color of the god of war Mars.

The size of your handbag depends on what you are going to put into it, but it is usually the 5 by 5 cm, that is large enough to put in it all the talismans, what you want, and small enough to wear it as a normal handbag .

Take a piece of solid matter measuring 12 by 6 cm, fold it in half, so that turned square. Sew the two opposite sides, leaving a 1 cm edge while sewing, try to visualize how the finished pouch talisman will protect you. Include in this process as much as possible of his will and desire.

Staple a bag, turn it inside out. Then take the totems that you put into it. It can be any items that symbolize protection for you: rocks, plants, ornaments, icons - all fit easily in a bag. Make sure you do not put in there too many mascots, so that its weight does not prevent you engage automatic writing.
When your handbag for totems will be filled with all the necessary items, Hem the top edge, again not forgetting to represent himself in the process, as you will handbag to protect.

Then take the lace, ribbon or rope of appropriate length, depending on where you'll be wearing the handbag. It is usually worn on the waist or neck. Attach a rope to the corners of the bags, so that you can not be afraid of what she lost.

Prayers and rituals - are also good sources of protection. For example, people who practice ceremonial magic, prefer to use as a means of protecting small ritual of exorcism, Catholics are to cross, Christians - to choose the prayer "Our Father", the Jews - read chapters from the Bible. In addition to the protective circle, the pagans may call the funeral bells or spread around your workspace safety of the plant. Many of them are common, and some are likely to have in your kitchen. This basil, bay, chives, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, frankincense, garlic, ginger, marjoram, nutmeg, onions, parsley, sage, sandalwood, and thyme.

Religious symbols are for most of us strong talismans and can be used in one of three ways: they can be worn, such as jewelry, keep in your pocket or draw on top of the paper for your records. You can also put a talisman around itself to the desktop or next to the chair.

Religious protections are very diverse. These include (but are not limited to) characters such as the Latin cross. The Bible (Christian symbols), the Star of David (Jewish). Horn of Isis (Egyptian). Hand of God (Spanish), all-seeing eye (Middle Eastern), a cross with a rose (various religious groups), the symbols of the sun (the beliefs of Native Americans), the Koran (the Muslim), images of the Buddha (Buddhist) and / or other religious objects associated with different world religions.



The only thing to remember is that the object that you use as a talisman, should not divert your attention from the main task.

I knew a man who believed that when he puts on his knees during the holy book of automatic writing, using it as a solid stand in his writings can not appear any insidious or negative messages. Although nearly all the sacred books sometimes hold negative actions and rituals, one should not underestimate the fact that if you associate his defense, though, are that you and only you really believe in, then it will certainly work. Below is a list of the sacred books of the world's major religions. If one of these books you will find the source of divine protection, then it is certainly worth experimenting with.

The sacred books of religion
Zoroastrianism Avesta
Agamas Jainism (a religion in India)
Analects Confucianism
Apocrypha Roman Catholicism
Bible Judaism, Christianity,
Hinduism Bhagavad Gita
Vedas Hinduism
"Tao Te Ching" Taoism
"I Ching" Taoism
Yengishiki Shinto (religion, common in Japan)
Canons of Buddhism Lamaism
Keys Solomon Hermetic magic
Egyptian Book of the Dead pagan beliefs
Lamaism Book of the Dead
Book of Mormon Mormonism to Christianity
Paganism Book of Revelation
Book of Shadows Pagan
"Kojiki" Shinto
Koran Islam
Judaism Nevi'im-Ketuvim
New Testament Christianity
Torah Judaism
Tripitaka Buddhist
Hindu Upanishads

I can not emphasize once again that you have to use the methods of protection, which, as you feel you are suitable for you, because only then, that you believe will give you the confidence and peace of mind needed to make your classes automatic letter went well. After all, in the end, fear is the greatest stumbling block to any effort, no matter what you were doing.


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