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Step 4: Protect yourself

Although the risk that in the process of automatic writing, you come across a lower-order entities are insignificant, you surely do not want you to receive disturbing messages from evil spirits, elementals or negative entities.

The method of facilitating the process of automatic writing, which we use to suggest that the energy passing through the crown chakra allows higher "self" to neutralize these negative effects, but it is better not to risk nothing.

There are as many methods of psychic protection as there are people on Earth. Experienced occultists claim that these defenses are really in our minds, so the most effective method of protection for the person is the one that most clearly symbolizes for him that power.

Since I confess one of the pagan religions, I usually imagine that a protective circle around me energy.

I outline the it around or finger, or in the imagination, or using a ritual tool. I just clearly imagine how my will form a protective circle around me like using one of those things I project it outside when I bypass the room clockwise.

If you want to use as a protection circle, then first you have to imagine how it will create, and then when you already do, just mentally imagine the scene as a barrier around you grows vibrant blue and white energy through who can not get any negative forces. Always remember that it is necessary to delineate the circle in a clockwise direction as this trend to associate with growth, increase strength and creativity.

After my protective circle ready, I call upon their gods and other entities friendly to me and I ask them to watch me in my further studies. Of course, it is best to feel the support of the gods those who sincerely believe in their power. If your faith is not strong enough, you should use another method of protection.

Some people who are not familiar with the method of protection through the circle may ask why it should be provided that is bright blue and white. I answer,
simply because that is its color. For centuries, people who have psychic abilities and seeing firsthand the circle, argue that it is the same color.

Another common method is to strengthen the protection of the aura - the energy field that surrounds every living creature. Usually it can not be seen with the naked eye, but it can be achieved relevant training.

Mentally, increasing the boundaries of the aura, you can create a protective barrier around himself in the form of a large egg or cocoon. You can imagine what it white or golden color, that is, the traditional colors that symbolize protection.

There is a method of protection, known since ancient times - the use of amulets.

Amulets - are objects of natural origin, which to symbolize the strength of their owners protection. This stones and crystals, flowers, plants, feathers, twigs and leaves. They are easy to use, as it is believed that they are by nature endowed with the protective power of the earth and do not require additional power from those who have them.

Stones - probably the most popular amulets, as they are durable, are light weight and are found everywhere in abundance.

It is believed that the greatest protective powers have such stones as alexandrite, carnelian, citrine, diamond, iron pyrites, yellow topaz, hardened lava, magnetite, quartz, tiger's eye, ruby, striped agate, jasper and yellow zircon.

Metals, often serving rim for these rocks also have a protective force. It is believed that the strongest metals - it's bronze, copper, iron and gold.

Silver has less protective power, as it has more to do with the internal "I" of man, it is associated with dreams and the world of the psychic. The metal is more suitable for using in guessing but not as a means of protection.

Mascots also can be used as tools for protection. From amulets they differ in that do not occur naturally in its natural form, creates and empowers (using conscious mental representations) the person who is going to wear them.
since pagan times talismans for protection are usually worn in a special, hand-sewn pouch sometimes called a handbag for totems. This handbag is charging power and energy of a man who makes it, then it is carried in a pocket, around your neck or on a belt when the owner feels that needs energy which it possesses.

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