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Step 2: Take your workplace

Your work area should be quiet and calm, you should also be sure that you will not be disturbed as long as you do not finish the planned work. Sessions usually last no more than 10-20 minutes, including time for preparation, but may take considerably more time, especially when you are studying.

It is best to choose a place that does not associate you with severe mental stress or even with any strenuous activity. This condition excludes the possibility of employment in libraries, computer and game rooms, as well as those that usually the whole family. Residual energy vibrations of such premises may divert your attention even when there is nobody there.

The best places for your course can be a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and even the bathroom.
should not smiling at the thought of what you are doing automatic writing in the bathroom. It may indeed be the most appropriate place.

First, it is a room where every person is guaranteed privacy, and secondly, it is the room in which your consciousness is associated with a state of relaxation, and finally, this room is usually so small that it does not have things inevitably distract your attention. Typically, the bathrooms have no windows facing the street, which can penetrate through the sounds of traffic, the shouts of children playing in the yard, barking dogs, etc., to the same pan, covering it with a lid can be used as an excellent a chair that allows you to sit with back erect.
Your work area should not be too bright. Bright light can be very distracting, especially at a time when you open your eyes to start to write, because they have to get used to it again. The light should be soft and warm.

What would be the place for you choose, try to continue to work only there, at least for as long as you do not fully master the art of automatic writing. This condition will also help you to better focus on their goals.
Step 3: Clean your workplace

At this point begins the ritual preparation of your consciousness in the process of automatic writing.

You should clean your work area of ​​debris, and in the material sense, and mental. The first means that you should just remove all items and items that can distract you. For example, if you are in the eye all the time will come across a bright cards with the image of athletes who collects your son, then they will bring a strong distraction in your classes, as will be associated in your mind with physical actions. If you're a fanatic about cleanliness and, like me, all the time that they will be in your field of vision, you'll blame myself for not having cleaned them, and that thought will put pressure on you as long as you do not get up at last and do not take them away.

Not necessarily give your workplace spartan. Just before the session of automatic writing sit down and see what kind of things can attract your attention, and later prevent you from concentrating. Looking closely to your surroundings, you may find that even an innocent interior decoration, usually perceived as neutral you can divert your attention.

Then you have to hold your workplace cleansing of mental influences, not perceived in the ordinary state of consciousness. It may be residual energy vibrations of different kind - in short, the influences which occultists believe practices inimical to their work. How will you carry out cleansing of the workplace, based on your education, religious attitudes and past experiences.

For example, if you are Catholic, the best way to get rid of negative energy in the room - it is sprinkled with holy water. If you practice ceremonial magic, you can spend a cleansing ritual with a cross with a rose or a small ritual of exorcism. The followers of Eastern religions can call bells, jingle which has long been considered an excellent remedy for the expulsion of negative entities and places of purification occult procedures. Salt water also has cleansing properties, like many spices. Try aromas of sandalwood, cinnamon and incense.

It is important to cleanse itself of unwanted influences your workplace. If you want to write on the table, not on your lap, it also has to be cleaned, preferably with a cloth soaked in salt water. If you do not want to use the water, spend little purifying ritual. For example, draw on the table surface protective symbol or mentally imagine the negative energy flows out of it and goes down. The brighter you are able to imagine this picture, the more effective will be the cleansing procedure.

Using creative imagination in order to clear your workspace, you can activate the powerful mechanism of your subconscious mind, which will tell you that in your mind will soon have to happen profound changes. Especially effective rituals will work if you follow them intently and repeatedly. Below is a sample cleansing ritual to drive away negative vibrations. You are free to use it as is or modified so that it matches your specific needs and aspirations.

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