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1. Sit as upright as possible.
2. Allow your eyes to close.
3. Breathe deeply and relax.
4. Reach light meditative state.
5. Remove the power from the collective unconscious.
6. Fill the energy of each chakra in turn.
7. Feel like each one of them opens.
8. Find any dark areas on the chakras.
9. Clean each chakra.
10. Especially great attention to the chakras associated with any disease that you are suffering from.
11. Fill each chakra of the new energy of the corresponding color.
12. Imagine how they all operate at maximum efficiency.
13. Close all or part of any chakra, which will consider it necessary to close.
14. As desired, ground or return the energy to the source from which it came.
15. Take a few seconds to return to normal consciousness.
16. Open your eyes.

 If the upcoming attempt to do automatic writing will be the first in your life, then you're probably at a loss, and your mind is full of random thoughts, prejudices, hopes and fears of messages that you can get. Before you proceed directly to the process of automatic writing, the best thing you can do is to establish a session to adjust their imaginations to purify his soul from all the expectations and the horrors that may eventually prevent you.
In order to clear your mind from these harmful effects, just take a piece of paper and a pen, sit down and start writing. You will not, and should not, be at the same time in an altered state of consciousness. Think about what you would say to yourself, and then let the imagination. Formulate and write down what you are in the most beautiful dreams would like to read in the letters addressed to you, or that you are afraid to see even in the worst nightmare. Tell yourself that you are guilty or not guilty of any of his past misdeeds. Make peace with your late grandfather. Imagine you are talking with your favorite hero or heroine from the past or present. Tell yourself that you are going to meet the love of your life. Say whatever you feel good and right.
Yes, it may seem like a pointless exercise. But in this case, such a fantasy pursue a goal. Having given vent to their prejudices and fears, which could later be manifested in your texts or interfere with their writing, you transfer them from the subconscious mind in the realm of consciousness. You'll see them on the paper in front of him, and it would be an action that will significantly reduce their power over you. If this is the word of hope, you can read them and feel her trembling. If this is an expression of your horror, you will see how truly insignificant the fear that can inspire a few words scrawled on a piece of paper. And then if any of these preconceived notions appear in your text, you will already have an advantage in the analysis of this information, since you already had the time to deal with it.
Do not neglect this step, and it does not skimp on the time. You will need less than half an hour to set out their fantasies on paper, but the effect of this process will be positive and you will find this a kind of catharsis.
 It would seem logical to first do just that, but many beginners often get these tools that they make it difficult to complete the task.
Writing should always handle, not a pencil, because they need more pressure on the paper to make the text legible turned. It is best to write with a ballpoint pen or a marker, since they easily slide across the paper. The less effort you will spend on the process of writing, the easier it will be put to work his higher 'I'.
Does not matter whether or not the lined paper, though many prefer lined to lay down lines of text exactly, and they are easier to read. In any case it is best to use standard notebooks with pages measuring 20 by 30 cm Do not use clipboards for verbatim records or any other small-format paper. Even in sophisticated automatic writing man is hard to turn the pages of notebooks, so the surface area of ​​the sheet should be as large as possible.
It is better to list on which you write, direct contact with the surface of the table, because if you use, for example, a notebook, where the sheets are attached spring, you will be hard to write because of the extra thickness created a stack of paper.
It is necessary that a sheet of paper was a solid surface. Most people in the process of automatic writing, sitting, holding a paper in her lap, and some (including myself) prefer to sit at the table. If you hold the paper on his lap and do not want the soft top of the stack slowed your letter, place it under something solid, such as a piece of cardboard or a thick book. The working surface must also be large enough so that your elbows are not hung.
If you are not comfortable writing in the lotus position, it is better to choose a chair, on which you sat when performed cleansing the chakras. He must be strong, with a solid seat and so that it could sit comfortably, keeping your back straight.
If you want to make contact with the deceased person, to establish a closer relationship with his spirit good to put on a thing that belonged to him in life, would be the best piece of jewelry, which he always wore
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