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However, brighter and easier to all of the visible part of the aura, although it belongs to a more subtle form of matter, it is the astral - the part that their living and ever-changing flashes of color expresses the different desires, careening from time to time over the mind of man. This is the real astral body. For him, it should be the mental body, consisting of more subtle degrees of matter belonging to the levels of the mental plane, which has peculiar shape. This aura of the lower mind, the colors of which change only slowly over a person's life, and shows the general attitude of his thought, the warehouse and the nature of his personality. But even stronger and infinitely more beautiful living light of the causal (causal) of the body, if it is developed. This is the conductor of the higher self, showing the stage of development of the true ego on his way from birth to birth. But to see these bodies, the student must develop a vision for the levels to which they belong.

The student will avoid many of the difficulties, if immediately understand that these auras - not just the emanations, and the actual manifestation of the "I" at their respective levels, and that this "I" and a true man, and not the various bodies representing him in the lower plans. While incarnating the "I" remains on vneformnyh levels of the plan, which is his true home, his guide is the causal body, but when it comes down to the level of form, then he has to act on it, put on the matter of these levels. RETAIN so matter makes up the body of his mind. Similarly, descending into the astral plane, it forms the matter of his astral body or the body of desires, while keeping all other body, with a further descent of the same - to the lowest plan - the physical body is formed by the etheric template provided by the Lords karma. A more detailed account of these auras can be found in my book, "Man, Visible and Invisible", but there was already mentioned, to show that they occupy the same space and the finer interpenetrating with rougher. novice to clearly distinguish at a glance the aura of one another, you will need a lot of practice and careful study. Nevertheless, the human aura, or generally any one part of it, is often the first purely astral objects visible to untrained people, although in this case, naturally It is often interpreted incorrectly. sketched, albeit slightly, for the background of the picture, we must now try to draw figures - to describe the inhabitants of the astral plane. measureless diversity of these creatures makes them extremely difficult to classify.

The human population of the astral plane naturally divided into two groups - on the living and the dead, or, to speak more exactly, to those who still have a physical body, and those who do not.

1. Living

People manifest on the astral plane during physical life can be divided into four classes:

1. The adepts and their students. Belonging to this class is commonly used as conductors do not astral and mental body made of matter, the four lower or rupa levels on top of the next plan. The advantage of this guide is that it allows you to instantly switch from the mental plane to the astral and vice versa, and also provides an opportunity each time to enjoy more power and more insightful feelings of his own plan.

Naturally, the body of the mind does not see the astral vision, and because it works in the student learns to gather around him a temporary veil of astral matter, when in the course of its work, wants to be visible to the inhabitants of the lower plan, to help them more effectively. This is a temporary body (called mayavirupa) is usually done for the first time, the student's teacher, and then help him and give instructions while he will not be able to form it for themselves quickly and easily. Such a conductor, although an exact reproduction of a person that, does not contain the matter of his own astral body, and is in accordance with it, the kind that exists between materialization and the physical body.

In the early stages of its development, the student can act in his astral body, like any other, but no matter what the conductor is used, the person entered the astral plane under the guidance of a competent teacher there always has the most complete consciousness and is able to quite easily applicable in all its divisions . In fact, it was he himself, just as his friends knew on earth, but without a physical body and the etheric vehicle, in one case, and in addition, without the astral - in the other, but with additional powers and abilities of a higher state, allowing it to continue even during sleep easier and more effective that the theosophical work that takes so his thoughts during the waking hours. Will it be on the physical plane is fully and accurately remember what he did or what he had learned on the astral, to a large extent depends on whether he can break free transfer their consciousness from one state to another.
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