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Among these subjects, some students are trying to develop astral sight in looking into a crystal or other methods, while having the inestimable advantage of the direct guidance of a competent teacher's probably the first time awake on the astral plane under his special protection, which will continue until the various trials he is satisfied that each of the students did not lend itself to the dangers and fears, which can meet. But no matter how it happened, the first real awareness that we are all the time among the wide world of active life, which the majority nonetheless completely unaware of, can not be a memorable milestone in human existence.

This life of the astral plane is so abundant and diverse that first completely dumbfounded beginner, and even more practice researchers classify and catalog it - not an easy task. If the investigator has some unknown rainforest ask for full report on the terrain through which it passed, with the precise details of its vegetation and geology, genera and species of each representative of a myriad of insects, birds, mammals and reptiles, which he had seen, he was horrified retreat before the enormity of the enterprise. Yet his position is incomparable to the researchers mental confusion, because in his case the subject even more difficult - firstly because of the difficulty of correctly transmitted from another plane of memories what he saw, and secondly because of the extreme failure of ordinary language to express many of the that he needed to report.

However, as a researcher in the physical plane, probably would have started his account of the country with something like a general description of its location and characteristics, and it would be good to start with a brief outline of the astral plane, trying to give some idea of ​​its surroundings forming the background of his amazing and ever-changing activities. And yet we first encounter almost insurmountable difficulty to the extreme complexity of the subject. Everything has a complete vision for this plan agree that trying to induce a vivid picture of this astral situation to those whose eyes are not open yet - it's like a blind man talking about the variety of colors of the sky at sunset - no matter how detailed nor was this description, There can be no assurance that in the mind of the listener will develop the representation corresponding to the truth. First of all, we should understand that the astral plane - seven divisions, each of which has a corresponding degree of materiality and state of matter. Although poverty physical language forces us to talk about these sub-plans, as higher and lower, we must not fall into the mistake of thinking about them (as well as on b `Olsha plans for which they are the only units), as selected areas in space, lying on top of each other like shelves in a bookcase or on the outside of each other, like onion skins. You have to understand that the matter of each plane or sub-plane matter pervades the following, so that here, on the surface, they all exist together in the same space, although it is true that the higher types of matter extends beyond the physical earth than the lower.

So when we say that a man rose from one plane or sub-plane to the other, then do not think that in doing so he certainly moving in space. Rather, he moved from one level to another your consciousness - gradually ceasing to respond to the vibrations of a single unit of matter, and instead starting to respond to the vibrations of the higher and more refined order, so that one world with its decor and the inhabitants as it slowly disappears from his view, while in its place is a world more sublime nature.

Yet there is a point of view from which the use of the terms "upper" and "lower" receives some justification, as well as the comparison of plans and sub-plans with concentric shells. On the surface of the Earth can be found matter of all the plans, but the astral plane where extensive physical, and extends for several thousand miles above its surface. The law of gravity acts on the astral matter, and whether it possible for her to remain completely undisturbed, she would have probably arranged in concentric layers. But the Earth is in constant motion, turning in orbit and revolving around its axis, the constantly raging around all kinds of forces and influences, so this is an ideal state of peace is never achieved, and there is a lot of mixing. Nevertheless, it remains true that the higher we ascend, the less dense matter meet.

This is a great analogy on the physical plane. Land, water and air - solid, liquid and gaseous states - all exist on the same surface, but generally true to say that the solid matter is at the bottom, above it - the liquid, and gaseous - are even higher. Water and air penetrate a little into the ground, the water also rises and the air in the form of clouds, but only for a limited height, solid matter can be thrown into the air vigorous cataclysm, as in the great eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, when volcanic ash reached an altitude of 17 miles , and it took three years before he settled down, however, he did finally settled, as the water that gets into the air through evaporation, comes back to us in the form of rain. The higher we climb, the more rarefied the air becomes, and the same is true of astral matter.

The size of our astral world are measurable, and with some accuracy, we can identify them from the fact that our astral world is in contact with the astral world of the moon when it is at perigee, but does not reach it when she is in apogee, of course, this type of contact is limited to the top astral matter.

Returning to the consideration of sub-plans, and listing them with the highest and least material downwards, we find that they naturally fall into three classes. Divisions 1, 2 and 3 form a single class, 4, 5 and 6 - the second, while the seventh and the lowest of all stands alone. The difference between these classes matter comparable to the difference between solid and liquid, while in a class difference between units rather resembles the difference between different types of solids, for example between the steel and sand. Putting aside for the moment the seventh sub-plane, we can say that the background for the fourth, fifth and sixth units of the astral plane is the physical world in which we live, with all its amenities familiar to us. Life on the sixth subplane is not unlike that of a normal life on earth, with the difference that there is no physical body and its needs, while as they rise through the fourth and fifth divisions it becomes less physical and more and more removed from our lower world and his interests. 
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