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The astral dimension. Wonderland

This is the world "topsy-turvy", similar to that found in Alice in Wonderland. Everything seems objective (real) but izmenichivo and fluidity. It can be found in just about anything, ranging from a low level and crude sexual energy, ending the beautiful, serene place full of spiritual harmony. Time is distorted and stretched. Imaginary hour in the astral plane may be a few minutes in the physical world. In comparison with the physical world, the astral vibrations presented much higher frequencies. It's like playing videos with twenty times the speed imperceptible to those who are in the movie. The movement of this space of dreams is usually a shock or cause disorientation for most projected. It takes a lot of experience to commit a scheduled trip to the planned astral region. There are an infinite number of realities, plans, dreaming of kingdoms and regions in this dimension. As I said, they are distributed in space in layers of similar thoughts. During normal sleep, or in a clear dream, the subconscious mind creates a separate area for you, your own dreaming theater. When you become aware of yourself while you sleep, you gain control over it. This control is acquired thanks to the all-powerful subconscious mind. With its powerful impact your own kingdom will change. You will begin to tune in to other attractive parts of the astral plane, a world in which you are, begin to mix with others, my own appearance. During the conscious projection into the astral dimension, you can tune into any part of it, traveling to different worlds of dreams, or a mixture of several of these realities at once. There are various techniques, but they all somehow directed to disorientation of your subconscious, trying to make his deception in other areas of the astral plane. It is very difficult to describe what you need to do to move from one level to another astral plane, you really have to learn this practice, by trial and error. We must learn to use and control the subconscious mind to deceive him in order to get the desired result.

Astral Projection is a virtual reality

Here is a simple reliable method that I developed to create its own reality: Select a poster with a picture of something pleasant, something bright and sunny. The higher it is, the better, but the poster-size is also nice. Lead them to the wall of the room in which you are going to be projected, or to another nearby adjoining room. Find something like a small spotlight and set it up so that it is highlighted poster, when the main light is turned off. , A regular night lamp. Place the light above or below a poster so that it completely covered the light, creating a sense of cinema screen. Login to your own reality: during the projection, will find yourself near the poster, keeping the silence of your mind. Do not think about what you do, just stare at the poster and go in his direction. As soon as you do, your subconscious mind, deceived, will create exactly the reality, which is depicted in the poster. Just go up to the Posters and head inside of it. This is how to enter into another world. Everything in this world is exactly the same as it looks on the poster. Everything seems normal three-dimensional world. It's an exact copy, indistinguishable from reality. To add more details to this world, attach to the poster images of things or people you would like to see there when you re-enter there. Do not glue the whole picture. Take the scissors and carefully cut out the desired object or person. It is desirable that they were the same proportions as the poster itself. When you do that to someone's image, whether the person is alive or dead, your subconscious mind will create an appropriate thought-form, which will be waiting for you next time. This can be an excellent way of communicating with those who have already died. Actually, I have my own theory about that. The subconscious mind creates a thought form of man, and that shell can move quite naturally, thanks to the excellent memory of your subconscious. But if between you and the person there was love, the soul of this disembodied person can be attracted to set up a scenario where it will have the opportunity to communicate with you through your subconscious mind controls established way of his former body.

Buddhist measurement

It's a warm, abstract world filled with absolute peace and infinite love. This measurement is pure white. There is no other visual or auditory perception here except vsepoglaschayuschego, brilliant white. In this measurement, you will soon leave aside the conscious mind and personality. You can not think for a long time, ono `b here, and you have neither the need nor the desire to do so. Do you feel an irresistible urge entailing you in the stillness of peace. It's like a dip in a clean white cotton. In this world, you cease to be an individual, becoming a part of the whole. You are not a man or a woman. In some ways it is like returning to the womb. You're surrounded, impregnated and swallowed by the endless warmth of love, understanding, forgiveness and redemption - togetherness (atonement - AT-ONE-MENT). The concept of time ceases to exist. If you find yourself in this world, you never, never want to leave. And you can not leave it until the physical body itself would not call you back and lift it out. This is a healing place for the soul, a place reclaimed its forces.

Aatmic measurement

This measurement is presented as the spirit world. Here the soul is waiting for those she loved for earthly existence. This is a happy meeting place, a place where there is a unity of souls. The light of the world - the purest, brightest silver. It is brighter than the arc. It is so bright that it seems impossible to look at it. But despite all this, it is the light of the highest, utmost tenderness, soft and soothing. It is the light of divine love. People here look similar to how they looked in the physical world, but in his ultimate glory. They are ecstatic shine, surrounded by the brightest flame of love, happiness and joy that you can imagine. Atmosphere - exciting and energizing, while at the same time deeply spiritual. In this world you can feel the presence of God as a tangible, vsepropityvayuschey force. Communication is done through the exchange of high-level telepathic imaging, similar to clairvoyance "one on one", being a much more vivid and real. The word and the idea is dead. Time stands perfectly still. The reality is much more real than "reality" of the ordinary world. Compared with the measurement of the physical world atmic - vague, bored with the dream, full of half-dead people. I was able to enter into this dimension only four times in my entire life. Every time - through the deepest meditation aimed at self-awareness, all fully involved chakras. Has been incredibly active and crown chakra.

The feel of it were as if thousands of vibrating fingers massaged my head. In these four cases the energy inside me rise to impossible heights, taking with it my soul and mind. At the climax of this mystical experience, I have heard a long, clean note with a slowly rising pitch. I felt that note the very basis of its existence, in my heart. She called me, pulling inward. I focused on that note, adjusting to it. Each slightest drop of the force and energy that I had, I have focused my mind on it and projected himself inside her. Having removed off my physical body, I got straight into this dimension. 
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