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ASTRAL PROJECTION Summit and the Akashic Records
If there is some control over the chakras, you have the ability to produce the energy needed to visit the higher planes. Production oprelennogo type of energy will raise awareness to the appropriate level and replenish the energy corresponding to the subtle body. This is usually achieved by meditation, aimed at developing self-awareness, and enhanced energy work with the chakras. As a result of this consciousness is able proetsirovtsya to the desired level of existence. If the energy in abundance, the other under favorable circumstances, the meditator can directly project the specific subtle body in its natural dimension. Depending on the level of development of innate abilities and projecting along the way with a thinner body usually projected (leave the physical body - UK) and more coarse. The astral body contains within itself all the other subtle bodies and may, at the time the projections highlight the mental body into the mental dimension, etc. This sometimes gives a whole bunch of memories on his return to the physical body, and usually the following applies: that the subtle body, which contains the greatest amount of energy will have the clearest memories. Being dominant, they are the most well-kept physical reason after his return to the waking state. Conscious projection in the higher astral dimension requires a high level of development. You must be proficient in self-awareness as well as in the control of the chakras. But all of this is doable. To date, I have had the experience of the projections on the astral, mental, and Buddhic Aathmik levels of existence. It is generally believed that for a person possibly projecting into the astral, mental and buddhic plane and you can not visit the higher Adi and Anupadaka. But these measures have names, they have been described, so someone had to go there, otherwise they would have remained unknown. If you understand the nature of the mind, you will see that for him there are no boundaries. Someone once said that a sound barrier will be overcome ever. Note: traveling in the subtle worlds, you will not see signs that tell "Welcome to the astral dimension, the one-and-a yes!" or "Mental dimension, watch your thoughts". Using common names, I'll describe those higher planes, which I visited.

The astral dimension. Wonderland

This is the world "topsy-turvy", similar to that found in Alice in Wonderland. Everything seems objective (real) but izmenichivo and fluidity. It can be found in just about anything, ranging from a low level and crude sexual energy, ending the beautiful, serene place full of spiritual harmony. Time is distorted and stretched. Imaginary hour in the astral plane may be a few minutes in the physical world. In comparison with the physical world, the astral vibrations presented much higher frequencies. It's like playing videos with twenty times the speed imperceptible to those who are in the movie. The movement of this space of dreams is usually a shock or cause disorientation for most projected. It takes a lot of experience to commit a scheduled trip to the planned astral region. There are an infinite number of realities, plans, dreaming of kingdoms and regions in this dimension. As I said, they are distributed in space in layers of similar thoughts. During normal sleep, or in a clear dream, the subconscious mind creates a separate area for you, your own dreaming theater. When you become aware of yourself while you sleep, you gain control over it. This control is acquired thanks to the all-powerful subconscious mind. With its powerful impact your own kingdom will change. You will begin to tune in to other attractive parts of the astral plane, a world in which you are, begin to mix with others, my own appearance. During the conscious projection into the astral dimension, you can tune into any part of it, traveling to different worlds of dreams, or a mixture of several of these realities at once. There are various techniques, but they all somehow directed to disorientation of your subconscious, trying to make his deception in other areas of the astral plane. It is very difficult to describe what you need to do to move from one level to another astral plane, you really have to learn this practice, by trial and error. We must learn to use and control the subconscious mind to deceive him in order to get the desired result.
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