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Superconscient Astral Projection
It's no secret that the ease of contact with phase depends on the knowledge of natural and human-specific data.
Those who did not go with the standard techniques, do not despair. There is a trouble-free way.

The fact is that many people are very hard to relax enough. In fact, some will never be able to do it intentionally. However, to relax, you can use an ordinary dream. Sleep is the most powerful relaxation, which the body can only achieve. And it does not have to do anything. Just sleep. You can stay up all night, but you can not sleep especially for a few minutes, when training is easily achieved.

The most important thing is that you need to do on the spillage. Or rather how to do it.

1. the less will it be after waking consciousness before you start to do something, the better the chances.
2. In no case did not move.

And then try to implement different techniques have to disconnect directly or vibrate. Can you just try to fly or roll out. You may wonder how it will turn ellementarnym. Often, it is very easy.

Try different techniques in a matter of minutes. If it does not work - fill with the meat.
Can a responsibility that the above technique is the easiest for most people. Of course, if the first attempt does not work out, it's nothing. Need to try for a few weeks and it is desirable for every spillage at all. We must always remember about spillage on it!

Usually the result in the first two or three days.
But in the morning we wake up to 5 - 6 times. Ie you can make as many attempts. On average, 1 out of 3 is successful in nalichae experience.
main problem - the problem of spillage on the recall about the astral plane as quickly as possible.
This is the most easy and affordable technique for beginners, including for those who want to try this as soon as possible.

Woke up. A little lay in thought and remembered the phase. The brain, however, as they began to assess the situation and vivid way led to the idea that now it does not work, maybe, and some are no harbingers of this state is not, and is willing to have 110%.

However, just for the sake of not violating the principle ALWAYS TRY THIS, I started juzat different techniques. Tried something phantom rasskachat, tried to "listen", then something else. Nothing worked, but I decided to try to force sleep, after which it immediately began to mentally rotate and spin. And I was immediately captured the vibration ....

Once upon a time I came to the conclusion that after any spill can always enter into the phase. So, now it seems to me that it is not always, and in 85% -95%. And if not, the reason lies in the fact that you do not get all the chances that these moments happen. On this there are two reasons: either you know the little technician out, or you think that it will not work and you do not even try.

But there were times that I tried to enter a phase of sleep after about five minutes. Then it seems that you entered it is not an indirect way, and direct - so it took a lot of time.

In his book, I knowingly committed a sort of "commandments", one of which reads:
Remember that every time you do spill can get to the stage.

Woke up and immediately try to:

, get out of the body
-wiggling phantom limbs
, to listen to the internal sounds of the
-observation images

Try it all at once at a time until you get the. Sometimes you may need to go a couple laps.
between the techniques more useful from time to time, just to try rassoedenitsya or take off.

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