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The easiest technique
So you have decided at any cost immediately enter into a phase and meet her in person that seemed to have never seen. It is known that a very, very strong desire - half the battle in this matter, since you more about it at the moment think the more the chance of a positive outcome.

Of course, for the early phase of contact with the majority of people can be effective only so-called indirect method of entry. In particular it seems that makes a "separation from the body," the person will be the most productive technique of "vylezanija" and "rolling out". Not the most euphonious name, but they are the most accurate reflection of the essence. Maybe they are not the most effective in general, but in this case it is very comfortable.

You should tune in to the very recollection of his undertaking each time waking. This was a huge help thinking about the same before going to bed. And then he woke up, you should always remember about the phase and literally right there, not expecting anything, to try to get out or roll out of the body. It is important that before you do any physical movement, which strongly disinhibited cortex.

Let's start with a "rolling". Its meaning is to try to roll out of bed, but do not strain your physical muscles. It does not sound clear and strange. But it's the only way you can describe in words. To the right moment to understand what to do, you can pre-workout at any time, this desire to turn to the side, while not straining any muscles of the body. Typically this point occurs a slight tingling in the body, a slight tension in the head, etc. You have to remember this feeling and then play them immediately after waking up. If in the normal state it in what does not, when the cortex is inhibited, such as during the same awakening, it leads to more of its braking that puts you in a phase state. This will allow you to feel like a really rolls out of the body. Feelings can be so real that you just really do not understand is the physical or phantom body is a movement. Rolled out, you can proceed to the next stage.

If the "roll out" within 5-10 seconds and did not get anything of interest is not observed, it is necessary to proceed to the second technique - "vylezanija."

"Vylezanija" lies in the fact that you need to try to do all the parts of the body "hypothetical" movement, that is, to represent the actual movement and try to feel all the feelings arising in this case. Initially, these movements can be dull and indistinct, as in ordinary mental representation, but eventually (after a few seconds), they will become the dominant character and you will no longer feel the real body. Together with a simple "thought" movements very effectively combine "hypothetical feelings" of the body and of what lay on.

Note that this must be done slowly and not lightly, and as aggressively and persistently, that is the determining factor. The same applies to the technique of "rolling out".

In addition, if "vylezanija" do not work for 10 seconds, you should try again "roll out" or any other equipment in the same dinmike "phantom rasskachivanie", "rotation", "Listening", "visualization", etc. etc. And so alternate technique for 2 minutes or a little more. Once again, I note that this is done immediately upon awakening from sleep and every technique should be done within a few seconds.

During this process, in the transition phase, there is usually a strong sense of fatigue and laziness. Know harbingers of good luck and they pass quickly if you continue. Remember this, that in the most opportune moment not to spit and throw this idea. At more or less clear sense of the phantom body to immediately resort to the primary deepening, in this case with the feelings of all that is possible (self, bed, etc.), which will be very useful. Also helps prismatrivanie to objects, you can hand at a distance of up to 10-15cm

The main thing is do not be afraid to try as much as possible and worry less, especially when there are harbingers of the first hit in a strange state of the phase. Attempt to suppress the excitement, otherwise it will ruin everything.

How long will it be before you will be able to separate from the body, depends only on the number of awakenings, and attempts to "get out" immediately thereafter. Note that in the morning on a weekend when we do not need to hurry, we wake up and fall asleep many times in a row, so if you catch at least half of all revivals, it will be a very good chance that you will enter into a phase in the next few days, including first. But it may require more time and. More or less people in the know in that case, but "vylezanija" try different techniques, "take-off", the creation of "vibrations", "speed", "phantom rocking" of listening to the inner sounds, "power" sleep, watching the images. If the title of these techniques you may not understand what they are, it can read in the sections detailing techniques.

As the general practice, other more effective techniques for the beginner there. In addition, it would appear that the technique is so simple that it can not simply be that it is so little common, if it were effective. Indeed, woke up and "climbs" or "rolling out". But the fact of the matter is that no one even realizes that it is possible at this moment, and therefore does not try. But then this can be done simply elementary. Sometimes waking up do not even need to use other techniques, like just try to immediately split up, take off, roll out, etc. It's hard to believe but it's true.

Do not be discouraged if this technique does not give quick results. If you are within two weeks of "catch" at least ten awakenings, and it did not work, only then should move on to other techniques, as this for some reason does not fit, even though it's a little hard to believe. It is effective in almost all known cases of such applications, especially if you do it the way described above. For this reason, this technique can storm to victory, even if it takes some time. The purpose of this is, the more that luck will come for sure.

Michael Raduga
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