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Astral travel counter-cores and other seriously ill patients. Very often it is the latter have a predisposition to spontaneous astral exit. No doubt you've heard of cases where people who were in the border state, leaving his physical body and felt like a torrent carries them through the tunnel towards the blinding light. Such examples are a clear case of astral flight, during which some people looked back and saw my physical body on the operating table.

There is considerable evidence that terminally ill people, compared with healthy, have an increased ability to psychometrics. The author of three excellent books on astral projection - Sylvan Muldoon wrote his first book at a time when, as he said, "was so ill that he could not get out of bed without help and did not know whether I shall live till tomorrow." Despite this feeling, courageous researcher took part in many experiments conducted to verify the facts included in the book.

German oncologist Dr. Josef Issels in the Bavarian clinic of the Ringberg noted the existence of extraordinary abilities to the astral exit from his terminally ill patient. During the morning rounds elderly woman told him that could leave the own body. She said: "I will prove it, and immediately." A few seconds later, she spoke again, "Doctor, if you enter the house number 12, you can see how a woman writes a letter to her husband. She had just finished the first page, I saw that." Then the old woman described exactly what she "saw". Dr. Issels went to the twelfth house and made sure that his patient was accurate down to the smallest, detail Intrigued, he hurried back, but did not find the patient alive.

After talking about what not to do, move on to some preliminary recommendations.

The first necessary condition for the release of astral is a strong desire, feeling that we are approved by the thought of his opportunities.

Then should put himself into a state of "positive expectations". To do this, you need to relax, free from fear and look forward to the start of the experiment.

Many people are not able to really relax. Not having at hand the expensive electronic devices, it can be done under the special sound of tape recordings. Sit back, close your eyes and listen to the tape.

Prior to the session should get rid of all external stimuli. Nice to turn off the phone and wait until the dust settles to sleep your family. Any foreign influence can prevent astral travel.

Engage in a warm ventilated room at a temperature below 20 ° C.
The clothes should be simple. For this reason, many people have stripped naked. However, this does not mean that you will be traveling naked. If you would not like to appear in the astral plane in such a form, just imagine yourself wearing, and it will happen here.

At the time, forget about all the problems and troubles. With me it happens automatically, immediately after the relaxation. Perhaps your way to get rid of bad thoughts will be different. I know a woman who for this purpose mentally "throw" all the problems in the garbage can. If this fails, it "pulls" them into the toilet. One of my students before going to the astral plane actively playing squash. It is possible that the problem can be simply "defer" to the side and to address them after the session.

Before you travel, you should know where you want to go. In ordinary life, we rarely sit in the car and persecuted, aimlessly. As a rule, before you get behind the wheel, we already know where to go. When the decision is made, its implementation is easy.

Similarly, should act before going to the astral plane. In fact, it's even easier than driving a car. As we are not tied to boundaries of the physical world, you just need to make a decision, and for a split second to be where there is no traffic rules, traffic jams and traffic lights.

As you can see, everything is very simple. Most people who regularly go to astral travel, lead a healthy lifestyle, because they want to experience these feelings every day. I hope that readers of this will have on customs and astral flights will enrich and beautify their lives.
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