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Something similar is experiencing some of the students before the first astral travel. On the one hand, they want to go to the astral flight, on the other - they are not able to overcome unfounded, but no less "insurmountable" fears. In his classes I usually explain the cause and talk about how to overcome the prejudices of all kinds, including fear.

Most often, beginners are afraid that they will not be able to return to his physical body after an astral journey will end. This fear is not justified, since there is no written proof that this has ever happened. As a rule, there is just the opposite. Very often, astral travel is interrupted against your will, and you are "forced" back into physical form.

Many students are afraid that they will die during astral travel. You should know that at the time of flight of the etheric double astral supports direct connection to the physical body by means of elastic and infinitely long "cord". There is no doubt that when the cord is broken people will die, but, as in the previous example, there is no written evidence of such cases. The cord is invisible to outsiders, and so it can not be cut with malicious intent. There is nothing to fear, and physical damage of this "connecting thread" because its substance is different from the structure of solid material bodies.
Some people are afraid that during astral travel to their physical body may possess an otherworldly entity. To talk about it seriously is not necessary, although the subject and is of particular interest for the script of a horror movie. Always remember that at the slightest threat to the physical body astral double "automatically" and instantly returns to its shell.

Some people think that during astral travel heart or breathing may stop. That never happens, and even though it is assumed that the output of the astral body temperature decreases slightly, all the major vital organs continue to function normally.

Opportunity to get into a stalemate should not scare you - at any time and for a split second you can return to your physical body. Not to fear, and that as long as you "are out", your house can cover fire: at the first sign of impending danger astral double immediately returns to its shell.

A few years ago, I was able to see this. While I was in the astral plane, in the street and there was a car exhaust, to his own surprise, I immediately found myself in a physical body. Frankly, such a sudden return led me to some confusion, and only a couple of minutes I felt comfortable in the physical form. At the same time, I can not mention a feeling of deep satisfaction that gripped my heart in the knowledge that I am able to control the situation in any state.
One Sunday morning, while another astral flight wife tried to wake me up, shaking his shoulder. Failing to get the result and realizing what was happening, she left me a few minutes alone. If you try again I came to my senses after a light touch.

However, if instead of his wife in the bedroom was a stranger, my astral double, sensing the potential danger would have reacted in the blink of an eye. The body is very sensitive to the touch of strangers. This indicates that during the astral output at least part of the consciousness remains in physical form.

So, while the super-consciousness goes to astral travel, it remains a part of protecting the interests of the physical body.

Another obstacle to the astral output is the fear of communicating with any undead. It can not be excluded, and when that happens, will be enough to wish only to come back and unpleasant astral travel immediately ends. Thus, the astral plane where the safety of everyday reality, since the unfavorable situation can be resolved immediately.

To sum up, I would say that your possible fears are groundless and astral travel is no different from the trivial concerns of others. And yet, if you persistently pursue similar obsessive thoughts, first try to get rid of them, and only then proceed to the study of art astral exit.

Some people have questioned the very existence of the astral double, and consider only the essence of the physical body of man. In this book the presence of a thin body taken for granted. In the expressions "I love you" or "I feel", "I" should be understood as the spirit or soul of man, speaking the same "my hand" or "my body", I mean the physical body, or mortal shell of a man.

In the holy book of the Hindu Rig Veda, written 4,000 years ago, it is said that man is like a charioteer in a chariot. Under the chariot refers to the physical body of man, and a charioteer - the real 'I', the spirit, or the universal life force.

Understanding the difference between a human soul and the physical body for some people is absolutely necessary for the implementation of astral travel.

From my students, I have repeatedly heard that some of them have seen the aura of a sleeping man. In fact, they observed no aura, and the astral double that during sleep slightly raised above the physical body and soars to a height of about 25-30 inches.
There are other reasons that make it difficult astral output. One is too generous lunch. During astral travel ingestion should be significantly restricted, since digestion requires significant energy costs. On a full stomach, a person goes to sleep rather than go to astral travel.

In the West, most people overeat and light food on the day of the astral output will only be of benefit to your body. Not being a vegetarian, I note that the followers of this diet to enter the astral plane have distinct advantages over amateurs meat diet. Gathering in astral travel, I never eat meat, chicken or fish confine, with every possible way to avoid fatty foods.

Light exercise is also not forbidden. Before going out to the astral plane I usually go for a walk. In addition to the emotional release, a walk relieves me of the pesky satellites of our life: TV, phone, and so forth - and you can focus on the upcoming tour. Returning home, I not only feel ready to astral flight, but also happy to think about the benefits of his physical health.

In preparation for astral travel, exclude the use of alcohol and drugs, as the impact of these substances greatly complicates access to the astral plane. I know some people who have experienced spontaneous astral out, fill with smoke marijuana, but their experience was not a pleasant one, as they could not control the situation. Thus, a shower of them within a few hours inadvertently tossed from one dimension to another.

I used to think that a glass of wine, drunk in a couple of hours before the astral session - the case is not a hindrance. However, I am convinced that this is not the case. During astral travel one must maintain absolute control over the situation, and even a tiny amount of alcohol in the blood can damage the case. I have been practicing astral out for thirty years, and the only time I have experienced the discomfort associated with taking a small amount of alcohol.

On the ability to astral exit negatively affect even cigarettes and coffee. Thus, we should abandon their use for at least three hours prior to the session.
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