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Recommended ways of getting out in the Astral
To start analyze the well-known method of Robert Monroe.

Classes are designed to dry and clear weather, almost empty stomach and have experience of meditation. The most successful time is from 11 pm to 3:00 am.

Monroe advises to take a comfortable position lying down - as if before going to sleep. "Devastated" by the mind, that is to fully control the thought processes will help you a simple tool called the "finger rest". Take a smooth stone, and holding between the index and middle fingers of one hand, rolled, repeating to himself the mantra of some, such as your own name.
Even more useful to pinch between the fingers bent several thin unpolished river pebbles, or even better a few quartz crystal length of 5 -7 centimeters. Can be used thin metal plates or pipes. Keep at least three thin solid object between the fingers of each hand, squeezing them almost painfully. In the East, for the same reason the rosary and muttering aloud verses from the Koran.
muscles are relaxed. Accept the fact that the first time you can not succeed. In this case, after ten minutes of trying to simply go to sleep. But not to sleep early, raise arms above the elbow relaxed bed. Once you start to doze off, the hand will fall and you will wake up.

Another similar trick.
Lying in the same relaxed pose on the back, you can imagine how your astral body turns on its side, then on the stomach, back to back, and so on, faster and faster. Eventually it will rotate around a physical axis. Your body still lies within the rotating energy cocoon. At one moment, the centrifugal force literally throw out the cocoon.

Yet another way.
Try to mentally roll over in bed, as if settling himself comfortably. Do not help yourself no arms, no legs. Start with a turn of the head and shoulders. Slowly, gently, gently! If you are in a hurry or a jerk, you can swirl like a log in the water. Then you're disoriented, will be forced to go back to touch the starting position, while continuing to rotate.
However, if you feel that the rotation has become easier, and feel the friction and gravity are gone, then you have begun to separate from the physical body.

About travel in the Astral worlds

Let's try to understand what to do in the Astral, or as it is usually defined in the subtle world.

• FLIGHTS - As with any action in the Astral world, flights are operated by the desire and willpower. For those who have difficulty flying is possible to try to imagine yourself on the side of the cliff and spread its arms to try to soar skyward. Though, most of all, on the first steps of this will be like trying to slow down the rapid fall down from your imaginary cliff. Try waving his arms or grow wings. You can, for simplicity's sake, start to spin like a top. Usually, this simple trick will allow you to smoothly start hovering in space. For those who want to increase the speed, or simply to extend the mission, try to play catch-up. The base of this exercise is based on the fact that any subject imaginable, such as airplane, flying away swiftly forward, much easier than the cause itself to fly to the top. Accordingly, imagining that same plane, unwind top and began soaring try to catch up with him.

• WIND OF THE FUTURE - A strange phenomenon occurring in the small world. Resembles something spanned traveler and flying against his will. By efforts to resist the wind, or stop its movement impossible. Once in the wind flow does not need to be scared or trying to change the picture of the world whizzing past you. After a while the wind will disappear as suddenly as it had appeared.

• PASSING THROUGH WALLS - One of the features of travel in the Astral world is the lack of need for the doors. By concentrating your willpower can slip through almost any obstacle occurring on your way. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, go through the obstacle is not possible. In this situation the door can be imagined to pass therethrough conventional manner. Also, you can try to screw the obstacle or try to turn back and seep through your obstacle ask in advance. Sometimes it works when normal slippage does not work. In an extreme solutions, your handicap, you can simply break.

As the Council - until you've got enough experience of astral travel, do not try to use your interprtatsii projections for any mercenary purposes.

The theory of astral projection is based on the assumption of a man of two bodies: the physical, which is growing, aging and dying, and his "double" - the astral body. It can last quite deliberately leave the physical form and the removal of watching her.

The ability to astral travel endow you with several benefits. First of all, you will be able to look at the world as if through different eyes: before you open new horizons of the universe. Realizing that the mind can exist outside the body, you will realize that the soul is immortal and there is no need to worry unduly about what will happen to her shell. A statement of his own immortality is only the first step on the way to an even more amazing "adventures."

Most of my students have learned to astral travel without much hassle. However, some of them had to work hard, and that there were always specific reasons.
most common reason for this was the fear depressing effect which we all at one time or another have experienced. In my youth I was fond of bungee jumping (jumping from a height fastened with a rubber cord; satisfactory Russian term does not exist yet). The first jump, as we neither brave, instilled some fear, and only those few for whom the experience was not the first touted coming newcomers feel. I am confident that, standing on the parapet of the bridge and look down from a great height, almost every one of us has experienced fear. Ironically, the first "eager to fight" the most nervous members of the group, perhaps in obedience to the natural desire to overcome his weakness. I will never forget the painful feeling in the stomach before the first jump.

Of the twenty members of the Group jumped nineteen. The last remained a man of about thirty, which from the beginning was obviously ill at ease. However, before you jump, he suddenly calmed down and while the instructor secured the lead and give directions, and behaved with dignity. Someone threw encouraging remarks, and there is ample evidence that he is ready to pounce. But here, swaying slightly, he pulled back from the edge. The instructor repeated his parting words, and once again began to feel that he is ready to get over yourself. However, this did not happen. Five minutes later, the insurance untied, and, burning with shame, he went to drink tea with the rest of the group.

Wanting to become a part of comrades told him that they themselves have struggled with fear, and finally he said he was ready to repeat the bitter experience. Together, we went back to the bridge, and again it did not work.
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