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Working in the astral plane. Engineering Output in the Astral
The day comes when the neophyte must become adept. And it does not happen overnight. This is preceded by long days of hard training, reflection, searching, grief and joy. In this way, tempered and shaped Faith, Hope is light, and love becomes closer and deeper. And the day came when out of the real world, most of which was conducted magic acts, the person has to get out into the world of dreams and illusions, a world of energy and information, in a world where miracles are born. This is called the astral world. before to break to astral travel is necessary go through several stages of preparation. room in which the work is performed, must be protected by all known forms of protection, and, of course, free of negativity. Starting or training are allowed to carry out no sooner than 2-3 hours after a meal. necessary prevent or eliminate all the advance audio and visual stimuli. You no one and nothing should get in the way.

Lay down on a hard, level surface. This can be a bed, if it meets the requirements, or the floor.
Under the neck (not behind his head) You need to put a roll, twisted out of blankets or towels so that your head does not touch the back of his head on the floor about
1 to 2 centimeters.
Hands extended along the body, legs straight. You need to close your eyes and feel - as far as is comfortable position in which you are located. Perhaps a larger diameter roller, or the surface too hard. You need to choose a state in which you feel the greatest comfort. It is not recommended for initial use incense and music, and in the following, these aids you do not need.

Lying on the roll, cross your legs. Also, on the solar plexus, cross your arms. Relax. "Go" mentally over her body, feel that all the muscles are at rest. Breathing should be even. After a while, mentally try to determine - what kind of hand on top of what the bottom. Also try to do in respect of the feet. If you are not able to answer that question, then you have reached the ultimate relaxation. This condition is you have to remember, this is the line beyond which there is a way out to the astral plane.
If you are unable to install the proper state - do not worry, repeat the exercise again and again. Errors. The main mistakes due to which you can not achieve complete relaxation, is not a complete relaxation of the muscles. This is mainly the neck muscles, as well as oral and facial muscles. Pay attention to this. Once you have successfully mastered the first stage, it is necessary to apply the so-called astral-meditation exercises that will help better the work in the astral plane. However, these exercises are different and the load, but more on that below.

The conversation with the master.
We no longer say that all of the exercises, work in the astral plane, etc. carried out from a horizontal position on the roll neck, arms and legs - straight.

Meadow in front of you. Around the forest, not a soul around. From clearing out a path deep into the forest. You go for it. Long or short it, you reach a path to the house. In no case did not go to the track, no matter what happens. Small house, or maybe a hut on chicken legs, or a castle, or a small and neat house - choose - it is the right of your imagination. You walk inside. Pre would be nice to knock, because the culture of behavior is not unique to humans. Will go inside and look around. Learn everything that is inside the house. But in any case, do not touch anything - you are still on the road. Call Wizard - preferably culturally. You will come to the meeting people - talk to him. He - your master, or rather you, but in a perfect condition - without the personal and social constraints, without complexes and stereotypes. Do not try to speak for him mentally - do not kid ourselves. Listen, ask questions. If you think that the conversation was over - say goodbye, thank for the call and go back the same way you came. The path, clearing, out of meditation. You can visit the wizard as often as you need it. However, he knows the answers to all the questions, but, unlike you, he is more impartial and objective in relation to many issues.

Holm memory.
fact that man does not live one life, can not speak. But moving from body to body it is, apart from its debts, called karma, and transferred the knowledge and developments of past incarnations.
This kind of workout will allow you to access the information you potentially speak:
You are standing in front of the hill, at the base. This may be a sand dune, and a stone cliff and earthen mound. It is your right - to choose. Moving upward along the slope you should find a door that leads inside. It may be at the bottom and on top. Look. Go inside. What you will see inside - yours. It may only be a vision in which you are able to control, wrapping in their past. It could be books, scrolls, clay tablets. It can be various objects. You - a master of it all. All that is inside, due to your past incarnations, these are things that the images stored on your soldering past. See, feel, learn, analyze. To bring desirable - it is your and hardly anyone or it will take. Seen enough - and to the exit.

Exit to the astral plane.
After hard training with yourself, which have been described above, it is time you go to the astral plane. Pose for the previous release.

From a lying position you "get up" but not the physical body, and the internal astral. You must see yourself as if from the outside and on behalf of the person at the same time. This simple ability to see yourself in 2 guises greatly simplify your life at work in the astral plane. You stood up. Walk around the room, look around. You are in defenses and nothing you do not threaten. The first thing you need to do is to learn to see.
astral In no flowers (or rather at first you they will not be available), all black-gray-white. If by any reason you still see the color, then talk to your teacher, so as not to confuse with the astral clairvoyance output. Begin to walk, fly, jump. In general, learning to walk, move, feel the world around you. Travel speed is high in the astral plane and there are no physical constraints in the form of walls, etc. And only the magic of protection that can be exposed by other magicians are able to resist the penetration of the premises. Do not attempt to destroy or hack such protection - they are and it almost always will cause you harm.
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