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The fourth exercise. This is an exercise in yoga is called "anulema Wilhems." We have already considered the option of the exercise in the previous method. Sit up straight in Padmasana. Or take just crossed legs. Close the right nostril with your right thumb. Slowly and quietly breathe as long as you can, until you fill your lungs with air. Close both nostrils with thumb and ring and little finger right hand, and hold your breath as much as possible. Then, continuing to close the left nostril, exhale through the right nostril so slowly and carefully as you can (as in the first exercise). Then again, how can more slowly and gently inhale through the right nostril. Holding his breath as possible, slowly exhale through the left nostril, closing the right with your right thumb. All this will be one cycle or one pranoyamu. Make four of these pranoyamy one after the other without interruption.

As in the first lesson, be especially careful and cautious during inhalation and exhalation.

To focus your mind on breathing in and out, and every time a fully exhale all the air. When you breathe in, bright and clear, imagine that you are filling your body cleansing golden energy, freshness, strength, vigor, health, goodness, holiness, chastity, love. When you hold your breath, think, and be filled with the belief that your body and mind is really full of these noble and lofty qualities. Exhale, think positively and you will surely cast out from his body and mind all the vices, weaknesses, shortcomings in the form of a dirty yellow energy.

The fifth exercise. Sit in Padmasana (in the "Lotus"). Follow the four previous exercise. Then close the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale as slowly and quietly as you can, in four seconds. Breathing should be even, so that even the finest thread, suspended near the nostrils, do not hesitate. During inhalation, exhalation of breath or do not strain your facial muscles and does not wobble. Let the eyes are closed or half open and relaxed. Breath, close your left nostril with the ring finger and little finger of the same, right hand, still holding the right nostril closed. Hold your breath for 16 seconds. Then, open the right nostril and exhale through it very slowly and quietly, so that even thin thread did not move. Exhale to 8 seconds. This process is one cycle or one pranoyamu. Follow these four pranoyamy row.

Practice this pranoyamu four times a day: morning, noon, evening and midnight. This is a basic exercise. You can combine it with the first four exercises, but only in the mornings. In the other three times only do this pranoyamu.

Time inhalation, retention and exhalation first determined at the hearing on the ticking of a clock. A month can score a second to himself.

When you inhale, imagine yourself in a golden cloud, fly into your body through the crown on top. With a single breath, imagine that you are flying through your body from the top of the spine to the coccyx. When you exhale, imagine that you are golden clouds, departing from the tailbone of your body. When you inhale again to present itself, flies into his head. You must learn to clearly imagine how you see your body from the inside and outside.

Now, how to increase the time practicing this basic exercise.

After regular classes above pranoyamoy with its elements of mental exercise for a long time and when you feel the pleasure of exercise, increase the inspiratory time to 1 second delay for 4 seconds and exhale for 2 seconds. You will get value for 5-20-10 seconds. When you master the rhythm and feel the pleasure of training, increase the time for one more second with inspiration, with a delay of 4, 2 during exhalation. The ratio of time must always remain 1-4-2. Pranoyama in which the breath, and exhale equal delay 12-48-24 sec. pranoyamy called inferior species.

People wishing to enter pupils for yogis make this pranoyamu to the "entrance exam" for an hour, sitting in Padmasana. When the time of inhalation, retention and exhalation is 24 - 96 - 48 seconds. - That's an average sort of pranoyamy. The highest kind of pranoyamy provides inspiration time delay and expiration equal 36-144-72 seconds.

The apparent benefit: using the lower species pranoyamy, by sweating and flushing energy aura, the physical body and the aura removes all impurities. When the average type pranoyamy for half an hour (24 - 96 - 48 sec.) Appears in the body trembling. It starts to jump and hang in the air a few feet above the floor. Buff becomes clear, dense and grows in volume by 3 - 5 times. When the top of the form pranoyamy for half an hour (36 -144 - 72 sec.) Reaches the people of a delicate kind of samadhi - nirvikalpa. It merges with the God within each person in the form of the One Spirit. Such a person can do everything. He is the Creator. This is the level of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Sathya Sai Baba, Rama, Krishna.

But people with poor health and a small force of will, even when it is difficult to bring up to 24 - 96 - 48 seconds. Therefore, they should still stay on the lowest form of pranoyamy: 12-48-24. Instead of increasing the time they need to increase the number of cycles. Please bring to six cycles in one stroke, and then to ten. And gradually bring up to eighty cycles at a time without a break. As a result, your health is so much better, and will get stronger so that you can attain samadhi.

But do not forget that you can achieve superhuman abilities only subject to the rules of ethics. It is - possible harm to all living things and non-violence, tolerance to the interests and beliefs of an individual, group or nation. Yoga refrain from lying, do not appropriate the work of others or property, refuse luxury, greed, hoarding things and money from the egoistic attitude to the world. Strive to treat only the most necessary. Eat raw fruits and vegetables, give up meat products, get rid of negative emotions: anger, rage, jealousy, greed. Banish bad thoughts out of your mind, be sober minded. Find satisfaction in their good deeds, not in search of fame, honors, awards, do not strive for self-glorification. Be very humble, do not fuss vain, more silent, content with what is, do not try to rule over others. Only then exercise will be successful, you will see the real world, not the one who can see your eyes today.

"The method of yoga" - the most difficult of all, but he is very "clean", so the best. It frees man from the wheel of birth and death and gives life with such supernatural powers (siddhis), which can not be easily achieved by other methods. Is engaged in the above exercises pranoyamy not required to learn the techniques of psychic protection against attacks on his various entities and black magicians in the subtle worlds. From them, it's protected their moral purity and spiritual power.
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