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Very slowly and carefully increase the deceleration and acceleration fluctuations. Move forward quickly without a teacher in this exercise is very dangerous. If after a year of daily practice you will be able on their own to slow the heart rate 30 beats per minute and accelerate it to 140 beats per minute, then consider yourself a winner.

Within six months after the end of the 30 bpm again start doing this exercise from the start. Only now are aiming to learn on their own to reduce the amplitude of the beat of the heart. While reducing the pulse amplitude should remain normal, about 60 beats per minute. Bright, imagine how your heart beats with every beat of all inconspicuous, less and less.

Pulse thus should become less noticeable. Not to hurt yourself, move forward with reasonable care. After about six months of practice you'll get visibility extinction rate.

Combining pulse stop breathing "kevala", you can bring your physical body into a state does not distinguishable from death. This state is used initiates and senior magi magic for a variety of procedures.

For practicing this exercise there is a danger of diving into a hypnotic trance or sleep with the loss of rational consciousness, which makes all their efforts in vain. The way to avoid unconscious outputs of the body is at a concentration of thought from the beginning of this experience on a single idea. Consciousness is the third chakra at the time of exit from the body of the trailer to this idea, which lies in the fifth or sixth chakra, and will hold on to it during the whole of his trance. Such an idea can become a representation of an act (fifth chakra), which the magician wants to implement. The idea may be a mental image of some characters (sixth chakra).

5. Having mastered the previous stages of the method, proceed to the next exercise. Lie on your back head to the North. Make a relaxation of the body. Then, for 20 minutes, perform breathing exercise "anulema Wilhems." After that, go to the breath smoothly "kevala." During the second part of "kevalam" give your heart to a barely noticeable beating. The heart rate should almost completely disappear. We should make sure that your condition is apparently no different from death. At the same time it is necessary for you to clear your mind fixed on one idea or a symbol. If you do not have a bright image ideas, you just lose consciousness as a medium in a trance, and then nothing will remember.

Having done all this, identify their rational consciousness with the sixth chakra. To do this, drag the yellow ball with your logical thinking in the region of the pineal gland. Concentrate on this energy ball in the center of the head as long as he does not turn blue.

After that, move the blue ball of the sixth chakra back in third. Concentrate on the ball until it turns yellow. You should feel the heat, and then the heat in the chakra, which concentrate. You must submit the inside of your body that surround you, when your mind is inside the abdomen. Then lift up the spine of consciousness ball into the sixth chakra. In this case, try to imagine their internal organs as if they were painting the landscape, drifting outside the passenger train. Stop the ball in the sixth chakra and focus your attention on it. You should feel the heat inside the head. At this point, take out the ball through the seventh chakra of the body and put it in the 20 inches from the top of the head.

6. When you are located in a blue ball, get out of the body, you will see his first crown, then head lying on the pillow. With the desire, the will climb over his body at a distance of one meter. You will see at the bottom of his body lying like a corpse. You will see all things clear and objects in your room. At first they seem to you to be deprived of colors, whitish and phosphorescent. Is gradually removed from the physical body. Fly under the ceiling.

Imagine that you have a copy of the physical body, and you're in it. Walk through the apartment in this copy. Try to pass through walls and doors. Find the silver cord that connects you with the physical body. In the early days of the projections do not go far beyond the limits of his apartment.
lower astral plane, in which you will be taken during this projection, which allows the traveler during trance to appear before the eyes of people both in its physical form and in whatever other way, as well as in an invisible body. All Metapsychic phenomena are explained in more or less full access rights to the lower astral plane. Typically, these outputs in the subtle world are unconscious, as in the case of mediumship. But thanks to the above exercise, the learner will be able to reproduce itself such "miracles" as the knowledge of the past and the future, telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, proscopia, teleportation, and many others.

Astral projection sometimes occur spontaneously in some people who are unaware that they are mediums, or a particular physiological conditions. Such are the cases of prophecy pythonesses and shamans. Creative inspiration is disguised unconscious out of the poet to the astral plane. No wonder the ancient people were given the same name poets and fortunetellers - "Baht."

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