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Now paint the necessary colors prepared outlines of shapes. Let's start with the symbol of the Earth. You already have a symbol of the Earth - a rectangle, shaded golden-yellow. Take another card from the contours or paint a rectangle golden-yellow. Then fill in the space around it purple. Do this carefully. Then take the next card with the outline and change the color scheme - purple paint a rectangle and the background - golden-yellow. In the fourth card character color purple, and leave the background white. You now have a symbol of the Earth in four different combinations. In future work for different purposes would be used different cards.

Then take the symbol of Water - Crescent. You already have a white crescent symbol on a black background. The white paper can be painted over with whitewash, that do not depend on the background paper. Take the prepared crescent outline and fill it with black, leaving a white background. Take another blank white symbol and color, leaving white background, too, but not painting over it.

The next triangle is the symbol of fire. You already have a red triangle on a white background. Take a blank paint the triangle of green and red background. On the next blank triangle make red and the background - green. And at last make a green triangle, leaving a white background.

Then take the character of Air-circle. You already have a blue circle on a white background. Take a blank range, and color blue, and orange background. On the next card color orange circle and leave the white background. This ends the training to work with the element symbol.


The eighth method of astral projection is not recommended to completely all experienced travelers who do not have a lot of practice outputs in subtle worlds and people with heart disease. But to practice the first three steps of the method I recommend any sensible person to improve their health and development of psychic powers. At 4, 5, and the second exercise of this technology there is a risk of cardiac arrest in willful non-return of the traveler in mind body or occupier of the physical body by another entity.

The method consists of the following six steps:

1. Relaxation
2. Breath "anulema Wilhems"
3. Breath "kevala"
4. Slow pulse, heart failure
5. Transference of consciousness from the third to the sixth chakra
6. The output of the consciousness from the body

Each stage is gradually master the one after the other in the sequence listed.
1. Make a complete relaxation of muscles. Body relaxation technique described in detail in the "third method". Read it carefully again, "relaxation exercise" and exercise. During execution of exercises lie on his bed on his back and head to the North.

2. The next exercise that you will be good to practice, called "anulema Wilhems." A version of this exercise is used more in the ninth and the method of astral projection. It is also included in the daily morning exercises to promote health and energy gain. Therefore, please read carefully the technique exercises. If your nostrils in the morning will be packed with mucus or bad breath, then I suggest that you wash the nose every day with warm salt water or your urine. To clean the nose in a glass of water, we plant one teaspoon of table salt. Before holding a full glass in one nostril and the other pinching finger. Inhale through the nose into the water and spit out her mouth. Then change the nostril and inhale again and spit out the salt water. First, this procedure you feel uncomfortable, but after three months you privykniete to vote visual benefit nasal lavage. Greater effect is achieved by washing the nose for its fresh urine.

Now I will describe the very exercise. Lying on the bed, bring your right hand to the face and uprites index and middle fingers between the eyebrows. Then close the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale as slowly and quietly as you can, in four seconds. Breathing should be even, so that even the finest thread, suspended near the nostrils do not hesitate. During inhalation, exhalation of breath or do not strain your facial muscles. Let the eyes are closed or half open and relaxed.

Breath, close your left nostril with the ring finger and little finger of the same, right hand, still holding the right nostril closed. Hold your breath for 16 seconds. Then, open the right nostril and exhale through it very slowly and quietly, so that even thin thread did not move.

Exhale to 8 seconds. This process is one cycle or one pranoyamu. Follow these four pranoyamy row. Then, add one second to inhale, four seconds to delay and two seconds to expiration. You will get the rhythm of breathing 5 sec - 20 sec - 10 sec. Make four pranoyamy and add one more second to inhale. Value inspiratory and expiratory delay must always be 1-4-2. Train every day and as the development of rhythm, add one second to the inspiratory time, until you get a ratio of 12 seconds - inhale, 48 seconds - a delay of 24 seconds - exhale.

When you master this yogic breathing to the rhythm of 12-48 - 24 seconds, begin to master meditation.

When you inhale you need a clear idea of ​​bright yellow flow of prana, in a non-penetrating nostril. At the root of the nose cosmic energy is absorbed by the sixth chakra. Next, the Yellow River flows through the spine of prana in the third chakra, simultaneously imbuing the fifth and fourth chakra. What you imagine is really going on, clairvoyants see these bright yellow prana flows in breathing "anulema Wilhems." Breath-hold, imagine that from this prana a yellow ball, the center of which is located two fingers above the navel. With each breath, prana-cal ball getting bigger, heavier and hotter. On the exhale, a clear idea of ​​how the solar sphere spreads out in all directions, the life-giving energy, feeding every cell of the body. Imagine how leaving the body, prana becomes dirty-yellow. At the end of the exhalation right to the body carries out all the dirt that has accumulated toxins and selfish thoughts.

Exercise should be done every day 20 minutes.

3. The following breathing exercise that you need to master this technique, called "kevala."

Smoothly change the rhythm of the breath from 12 - 48 - 24 seconds to 12 - 0 -12 sec. That is inhale and exhale for 12 seconds without delay breathing on inspiration. Breathe in both nostrils. Gradually reduces the time of inhalation and exhalation. Breathe deep, superficial. Try to smooth the transition from inspiration to expiration and vice versa.

Reduce the time of inhalation and exhalation to 4 seconds, then to 2, to 1 second. Then bring one time breaths to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 second. You have to lie as if not breathing. That is the volume of air inhaled and exhaled should be so microscopically small that any movement of the chest, he did not call. The main tendency in the "kevalam" is to eliminate the boundaries between inhalation and exhalation. But first, she did get a break with the air in the lungs. This first part of the "kevalam."

When the breath is involved, it suddenly goes into the second part, in which the break occurs without air in the lungs.

If the first part "kevalam" practiced it seems that his lungs constantly filled the air, in the second part, he feels that the air from the lungs went out and stopped at every breath.

Unlearn "kevalam" every day for 20 minutes. When your breath becomes so subtle that it appears - it not at all, look at the clock and will lie in a stationary 10 minutes. This is an indication that you are ready to explore the next exercise.

"Kevala" greatly enhances a person's ability to concentrate and meditate. The most important feature of this breath is an automatic achievement Pratyahara - complete shutdown of all the senses.

When breathing "kevala" beat rate of the heart, pulsation of the blood and body temperature are under the complete control of the will of Exercise. Correct breathing this way, the heart can be stopped at will, and body temperature dropped to plus four degrees Celsius in a healthy way. But this is not necessary.

4. Now, on to the exercises to slow the heart rate and cardiac arrest. Lie down on your bed and head to the North face up. Close your eyes and relax. Inhale and hold your breath for a short while. In this case, fix your attention on the heart and its pulsations. Try to force yourself to perceive the impulses of the heart muscle, which is then compressed, then weakened. After a while you catch these feelings that are usually unconscious. Feelings will be unpleasant and disturbing, so your heart rate of participation. Because of pain you will experience a sense of causeless alarm. However, if you concentrate on the muscular contractions of the heart and on for a month, then you will take the beating of the heart quite naturally. Painful sensations cease and unreasoning anxiety and leave you.

When you reach it, then imagine yourself heart beating as happening one after the other, but slower. Imagine that the time between the pulsations increases slowly. Bright picture the his heart, which slows down the heartbeat. After the first hesitant and failed attempts you will see that the heart rate was really slow. However, do not try to move too far when it comes success. The next day, after a successful attempt to slow the heart beat, do the same thing, but just trying to speed up the pulse. Keep practicing so alternately, one day - slower pulsations, another day - the acceleration of heartbeat.
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