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Methods for Output in the Astral. Explanation of the practice - 2

"The method of the Symbol" is also called Tattvicheskim by astral projection. Output in the subtle planes of consciousness is through symbols Tattwas and through them. Thus, as in the previous methods, the difference between the projection and clairvoyance disappears and both of virtually becoming one. This is due to the fact that all things that exist in the physical world, first built our souls on the inner planes, and only then projected from the astral and etheric planes in three-dimensional space. We fallen souls can not operate successfully in the world, while using their imaginations do not start to change the inner world for the better. Remember this fundamental truth.

Practical guidelines are divided into three parts. The first part explains how to color cards with symbols Tattvas. The second part is devoted to the reasons why this or that card is selected as part of the character, and why is this character objects "inner reality." The third part consists of recommendations for the practical application of character. It also explains how to disseminate the knowledge gained to other areas.


In this method you will be using to astral projection and clairvoyance with a series of characters, called Tattva. Externally, these symbols represent the drawing, which must be manufactured first and paint on a pure white cardboard cards. Later, when you learn how to do it, then produce them on parchment, and keep wrapped in silk.

The characters look like this:

1. Akasha-Ether is shaped like an egg, black or indigo. This form is called the Vesica Pistsis, which usually is the color indigo. At first, the work you will not use the symbol of Akasha. Now just fabricate character and set aside. Its application requires a higher knowledge.

2. Vayu-Air. It is a circle, the colors of the mean between blue and blue.
3. Tejas-Fire. Triangle, the color red.
4. Apas-Water. The crescent-and-white.
5. Prithvi-earth. Yellow rectangle.

These characters must be made ​​on the cards of 10 x 12.5 cm
The first character you make and will begin to apply - a symbol of the Earth. This rectangle painted in golden yellow color. Its so easy to make: take the card 10 x 12.5 cm and a ruler of the corners of card draw two intersecting at the center of the diagonal. Then, from their point of intersection, measure with a ruler on each line by 3.5 cm, and mark these places points. Connect these points of one line and get a rectangle. First, you will have some deviation in the corners. Train as long as the line will not be perfectly straight, and the figure in the drawing - flawless.

Now take a pen with black ink or paste, and draw a shape on a path. Allow the paste to dry. Erase any pencil lines eraser. Then take the gold-colored watercolor paint and carefully paint the box, bringing the brush up to the contour of the figure. Allow the paint to dry.

The next symbol fabricate Air-circle. Spend on the card are the same line from corner to corner. Set the compass at the point of intersection and spend a circle. Sizes range are left to your discretion. Then trace the outline of the circle black pen and erase the pencil lines. Then paint the circle of blue paint.

For the crescent and the triangle will need to other lines. There are many ways to construct an equilateral triangle and crescent. I suggest you to build these pieces to fit them into a circle and use a compass. If you are skilled in geometry, you can draw anything you like.

One condition, you have to make these figures themselves. Otherwise, they will not work.

Body sizes are left to your discretion.

Circle triangle black pen and fill it with red watercolor.
Crescent also circle, and when the paste dries, paint card field around the figure of the black paint. The crescent should stay white.

So, you have drawn four main characters in their original colors. The symbol of Akasha you're not going to use. Now we need to make every character in four different ways, for a total of 16 cards. Make three copies of the rectangle, circle, triangle and crescent. Trace the contours of their ink. If you spray painted the figures you will need to use a combination of complementary colors from the following table:

White - is additional to the Black or Gray.
red - green.
Blue - -

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