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The next series of exercises aimed at improving visualization and speed magneto-electric field of the aura. Exercises are performed in a quiet home. It is important for you to be alone in the room, so no one will interfere.

1. Stand up straight, close your eyes. Imagine tetra-Edon, consisting of four equilateral triangles, each side of which is equal to your height. The top tetraedona is over the top of your head at arm's length. Its base - at the level of your knees. This figure is called "Male tetraedon." The angle of the bottom of this tetraedona men in front and women in the back. That is, men see the front edge, and women-plane equilateral triangle. Now slowly inhale, fill the lungs with air to the ground. Inhale for 10 seconds. During inhalation, imagine that tetraedon begins to rotate around the axis of your spine right to the left, counterclockwise. Imagine that a rotating body is filled with sparkling white light. In order to better understand your rotation tetraedona before this exercise useful 10-scrolls once on its axis and an abrupt stop.

2. Stand up straight, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. During inhalation, hold hands, palms up. Thumb and index finger somknite ring. These fingers closed energy channels of the lungs and head. The other fingers extended. After ten seconds, filling the lower, middle and upper lungs exhale air starts flowing. Within 10 seconds, exhale, imagine yourself tetraedon female. It is addressed to the top of the ground, its peak is located half a meter below your feet. Base female tetraedona located at the solar plexus. Men should represent the base angle, facing backward. The women - angle tetraedona ahead. Imagine this tetraedon starts to rotate from left to right as you exhale. However, he is filled with sparkling white light.

3. Hold your breath for 5 seconds after the expiration. Aim the tip of the nose to the pupils. Then take a look sharply sloping eyes on the forehead and then move the view of the chin. The faster translate look, the better. At the same time, imagine a white light from a woman's tetraedona exits through the top of it into the ground.

4. By learning to provide a bright simultaneous rotation in two different directions tetraedonov, proceed to the second breaths.

Here on the inspiration you do other wise: bend big and middle finger and looped them on both hands. Straighten the fingers, hands, palms up keep. 10 seconds - inhale, 10 seconds - exhale with visualization merkaba. Then 5 seconds, holding the breath, during which you present the emerging light of women's tetraedona.

5. During the third breath doing the same thing, only using a different hand gestures: thumb looped with the ring.

Fourth breath begins with the wise, where touching the thumb and little finger. Everything else is different from the first exercise.

Fifth breath repeats the first exercise, even the wise are the same.
Sixth breath like a second: Mudra with looped middle finger and thumb. Everything else is repeated.

6. The following exercises are done on the floor. You have to take in the "Lotus" or "half lotus", or just cross your legs "in Turkish." Visualize a tube extending through your spine. It stands on two feet above your head. As she leaves the ground five feet below your feet. The tube diameter of about b centimeters. When all of the following exercises, use one hand gestures: thumb and forefinger circled as at the first breath.

7. Seventh breath begins immediately after the expiration of the sixth. More of breath do not. Breathe in the prana within 10 seconds. During inhalation, imagine how the tube flows down a brilliant white light. The same white light flowing through the tube upward. Simultaneously visualize two rotating tetraedona. Light flows occur in the tube at the level of the third chakra. At the site of a collision between two streams of light begins to form a sphere the size of an apple. The ball is growing all the time, and it happens on inspiration. When you exhale counter flows of prana penetrate each other in the third chakra and out of both ends of the tube. Ball during exhalation continues to expand. At the end of exhalation, which lasted more than 10 seconds, the sphere is 30 centimeters in diameter.

8. Eighth breath begins immediately after the expiration. All repeats. The ball continues to grow and reaches the size of a soccer ball. The following breaths do the same seventh. On the ninth inspiration ball is nowhere to grow, so it condenses and becomes brighter. Imagine a sphere flares brighter and brighter as you exhale and inhale on. On the tenth breath ball becomes very dense, about to explode. In the middle of inspiration scope gaining so much light that explodes and erupts as the sun. During exhalation, to lay down his lips and with force to release air from the lungs through that little hole. Then let the breath out will end whistle. After that ignited the sun will come out and surround you. You'll be inside this bright white sun.

9. The next three breaths use to stabilize the sphere of white sun around you.

We do everything the same way as during the seventh, eighth and ninth inspiration. Visualize the flow of prana, the current through the tube towards each other. They meet in the third chakra and turn into a sphere around your body with a diameter equal to the length of your body - plus two feet above his head. Scope of prana is stable and centered on the physical world, as the third chakra is responsible for three-dimensional worlds.

To get into the fourth dimension, you need to move the center of the Sun in the fourth chakra, heart.

10. At the beginning of the next inspiration to mentally transfer the venue of the two streams of prana in the fourth chakra. Reduced area still contained inside the body rises with higher levels in heart.

Along with it goes above and a large sphere surrounding your body with white glow. Having the meeting point of two moving flow of prana, you change the wiser. Men put their right hand on his leg, and his left hand on the right. Women put their right hand on the left. Thumbs up for this so they just touch each other. This hand position is maintained until the end of the cycle exercise. At this time, you should feel good thoughts about universal love and harmony of all things. The fact is that in this state you are in the astral world. And in it any thought instantly materialize. It is very important for all breaths clearly visualize rotating tetraedony: male - on the breath, female - on the exhale. After long-term practice of speed-tete raedonov increases so that the merkaba crystallized.

11. To get to the fifth dimension, it is necessary to raise the center of the sun in the throat chakra. At the beginning of the 15th inhalation move the meeting point of two streams of prana from the breastbone to the throat. A small fire inside the area of ​​your body will move up quickly. In this case, you will experience a sense of pleasure. Rise and a large ball of light surrounding you. The world will change beyond recognition. You will see the vague outlines of volume bodies, rivers colored energies swirling geometric shapes and symbols that are lit from within.

12. 16 th and 17 th breath occur similarly. First, raise the inner ball of fire in the center of the head. Together with him and moves the outer sphere. In this case, you will experience a trance, happiness will increase. All the shapes and the flow of energy around you disappear. You will only see the glowing dots.

At the time of the 17th breath, when you lift the ball inside the crown, and these points will disappear. All merge into one white light.

13. 18th breath and climb up the inner ball over his head, to the height of an arm can be practiced only advanced students. After several years of daily activity you will feel yourself that you can raise the scope and higher. There, behind the karmic plan extends the area of ​​the divine worlds, energy and Nirvana.

14. To return to the physical world, it is necessary to lower the scope of the third chakra. Follow all the same, only in reverse. People on Earth manifesting your body will seem a flying saucer, or a fireball with a gold hoop in the middle.

In the method of "Merkaba" is not necessary to transfer feelings created by your imagination ethereal realm. Consciousness there will be present initially. In the subtle worlds you can act the same way as its sphere, as well as the "Body of Light" in the previous method.
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