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In the days of Atlantis people traveled in subtle worlds through their Merkaba. Knowledge about the development of human MerKaBa given to Melchizedek schools.

Melchizedek - it's great initiates, priests, mages who are able to travel across all dimensions. In the priestly Melchizedek schools were given secret knowledge about the technique of creation of worlds using rotating magnetic fields of electric man. All people, except golems have stress fields of physical, emotional and mental body. The physical field is essential cocoon, the boundary of which extends beyond a healthy body weight by 10 -15 centimeters. Astral and mental fields are in the form tetraedonov, interpenetrating each other. The astral body is feminine, its magnetic nature revolves around a man left to right. The mental body is determined by the masculine. This tetraedon is electrical in nature, and rotates to the left.

The physical body is essential egg, consisting of 760,000 channels and meridians. This does not spin a cocoon. It serves as a stator motor, wherein the two rotors rotate in opposite directions. At the intersection of the fields of tension formed a special subtle energy that can be used for any creativity. The speed of rotation depends tetraedonov force energy. At a certain critical speed of rotation of the rotors, the crystal is formed around a man called Merkaba. This machine is space-time while reducing the speed tetraedonov seen with physical eyes as saucer UFO. Most of today's earthlings merkaba missing, astral and mental fields do not rotate either in life or after physical death. And in the time of the Toltec Atlanteans used these magical crystals for the intersection of space, time and ignorance. And now the Toltecs sometimes arrive from Atlantis in our world, to remind future generations of their sodden unpredictable past. By learning to activate your merkaba, anyone can travel to the ends of the various universes of the speed of thought, as well as create their own worlds.

The method of access to the astral plane by merkaba is not fundamentally different from the method of "Body of Light." First, you create a mantra that introduces you to the trance state and subliminal. If the previous method, this mantra was Kabbalichesky Ruby cross and exercise, then you can use the sound of AUM (A-O-U-M). Then, using visualization and breathing exercises created itself merkaba. And the third step in the merkaba transferred your consciousness. Moreover, consciousness is transferred automatically to the merkaba. In yoga, this transfer is called "The rise of the Kundalini." This method is much shorter and more effective than the previous one. But it has one feature-for success, you must have a clean and healthy body. Well, since we are all sick and mentally defective (otherwise we would have been born in the physical world, which is essentially a penal colony), our training method merkaba we start with the health and cleansing exercises.

1. Select a place in the nature: in the park, in the woods, on the banks of the river or anywhere else where there is clean air, where they could walk around and do a little jogging. Go with a path or track about 400 meters long.

2. Walk slowly along the intended path of 400 meters, chanting the mantra AUM (A-O-U-M). Present at the same time that you inhale Cosmic Love to you and breathe out his personal love for all beings in the world.

3. Walk down in small steps, setting up the whole foot on the ground, as it were, especially splashing. Need to breathe only through the nose. In a single step makes one breath, trying to fill the air as much as possible the lower abdomen. Need to breathe very rapidly, hitting an air jet to the root of the nose. As you inhale, imagine a white pillar of light as thick as a hand comes from the cosmos into your head. As you exhale, imagine the Earth as the center of the beam is red-thin arm and into the lower part of the spine. These two beams meet in the first chakra, that is, at the level of the coccyx. When they are formed by the collision of a small red ball. Two beams that flow around the ball from different angles and make it rotate. Sparks fly from the ball, as from the grindstone when it's sharpened two knives. On the left, there where the cosmic ray - yellow sparks. Right - red sparks fly. White light washes out the first chakra of Yang energy, dirty and goes into the ground, with dirty yellow color. Red beam washes first chakra yin energy. He also contaminated and goes through the top into space, with a dirty pink color. Gradually the balloon grows and compacted. He is getting hot.

For every four steps (inhale - exhale), you must submit a new white and a new red beam. Go through all the way to the end of the track.

4. The following 400 steps breathe the same way (this breathing method called "Breath of happiness"), sharply inhaling and exhaling slowly. Introducing the same two beams, white and red, reaching above and below. Only those rays are no longer the first and second chakra, located on one palm above. At a meeting of the two beams formed a ball of orange. It grows with every breath and getting hotter.

5. The following 400 steps similar to working with the third chakra. It is located between the navel and solar plexus.

We do the same thing, only represent a yellow ball.

6. The fourth chakra is located at the heart level. This formed a green ball. We do the same: to present the two beams, white and red. At the meeting, they spin the green ball in a clockwise direction. Do not forget to slap your feet on the ground. It is necessary to shake the total body washing lymph. If our blood through the body is overtaken heart, the lymph is distilled only shake the body and muscle contraction. Lymph leads to many diseases (Did lymph distilled at turning the body upside down. Therefore, all the inverted yoga postures are healthy for the body). Steps must be small, like "running in place."

7. The fifth chakra is located at the base of the throat. The ball is formed blue, do the same.
8. The sixth chakra is located in the middle of the head. The ball is blue, with each step it grows as long as it takes the whole volume of the head. Then it starts to thicken. We do the same thing.

9. The seventh chakra is located at the crown. There is growing purple ball. Doing the same job. With each step, the ball grows until it grows to the size of the boundaries of your aura.

After passing the last 400 meters, you need to spread a mat on the grass and lay down on his back. Then you need to take a deep breath and a very deep breath. After this, hold your breath, chest and chin to get draw in the inflated stomach as there is strength. Concentrate while on the space between the eyes. Count off 60 heartbeats and exhale. Lie quietly for a while and go on her way home.

Perhaps in the first few minutes while holding your breath you will be unconscious outputs to the astral plane. As the purification of the physical and subtle bodies, you will start to keep the memory of their projections.

With each class increases the amount of balls. About a month later, each of them should grow to the limits of their auric cocoon. Over time, you can replace walking on an easy run, which will give an even greater effect of purification. But do not overdo it with running, tired is not recommended.

After six months you will see a blue ball between the eyes. It will expand to show you pictures of fine and coarse worlds. Doing this exercise regularly, you will find clairvoyance. But this is not the main objective. The main thing you clean your physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies and get ready for the rise of the Kundalini in the next series of exercises. In addition, you activate the magneto merkaba field. Essential field will grow to the right size, pick up the necessary energy and compacted. Astral and mental auric field themselves begin to turn towards each other.
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