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Methods for Output in the Astral. Explanations of practice
Methods out of the book YM Ivanov "Library yoga and psychic"

To develop the ability to consciously release the astral body should have a strong will and ability to concentrate. Predisposed to the development of this ability are people flying in a dream. If this ability is expressed to a small extent, people just sort of hanging in the air, it picks up some strength. To take off, hover and descent, he does not waste any physical effort. If this ability is expressed more clearly if, for each take-off he has to spend a physical force (in the dream there is the physical effort, the effort of the whole body, which is quite difficult to describe), then the flight is divided into two main phases:
1) a strong push down, take-off, reduction,
2) above the ground - an unaccountable force all over, which makes it possible to continue the flight.
People are not flying in a dream, before proceeding to the main exercise to allocate the astral body, you need a few weeks to carry out preparatory exercises to develop a sensation of falling and mental walks. During the day set aside for these exercises 5-6 minutes. Call at the feeling that you fall into the abyss, remember, and learn to call it as you wish. In the next exercise you need to lie down on the couch, relax, close your eyes and plug your ears - imagine that you got up from the couch and walk around the room. In this case, as can be clearly try to see the details of the room and his physical body lying. Then - instead of room for walking select a familiar house or street.
After training in the preparatory exercises, you can go directly to the allocation of the astral body. It is necessary to lay down, relax, close your eyes and plug your ears, focusing on his "I" and forgetting about the body. Wanting to highlight the astral body, instantly tense all the muscles of your body and Keep them in this state for 3-4 seconds, then relax completely, causing a sensation at this moment fall into the abyss. After separation of the astral body, you should see your physical body lying. The next day, you can walk to the astral body within the apartment, and perform any action in the next room and remember these actions, then to test them (for example, move from one place to the other small items, turn the page of the book). In subsequent astral body secretions make a mental walk into the house of one of your friends. Touch it, zaastavte him feel your presence. See and hear that this is being done in his apartment, and then verify the authenticity of this.
Lucid release of their information and energy you can make in his sleep. Determine in advance the date when this will happen. Let's say you've determined that a month will the selection of your astral body. Psychological adjustment for you every day at the same time commit many hours and days left until this point. As a result of the allocation of psychological adjustment astral body will - and that in due time. To facilitate this process, the day prior to the night, during which the allocation to happen astral body, you need a certain psychological background, your will is holding back an irritated state of mind. To create such a mental background is necessary:
​​1) in the morning to keep yourself in the half-starved condition,
2) barely opened his eyes in the morning to look around that can put you out of balance, and in such a way that in the evening you longed beat someone, break something, and so on. At the same time, you'll need to keep your mind, will, in check, your mind must remain cold, will - inflexible, you do not do anything that would tarnish your reputation as a good, seasoned, intelligent man.
evening determine the route: specific place where you want to visit, or the body of a man. Mentally prepare yourself for the vision of the physical body. You can see your physical body as it actually is in reality, and not the way you see it in the mirror. The sight of the body is not only unpleasant, but also disgusting. During the separation try not to dwell on the vision of the physical body, because of pity for him (although bordering on contempt) you want to merge with it immediately.
Barely awake, to fix all his own - observation. For this it is necessary to lie down a few minutes with your eyes closed (during this time do not look out the window and onto the bright lights), reinforcing the picture in his mind what he saw and experienced.
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