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Astral Vision
Methods astral visions has a sound theoretical basis, although this theory someone may seem unscientific. Her supporters (mainly theosophists and occultists) argue that beyond the material world, there is a kind of "astral plane", "ether" or "Akasha", which contains subtle projection of all earthly bodies ("essential" or "astral" body). In this world there is no time and space, moving it requires special skills, but those who possess these skills will be able to easily obtain any information about everything that happens in the physical world - past, present or future.
unknown how this theory is true. but practices committed by its base, usually give good results. In particular, already mentioned Edgar Cayce unconditionally believe in the existence of the astral plane and successfully used it in their work. Similarly, there were many well-known mystics of India and Tibet, including celebrities such as Ramakrishna and Sri Aurobindo. All the techniques are "climbing the plans" are of Indian origin, but in our case they can hardly use the "pure". European consciousness is more pragmatic and skeptical, while all the Indian leadership are designed for simple-minded people and unconditionally faithful to the "astral" theory. Therefore, the leading European mystics adapted the guide to be used in their cultural environment. One of the most distinct adaptation belongs to a prominent and visionary magician Aleister Crowley. It makes sense to quote it in full, because from the point of view of the practice is "not subtract or add."

1. Let the student will take one of the required item (in this case, except for specific Crowley asanas are permitted and yoga asanas, and a simple posture while sitting in a chair, hands on knees), except they wash and dressed appropriately (the requirements are the same as in the technique of gaze referred to earlier). Let's workplace will be free from all the excess and let him make all the preliminary cleansing, expulsions and appeals, and finally light the incense.

2. The way he imagines his own figure (in the appropriate magic with proper attire and magical weapons) invests his whole body, or standing right in front of him close enough.

3. Now suppose that it will transfer his consciousness into this imaginary figure, so that it seemed to him that he could see her eyes and hear her ears. This element is usually very difficult operation to perform.

4. Now let him make that imaginary figure to rise into the air, high enough above the ground.

5. Here, let stop and look around (it is sometimes hard to open your eyes).

6. Most likely he will see figures approaching him, or realize that they are in a kind of landscape. Let him speak to these figures and pressing for their response, using the appropriate pentagrams and sigils (magical symbols).

7. If it desires, it can move in the space direction using shape data, or without their manuals.

8. Next, let him apply the special spells to him were the places he wants to visit.

9. But let him be cautious and carefully check how true those with whom he says, because it offers thousands of insidious attacks and sophistication lies. In particular, the often hostile creatures in robes of glory, but the corresponding pentagram makes them cringe or crumble.

10. Practice will make the student extremely careful in these matters.

11. Return to the body can usually be fairly easy, but sometimes there can be some difficulties. The key to solving them, again, a practice that makes our imagination more fruitful. For example, a student can create in your mind a fiery chariot drawn by white horses, and charioteer order to enter inside. It is dangerous to go too far and stay too long, because fatigue is not allowed. It can lead to weakness, obsession, loss of memory or other mental abilities.

12. And finally, let the student cause his imagined body in which he seems to have traveled to coincide with the physical body, and let it strain the muscles will pull in air and will make your index finger to his lips. He will then, using a well-defined act of will, to "wake up" and then - seriously and accurately describe what happened to him.

It should be added that this experiment, for all its apparent complexity, implemented quite easily. Nevertheless, the first "trip" to perform better in the presence of a man well versed in these matters. Two or three experiments is usually sufficient to student accustomed to this exercise, and even gained some experience.
Questions about magical weapons, spells, signs and rituals are considered in the extensive literature on magic and the occult (in particular, in the works of the same Crowley) . They are all highly individual and their application depends on the time of year, phases of the moon and the overall goal of the ritual. Astral travel is not as safe as it might seem at first glance, so the novice clairvoyant (to avoid problems) need to enlist the help of a more experienced friend, who has conducted similar experiments.

Astral travel is often preceded by a session of hypnosis or self-hypnosis. The fact is that we are in a hypnotic sleep much easier to "go out into the astral plane" and at the same time we can tell the audience about everything that we see out there. There is no need to describe the numerous techniques of hypnosis: they are complex and require long-term specialized training. Moreover, hypnotized mediums - not too reliable assistants in the difficult task of clairvoyance. Often, they see what he wants to see a hypnotist, so authentic visions are replaced by imaginary paintings, which also appeared in them under the influence of hypnosis.
quite another matter - self-hypnosis. He can and must serve as a tool in astral travel. There are examples of spacewalks, thanks to an ancient Indian method of self-hypnosis: you need to fix the gaze on the tip of your nose and repeat the mantra "Om mani padme hum" as long as there will be "out in the astral plane." Here are just willing to make such an experiment should be forewarned about the opportunity to experience a very uncomfortable feeling, as described by one of the experimenters, "Coldness and infinity has been so clearly and creepy that I did not dare to repeat the experience."
can take his eyes and nose, but in this case, an ordinary dream may come much sooner than come vision. Carlos Castaneda encourages pupils to rotate or turn your eyes, in the ancient Indian guides recommended to look at the shiny ball suspended on a string. You can achieve self-hypnosis and use a regular autogenous training: this state is somewhat different from the hypnotic sleep, but also very beneficial for astral travel. 
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