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Today, we are leveraging technology call sleep therapist to create an image of personal dream-healer who can help you strengthen the immune capacity of the organism.

Waking up in the morning, listen to how you feel right after waking up. Whether you are full of energy, are you ready to jump into the shower and cheerfully go to work? Or feel like a deer, which is rapidly losing strength because he was shot with a tranquilizer ampoule? Do you need to drink a liter of strong coffee to get over it and start doing something? Or morning sun and a glass of chilled juice you enough for the courage and clear mind?

Pay attention to how you treat your body during the day. Perhaps you deliberately avoid even the slightest physical effort and stuffing the stomach-calorie food. Do you smoke? Or sit on a macrobiotic diet, the evening did not get out of the gym, doing aerobics or pumping a muscle? In short, how do you feel about your body? As this ratio is reflected in your food, clothing and general level of physical activity?

As in the last exercise, find a quiet place where you can relax for half an hour during the day, and reflect on the current state of your health. Is there a chronic health problem that has long been bothering you? Maybe something has started to worry you most recently? Do you consider yourself as a whole relatively healthy or ill person? Let the thought of your physical health free to come and go, do not follow them too closely analyzed.

Now imagine how nice it would be to have a personal healer who ever would monitor your physical health and helps to maintain a normal body. How could such a healer look like? In the guise of a shaman with all the regalia? Or how old surgeon in a white lab coat with a stethoscope? Imagine you're sitting next to an imaginary healer and tell him the story of your health from childhood. Continue this part of the exercise for at least half an hour, then have the other things.

The next part of the exercise start about an hour before bedtime. Select the object that symbolizes one of the most important problems associated with the current state of your physical health. For example, place it in a loaf, symbolizing your concern about over-eating (just do not need to compound the problem by starting to eat it!), Or an old boot or shoe, symbolizing the problems associated with the feet. Put the subject of the bed and quietly ponder upon its symbolic value. To create the right atmosphere you can quietly turn right music.

If you feel that you are ready, go to bed and write down on a piece of paper the most exciting you problem related to health, such as "How can I lose 20 pounds?" or "What can I do with my allergies?"

Then the lights went out, and use relaxation techniques awake for immersion in the dream of high clarity. As soon as you enter a state of wakeful relaxation, mentally call the image of the previously selected item and remember the phrase you just recorded. The general line of thought should be directed to the state of your body.

Caught in a dream of high clarity, focus on finding a dream healer about the way you searched for on the eve of sleep therapist. When you do finally manage to ask his advice about the most exciting you problems.

Remember that sleep-healer is a symbolic bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. He, she or it is, therefore, will help you to connect with your deep "I" and ask his advice on the steps you should take to improve your physical condition.

If this exercise godilos only for this dream healer would have been only a very specialized version of the sleep therapist. In fact, the real potential of exercise with sleep-healer begins where technology ends the call sleep therapist.

In order to experience the greatest benefit that can bring the dream healer, you can ask him to hold a symbolic treatment of any concern to you problems. The healer can get their hands on any part of your body and supply it with "healing energy." Or can offer you a drug or medical procedure, for example, will take you on a sea beach where you can soak in the healing rays of the afternoon sun.

In an extended version of this exercise, you are free to act as his own healer, directly producing therapeutic scenario dreams. Indeed, the increasing number of scientific evidence increasingly indicates that this creative visualization has a powerful influence on the immune system, helping you to mobilize domestic defenses and increasing its physiological response to the disease. Most clearly this concept has been demonstrated in the oncologist Paul Simonton and his wife, Stephanie, a therapist. The use of mental imagery in conjunction with conventional treatments can influence the basic level of health: the number of patients who recovered Simonton in Counseling and Research Center in Dallas cancer was twice as high as the national average.

In order to mobilize the body's defenses in this way, find a fitting symbol for the beginning of your illness or disease, and place it next to the bed. For example, if you suffer from migraines can picture her symptoms in the form of the curve, overgrown weeds. You can try to find a suitable weed in the near field or in the park. Before you go to sleep high clarity write: "Now I'm in a dream overpower my headaches," and then focus on this idea when we will get on and hold the state of wakeful relaxation. Once in the dream of high clarity, find this weed and destroy it in any way - say, sprinkled a chemical blowing up dynamite or hacked to pieces with an ax.

Alternatively, you can simply use this method to bring down on your immune system disease. For example, imagine a protective cells of the body in the form of tiny seeds. In the dream, high clarity, you can then come up with an environment in which these seeds will grow lush, healthy plants.

In any case, will you create an image of the sleep-healer or simply flee to the appropriately to improve their health, we caution that the impact of sleep-healer must go beyond common sense. Such exercises can in no way replace conventional medical or psychotherapeutic treatments. Healing in a dream, but a positive attitude will help you on this treatment, thereby providing an additional line of defense against mental illness.

Do not worry if you do not meet your dream healer in the first time become done this exercise. Any of the dreams that you will see for sure will provide you the necessary tips and tricks learned from your subconscious mind, and help you get closer to physical health.
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