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Tibetan method of exit in the Astral. Method of Tibetan monks - 2
DAY SIX: Swaps the
That night we start to exchange places with the characters of your dreams in the hope of getting direct hints on the meaning of their presence in your dreams high clarity.

As before, start with entering into a state of wakeful relaxation and sleep later in high clarity. Once in a lucid dream, pay special attention to the characters around you. If it happens that in the beginning of the dream you were alone, go for a walk, sail or fly somewhere, until you find yourself in the company of other living creatures. Whoever they were, no doubt, that their presence is a function of the creative process of your subconscious mind. How long the researchers dreams, any character that appeared in your dreams - even those with whom you meet every day - expresses some aspect of your inner "self." Simply put, it is in s playing the role of each of the characters in your dreams. Therefore, in your power to deliberately change the prospects of any of them.

For today's exercise, select one of the interesting characters for you to sleep and try to imagine how all of what you have seen and experienced in a dream, it may look like from the point of view of the character. Imagine that you are actually swapped places with him and now look at it through the eyes of a character whose role you are playing in a dream that a high clarity. What will your new "I" your old "I" about the script, which you just experimenting? How to change your feelings to yourself and all sleep when you apprehend the point of view of another character?

Keep practicing until you can not get at least one role change during the sleep of high clarity. then you can work out or a conscious change of perspective and acceptance of roles of other characters sleep, or complete the entire dream in the role of another character. You can also decide to return to their own "self", taking with him all the information acquired in the course of treatment roles.

If in the middle of an exercise, you will feel back to normal consciousness, mentally at least one complete change of roles.

Do not forget to write down all the dreams in which you switched roles, with special attention to the information that may have been able to purchase, exchanging roles with different characters of your dreams.

DAY SEVEN: YOUR personal therapist

Today you will get a dream access to hidden reserves of energy, wisdom and life experience.

Some of us are paying therapists thousands of dollars a year just in order to clear his thoughts, placing it in the proper way, in the most deeply hidden areas of our consciousness we already know. On the seventh day you learn while in a lucid dream, to call to his aid wisdom therapist. Having raised this personal guide through the world of dreams, you will have access to the information hidden in the remotest corners of your subconscious.

In preparation for this exercise, spend the day thinking about their relationship with the world. how do you communicate with other people? Does surrounding your mood? How do you react to different types of weather, traffic, music, talk and noise? What do you think about your life and about yourself? Are able to clearly distinguish between the ebb and flow of mood throughout the day?

Carve out some time during the day, find a quiet place where you can sit and reflect on their lives. At what point in life the way you are now, especially if you compare it with the children's imaginations? Are there any recurring themes or ideas which guided your actions when you got older? Are there any psychological blocks or other circumstances that prevented you achieve what you dream about? Let your thoughts flow freely and naturally.

Now imagine what would you like to have your own confessor and therapist who fully understands your innermost thoughts and feelings and can also give great tips on overcoming future challenges. Imagine how you can read more of his appearance, might look like a therapist? Will it be a wise old woman with luxuriant gray hair, or a middle-aged man in a three-piece suit, or a cool detective films of the thirties, or a huge white rabbit? Will he or she is to use perfume, wear suitcase diplomat, smoking fat cigars, or chew on a carrot? Imagine that you are sitting next to his "therapist" and share with him or her innermost thoughts. Think well about half an hour, then have the normal things.

The next part of the exercise start about an hour before bedtime. Gather a few items that represent some important aspects of your life. These can be, for example, shoes that you wore as a child, your child photos, diploma, old love letter, a religious or spiritual symbol. In selecting these items, select one and one that would remind you of the failure befell you in your personal life or career. Place all of the items on the bedside table or on a chair beside the bed and slowly reflect on the meaning of each. To create the right atmosphere you can quietly turn right on mood music.

When you're ready, go to bed and take a notebook in which to record their dreams. Then come up with a phrase that expresses one of the common problems of your current life that you care about. It should not be limited to narrow issues, such as poor awkward relationship with your friend Melvin. Instead, pay attention to the bigger problem, say, on the whole unfortunate history of your sexual relationships with men or women. For example, instead of having to write "Do I love all of Melvin?", Write something like "Why am I always associate with empty, selfish, insensitive, boorish and untrustworthy types like Melvin?". Then turn off the light and go into a state of wakeful relaxation, and then try to fall asleep high clarity directly from the waking state.

We recommend letting your subconscious mind to provide you with the best scenario of sleep. Center your attention should be directed to the search for a dream therapist who will help you with advice and tell you how to act upon awakening.

Once high-clarity deep sleep, look around in search of a therapist, the appearance of which you created in the afternoon. Do not worry if you do not find it right away. Drive around the surrounding you in a dream setting in a way that is most suitable - on foot, by car, or can even fly. Keep searching until you will discover the character that you want. But remember, as the subconscious mind always adds something of yourself, your sleep therapist might look different compared to the way you imagined.

Finding a dream therapist, you can take the opportunity to ask his advice about life in the real world. As your sleep therapist is the epitome of all the memories and life experiences stored in the conscious and subconscious, he, she, or it will have access to the most intimate details of your life. Therefore, your sleep therapist can give you surprisingly straightforward and frank advice on how you should behave. Simply put, your inner "I" may know better what's good for you, than your conscious "I" wish or be able to recognize. Faced with an inner "I" in the form of a personal physician or a guide to the dreams of high clarity, you can get a real benefit from the hidden wisdom of your subconscious mind. The more you practice this exercise, the more profound will be your inspiration.

Please do not worry and do not be discouraged if you do not meet your sleep therapist in the first time going to be doing this exercise. The possibility exists that dream where you're at w e will reflect your subconscious thoughts and feelings about the worries that you have focused on in the afternoon. continuing to practice, eventually you will meet your dream therapist. No one is stopping you from creating a whole company and therapists for each of the types of dreams high clarity. But remember that these exercises in any case can not substitute for a real dialogue
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