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Remember that the ghost is in a cataleptic state, and at the moment,

when the astral body with the power connected to the physical, it causes the muscles to relax the physical body to adapt to their own. If the ghost enters the physical body relaxed, while in a cataleptic, on waking at that moment you find yourself in a temporary paralysis. The shock at the sudden connection is always frustrating and sometimes very strongly. Power reperkusii corresponds to the space through which the astral body passed before connecting with the physical, and the speed with which the internalization. A rate of internalization, in turn, is regulated by a margin of negative factors. The greater the speed and distance, the stronger push. The set speed and distance is the maximum reperkursiyu, but the speed is more important element, because even at a distance of one foot in the intensive speed the return of the physical body experiences a strong shock.

The most surprising result of this rapid recovery when a role is played by the speed and distance, is the feeling of rasshepleniya in the center of the body. "Splitting the center of the body" describes the agony better than any other expression, I think. It's a sudden gust of sharp pain, as if a sharp instrument slashed body along its entire length. This effect is severe pain occurs less frequently as "bouncing" because most people do not experience separation at a great distance. Nevertheless, he and the other is quite sad! I can not say yet if there is any danger in such a painful return to the astral body, but it is likely that such experiences are more unpleasant than harmful. When return is controlled as it should be, the subconscious mind - with a positive balance - reperkursiya subject is not felt.

If a person is trying to develop this phase (projection), is facing such severe examples of coincidence bodies, it is a sign that the projection has been achieved to some extent, but the negative factors are strong. However, such a painful experience can be enough to put an end to all the other long-range projections for the subject to be afraid reperkusii depressed and this fear will always cause excitement at the very first glimmer of consciousness, and shall bear the body back into a match, causing only a repetition of such returns. On the other hand, if you really want to be projected over long distances and having repercussion, you should not consider it in terms of pain, which is only temporary, or fear, it is dangerous, but to accept it as evidence of his success and convince yourself that it is safe and not scary. Then disappears hidden fear, excitement exciting when first turned out.

Sounds, sensations and emotions cause reperkursiyu if the ghost is in the field of activity of the cord. Outside it, of course, such effects are reduced to nothing. Emotions are probably the main reason, sounds, sensations, and so on are the contributing factors. And here is another paradox. The unconscious is able to induce astral projection experience. These feelings evoke emotion in the mind or dreams. And emotions during sleep will make a thinner body internalized. You can call it a vicious circle. In a sense this is true, and yet it is similar to dreams, for example, irritation, or other sensations in the bladder will make it easier to sleep. And this dream will turn into his relief.
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