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Astral cord. Secure access to the Astral
Almost all of the people involved in spiritual phenomena, argue that its structure shnurastralnoe astral body with the physical, and it turns out, all that is still known to man on this schematic astral body. Such ignorance is not difficult to explain. On the one hand, the psychological experimenter, if he can not be projected, making their conclusions on the basis of the statements of others. On the other - the majority of people involved in astral projection, do not have the consciousness completely if it is at all possible. One can not regain consciousness for a short time at a distance from the physical body, and others, so obsessed with miracles associated with these phenomena, the idea of research into the causes never occurred to me. It is estimated that around 15,000 people currently living more or less able to see in the astral plane, and that about 50 people may go into this plan at will. similar to rubber, connecting

Many times during the conscious projection I have carefully studied and observed the unusual action of the astral cord. It's kind of mysterious interlude in the main act called "projection." His vital structure, as far as I can tell, consists of the same material as the astral body itself. His unstable behavior always produced a deep impression on me, and sometimes I'm almost inclined to think that he really has a mind. Where did he come out when the ghost is out of the physical body, and to disappear at the coincidence of the two bodies? All this is too deep a mystery to me. Its elasticity exceeds all conceivable limits, and his ability to stretch far higher than any material object.

The best thing you can do in order to make an impression of it is to compare it with a rubber cord, although this comparison is not fair

with respect to the living organism. Astral cord always extends from one body to another, regardless of distance or space located between them.

The shorter the distance between the two bodies, the thicker the astral cord, the stronger its magnetic effect and the harder it is to keep the stability of the ghost. When the ghost is only slightly out of the state match, the diameter of the cord around a silver dollar. This is the maximum diameter of the cord, although the aura surrounding it creates the appearance that its thickness is about 5 inches. The diameter is reduced in proportion to the distance separating the body to a certain point, after which it stores the minimum diameter to infinity - the diameter of an ordinary sewing thread. The slightest separation up to a distance at which the astral cord gets its smallest diameter, he is very active. This distance is called the "scope of the cord." Naturally, I wanted to determine how far the scope of the cord, because, as I found out, it is important for the projection of the astral body. Therefore, during the next conscious projection I have carefully noted the spot where the cord takes a minimum thickness. Returning back to the physical body, I took the braid, measured the area of activity of the cord and found that it is 15 feet. For a while I thought I counted right away, but when I repeated the experiment to confirm the first data, the result was different. This time, it was equal to only 8 feet. Then it became clear that the scope of the cord is changed, and doing this problem for almost a year, I
finally found out why. I noticed that when I do not feel so good, as usual, the resistance area or activity of cord less than when I physically feel better. The repetition of experiments confirmed this finding. And I say again, that the more we delve into this phenomenon (astral projection), the more we see that physical coordination is a strong negative factor affecting the result. The better the health of the subject, the more energy is concentrated in the condenser (astral body), the stronger the flow of energy through the astral cord, if it at all possible to be projected, the greater the area of activity of the cord. The more energy is concentrated in the astral body, the stronger it is linked to their physical counterpart. The more exhausted the subject becomes, the less energy is concentrated in the condenser, the weaker it is tied to the physical body, and the less will be the scope of the cord. And if a person is weakened to an extraordinary degree, the astral body in general can not remain in the physical and comes out sometimes forever. Then the doctor says that the man died because he did not get enough to eat.
So, it is clear that the area of activity cord varies depending on the projected health. If the body is separated by a few inches, the thickness of the cord is about the diameter of a silver dollar, regardless of health status, but its reduction in the volume of the subject is faster in poor health. With good physical condition cord shrinks (in accordance with the separation distance) as follows: the separation inches - 1 3/4 inch at 10 feet - 3/4 inch, as in a garden hose, at about 15 feet it may acquire a minimum, keeping it endlessly.
On the face of it a whitish-gray color, but if its hard to stretch it like a long string of web. From the end state match scope pinch it always occurs dual action as it is possible to determine by eye. However, I dare say that there are other processes that are too subtle to be noticed consciously projected the subject, even if he watches the cord at close range. One of them - it's a regular throbbing else seems easy expansion and contraction. Obviously, both processes occur simultaneously. Regarding their nature can not be any doubt, the motion in the cord is the external manifestation of the subtle life process. It was said above about the difference between what is called the departure of the soul, and the projection of the astral body. The difference lies in the fact that during astral projection cord is not damaged and that extends from one body to another. Phantom body is a capacitor of cosmic energy - the same energy that you use for movement. This energy is the breath of life, inherent in all living beings. The legend of Adam and Eve is, without a doubt, the fictional, but the writer was close to the truth when he said: "And God made ​​man from the dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being." Without this breath of life a person really would be nothing more than dust. The breath of life is the universal cosmic energy concentrated in the astral body, but you are said to Moses, "living soul." This "you" - the astral body and the breath of life is a world power. But what does this have to do with the astral cord? When the astral body is in a state of coincidence, we are physically alive. When the astral body out of the match, we are physically dead - on the condition that the astral cord extending from the body energy to the physical body, unharmed. This is the meaning of astral "lines of force" - to deliver the "breath of life" in the physical body, while a thinner body projected.
Breathing and heartbeat physical counterpart must be maintained throughout the externalization, and when the ghost is in the scope of the power cord, external manifestation of this process can be seen along the length of the cord. Have you ever experienced a headache with regular pulsation in the neck? Eliminating pain is pulsating effect similar to that experienced by the ghost go exterior with each beat of the heart, if the ghost is in soznanii.Kazhdy heartbeat is given in the astral body, and each ripple is expressed in the column, every pulsation of the heart produces a physical blow. All three pulse occur simultaneously. Pulsation of the heart is felt not only. Astral in the head, but when you touch the cord astral hand as you feel the pulse of their physical physical hand. Every breath made ​​in the astral body can be seen pulsating on the astral cord and causing the same breath in the body insensitive. If conscious externalization can optionally hold your breath, as in the coincidence, but it should not do, especially a beginner, because there may come a physical blockage and as a result - death.
many times I've been experimenting with breath while in the conscious projection, and in the scope of Cord. Once it is delayed, the expansion stops and reduce astral cord as a physical body. However, at the time when breathing stops, regular ripple continues. Deep breath in the astral body is the same breath and in the physical body, short breath and cause a short, fast - fast and so on. You breathe in the astral body and your heart beats to the astral body as well as be able to match your physical heart beats, because it beats the astral heart.
Exteriorization always accompanied by the constant feeling o 
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