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The art of choosing the seat - is the basis of the changes and power of the person. If you were able to sit or lie on the place, or not thinking about anything, at least three months, we decided to be more than half the task of gaining immortality.

But you can not be. Therefore, you must learn to actively absorb the energy suck it out of the space in your point and store it in a sufficient quantity. For this purpose, the technique of the so-called "energy meditation."

Choose the method that you immediately attracted to, and follow the emu for 10 days, practicing it on your site. If you feel stronger, keep your practice for 3 months, after which this meditation or becomes a part of you, either spontaneously disappear.

- start and finish exercises facing east
- the perfect meditation - the times of sunrise and sunset, midday, midnight, night of the full moon
- an exercise can be done in a group or on their own, but the group energy is stronger.
most affordable ways to power Meditation offered by Sri Bhagavan Radzhinishem, the author made ​​some changes.


Stage 1. 5 minutes. Deep rapid chaotic breathing through the nose. Forget the body, mind, become the very breath, giving the body itself.
Stage 2. 5 minutes. Catharsis. Unleash yourself, be as crazy, Cry, squealing, jump, shake, dance, laugh. Merge with energy and with all that is going on, as fully as possible, the
third stage. 5 minutes. Bob up and down with his hands raised, shouting: "Hu-y, x, y, x-y!" vkolachivaya this sound in the lower abdomen, in the sexual organ at the base of the spine. Earn this to happen by itself.
stage 4. 7 minutes. Stop. Zastynte where you are, in whatever position you may have come to. Observe how the energy flows within your body.
5th stage. 7 minutes. Sit on your knees, focus your attention on the lower abdomen. Let your body sway, but be careful.

Kundalini Meditation

About the kundalini - the powerful internal energy of man - we'll talk about later, but for now, we note that this meditation harmonizes the internal energy of a person on the outside, the cosmic energy.
Stage 1. Stand up, straining every muscle in your body as much as you can, then relax and listen to the emerging buzzing in your body shiver. Surrender to it at all, become the most vibration, shake. Feel the energy in the body rises from the bottom up. Your eyes should be closed.
Stage 2. Slowly make circular movements underbelly and hips counterclockwise, all increasing their amplitude. Your head should be fixed.
third stage. Rotate the torso, tilting it back and forth as much as possible. Your body is moving, but the base of the spine (sacrum) is a single point.
stage 4. Sit on your knees, clasp hands feet, then bend forward, putting the body on his knees and his head touching the ground. Completely relax.
Each stage takes five minutes. Control: a few exercises you need to feel the warmth of the base of the spine, which in later sessions will last longer and longer until it becomes permanent.


The purpose of this meditation - not only the accumulation of energy, but also the direction to the highest psychic center, which is achieved by the disclosure of the so-called extrasensory capabilities. The duration of each stage - from five to fifteen minutes.
Stage 1. Run a place with your eyes closed, try to touch the (strike) heel buttocks or tailbone area. This will allow you to absorb the energy of Earth. Breathe deeply and evenly.
Stage 2. Sit down with your eyes closed, mouth open and not tense, gently swaying. Your energy gets to the navel center.
third stage. Lie on your back and rotate your eyes open clockwise. Take full circle, as if you look covered a huge clock, but do as quickly as possible. Your mouth should be opened and relaxed. Thus concentrated energy is directed to the "third eye". *
4th stage. Close your eyes and focus your gaze at the point between the eyebrows. Rest in peace and attention.
Control: You should see the green and blue light waves, pulsing in the background of purple spots. Maybe life, you will see something different, but in any case it should be light. In the future, the picture will change.
* Third Eye, aka Eye of Shiva, who is also the original cavity of spirituality, it is the source of the immortal breath, also known as the Ajna, in the physiology of the pineal gland corresponds - pineal. You will be interested to know that Descartes thought it was a place the seat of the human soul, and modern physiology examines the pineal gland as a rudimentary eye reptiles.


This type of meditation is now widely used in Sufi schools, but its origin is a lot older. At the root of any prayer, any magical effect is accompanied by a whirling - likening the movement of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Echoes of this are preserved in folk dances (dances), certain rituals (the procession). But the essence, the energy performance of such a motion was lost. Meanwhile whirling meditation - one of the most effective methods of collecting energy.
Whirling produces in one place clockwise. The right hand is raised, palm up, and the left hand is lowered down. Imagine that you collect energy from heaven with his right hand and part of her return to Earth with his left hand. Start slowly, building up speed until it blow you away completely. Eventually, the body will fall by itself. Lie on your stomach, relax your entire body, focusing on the sensation of diving into the ground, dissolving in it.
Control: at some point circling your right arm in front of you should feel the elastic barrier, a kind of force field that penetrates into the center of your palm. Your palm should be warm. If it gets cold, stop the exercise.

Gourishankar MEDITATION

This meditation technique similar to the technique of Pranayama in the system of Hatha Yoga, its purpose - the absorption of energy from the environment through special breathing exercises and concentration.
Stage 1. Sit down with your eyes closed. Inhale deeply through your nose, completely filling your lungs from the bottom up (at first expands the stomach, then chest, then lifted his shoulders.) Hold your breath as much as possible, then exhale through your mouth easily in reverse order, poisoning the lungs empty as possible. Repeat this cycle for 10 minutes.
2nd step. Return to normal breathing and watchful, but calm eyes looking at the flame of a candle or some flickering light, located at the level of your eyes at a distance of about five feet. The body comes to rest.
third stage. With eyes closed, stand up, allowing the body to relax, but be susceptible. You will feel the delicate inner energy that will encourage the body to get out of your control. Let it happen. do not make these movements themselves, they must take place peacefully.
stage 4. Lie on your back, raskinte hand in hand, lay quietly, silently.
Note: The first three stages preferably accompanied by a continuous rhythmic beats combined with the background, soothing music. The frequency rate has roughly seven times the rate of a normal heartbeat, and, if possible, should be flashing light with the same frequency.
control: the emergence of a sense of floating, stay on the mountain top, the feeling of cleanliness and freshness inside the body.

Shiva Netra Meditation

The purpose of this meditation - the absorption of energy flows emanating from the top ("cosmic energy"), "third eye" and the saturation of their body. It consists of two stages which are repeated three times, accounting for a total of 6 five-minute stages.
Stage 1. Sit quietly, focus your eyes on the blue light.
Stage 2. Close your eyes gently and slowly swayed from side to side.
Note: The best object of contemplation - the blue sky. Your eyes slowly rises from the light blue colors on the horizon to dark blue at the zenith. His head still. You can do a blue lamp with a dimmer function, fit and regular blue lamp or other light blue.
Control: a feeling of pressure, a blow at the point between the eyebrows, or in a dark area.

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