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Egregors 2
"Egregor" from (Fr. agregat) «unit» - Connecting multiple machines to work in the complex. A fr. «Agregat» comes from the French. «Agreger» - «Connection" (unity).

Biofield emission of many people having the same equally with measured data, generate energy information system for field support, called egregore. Tuning, it is possible to send your information and read from it someone else. However, he egregor can send a person to their information, and read with him the information he needs.


(Interaction with egregors earth, thin kosmicheskimii plans)

People used to be managed at all levels in the production - the boss, in politics - elect, in the social sphere - the official, etc.

How can such a person will behave in the spiritual realm? Of course, here and find someone above him, and worship. And that creates another cult.

After all, it's the same as usual, because it's in the genes! What kind of person would behave in the family? The same thing - they will have someone to manage - or mother-in-law, or husband, or wife, or children, or both.

Many lived most of his life in the Soviet era, when the run was the following definition of man: "simple Soviet man" or "a member of the party."

Unfortunately, many people still have not come out from under this stamp. You can often hear the following words: "I am a little man!" These words, "simple", "small", "normal" lies a serious problem that prevents people to be happy and enjoy life.

In a similar outlook man gives himself under the authority of the various systems and then complains about their unfulfilled desires.

Psychology slave penetrated deeply into the consciousness of people and have so overgrown with different traditions, principles, morals and laws that are already in another life and it is not, and slave life has become the norm.

And now many of the structures seek power over a man trying various means to oppress the human psyche and the whole of the person.

A depressed person, a person with an oppressed psyche, has oppressed and intuition. And it increasingly difficult to regulate their conduct in harmony with the world. Such a person can make inharmonious actions and behaves inappropriately, without noticing it.

To truly be happy, you need to go beyond the small, ordinary people, to realize their individuality and their infinite possibilities, and implement them in life.

We must realize that your main oppressor - it is your own mind, and that no one can give you freedom, except you.

This course deals with the laws of the birth and development of various structures, in conjunction with which passes all human life. Knowledge of these laws, the ability to interact with them, allows a person to leave the state of the "little man" and to build a relationship on equal terms with the world. exists in the world a lot of different organizations, structures and hierarchies, earth and space, visible and invisible, known and unknown, friendly person and want to use it, which are involved in a person's life, build its relationships with other people and with the world. many thousands of years, they exist side by side the man penetrated into all spheres of life and he can not live without them. For thousands of years man has formed a variety of power, many of them began to live an independent life, and some have already taken power over the man himself. Eventually, the man was part of a complex system, a huge number of structures. They are helping people build relationships with other people, but often prevent this, spreading on all sides, and they protect the rights of many problems, but often are themselves the main danger for him, and they allow a person to work and pay for his work, but, more often, exploit it and prevent its creative implementation.

Egregor - information substance corresponding to a certain object, subject or phenomenon. The simplest example egregor - public opinion. Egregor force is determined by not only how a single individual or mass, are convinced that the information embedded in the egregor, true, but the fact of how many people think so. Accordingly, the stronger egregor have any phenomenon, the stronger its impact. Every sensible citizen knows that almost all the omens and superstitions - nonsense. However, there are a huge number of people who (and this is key) is convinced that all their troubles arose after a meeting with a black cat or Friday the 13th. They fell under the influence egregor these events and, indeed, these events promise them trouble. Similarly, we can consider the question of divination. Haprimer, it is well known that very well help predict the fate of playing cards. Any sane as a citizen, knowing mathematics within the school year and who has a view of the theory of probability, it is clear that for this purpose, in principle, should fit any of counting objects - dominoes, for example. However, divination by dominoes leads only Het Monster as an example of creating a personalized mantic system. Why did cards work, and dominoes - no? The reason - the same egregor.

Natural egregor arise from a pool of opinions about some more or less repeated phenomenon (both real and hypothetical).

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