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Apparently, in many ways, however, as everyone in this lively and infinitely diverse world. At recall the old English poems, translated by Marshak: "What made the boys ...".

The elements are connected as a single letter in the book, as punctuation marks in the text - are associated with the author of the monograph, with prototypes, with not too many random associations, from time to time arising in the mind of the writer in the process of thinking and writing.

How does egregor tank regiment? Tanks, hangars, office of the company commander and armory, and even letters of soldiers home, and even "nest egg" in the pocket of a political officer, and more ... and much, much more. Quite different looks uniform egregor modern entrepreneur - faxes, lenders, documents, hundreds of forms and contents, computers, warehouses and commercial shops, business case and a beautiful pen, and even thought, thought, thought. And it looks like a modern political party, if it is viewed as a single organism? The answer is clear - "Watching what party." Sometimes it's almost like in the epigraph to Radishchevskaya "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow" - "Oblomov, enormous and Laya." The same monster, especially if it is a party of fascists, or, God forbid, the "red-brown". We just never thought of toil - never to reflect on co-existing with us supra-individual organisms. But they are quite real, in any case, not less, than we are. And it is not only real, but sometimes quite actively manage our life, and in many ways samosoznayuschi even free to choose a particular strategy of behavior in our (or is it their own?) World. Wait seething over an ant hill or over complete anxious bees hives and think about it: a bunch of individual insects or single integral body, every cell of which only seems to separate being ...

How they look, these egregors?

So, the theme of meditation on "egregors and we" more than clear: the analogy of a single cell and the organism (from the example of the body of the man himself: a brain, there are blood vessels that have organs that produce protective lymphocytes, has backrooms adipose tissue). At every element - its function and limits the task element (relatively) free. But everything moves in concert for the benefit of the execution of the act of being independent of the whole.

Egregor - it's not something ephemeral. The man and the "brain" of egregor reported similar peripheral neurons and brain centers. But for the existence of such a "nervous system" is absolutely necessary a whole set of other tissues need some functional context, and all of this body, of course, are present their goals, their methods and their success criteria for its own existence. That is egregor making up his men and the related material and energy living environment form a real body, functionally coherent, specific, uniform, reasonable. Man, however, is included in this integrity, depending on their moral and evolutionary level on the Rights of the vassal or the rights of equitable employee, and then another - and doeth his will, along with the will egregor. In some ways, people are accountable and subject to egregors in something - on the contrary. But this - after ...
So egregors not immaterial. Their physical body is represented by a set of bodies of people, things, anything, if it is in their composition (for example, farm egregor certainly will include all the cows - and the "rekordsmenok" and "outsiders"). But apart from this "body" component, there is something that is almost impossible to understand (standing for "just human" level of consciousness) - the same way the total human body, in terms of its constituent cells of the body, just one big, so powerful Cell and nothing more. And this cell also goes to work, and fawned over skirts ...

Is it possible to dialogue with egregor person?

Is not only possible - is vital to both of them! Man, by the way, is also obliged to talk to their own organs and cells to consult, as it is better to take care of them, what they want and at all - they have "been there" life. Since the liver is also possible to talk about, even to ask "do not hurt" - she listens. You do not have to talk, not to think about the needs of your own body. But when it gets sick and "unscrew" completely - then it is nothing to "drink" Borjomi "!
Egregor, of course, by orders of magnitude more complex person, it involves your being not only a lot of people, but the array of things, and ether-information structures of Space. Sometimes egregores power extends far beyond the region, and their influence can be provided even in people who are at all on another continent. Therefore, the relationship between man and egregore should be fine, polite, gentle and accurate. way, it is possible, for example, in the systems of the "car-driver" (the latter just do not talk about the facts psihomehanicheskogo interaction when quarreled on your clunker - he stopped going altogether - are afraid that psycho in the "loony bin", because most citizens are not as observant as professionals, yet deem "tronuvshegosya!").

In short, as the Chinese used to say, "in all things - a Member", and this is the way it is and the line of life, and it's a holistic environment as an extension of his own body, and it is certain life of the program.

Very similar to each other the concept of "Tao" and "Egregor", which is quite natural, since the doctrine of Lao-tzu was a social version of the ancient esotericism, only part of which was allowed to open a wise man, and that for the elite. All Tao single and integrated, and they all merge into the Great Tao. But all these Dao - not a mathematical line, not formalism and not imaginary vector. This - Egregors, specific, multi-piece, live and reasonable! In light of this, believe me, should carefully read the treatise of Lao Tzu. Constantine Selchenok
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