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The study of astral projection gives a clear picture of the phenomenon of death. In the end it is only the eternal astral projection. As a rule, death occurs in an unconscious state. Dr. Bailey says that "many observations of the dying led to the conclusion that nature has taken care of that we were in this life and went out of her unconscious."

Known for exceptional cases in which the dying remained conscious until the very end. Prof. Khosla, in his article "The consciousness of the dying" (in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, June 1898) on the basis of observations of such cases emphasizes that consciousness is not dying off and the leaves. Tom unlucky ones who died during sleep, avoiding the death agony. Painful death is a great shock to the mind, and leaves in the subconscious shock "stress." The victim is often a long time in the half-mad state, tending to the material world. Stress causes a painful death died again and again to experience it in the astral body, leading to madness itself, and sometimes the other.

It is possible that the eternal projection (death) and time are similar to each other, and that all goes out the physical life in various ways. Some people at this point keep a clear mind, and others die in a semi-conscious state. There is no doubt that most die unconscious. Some astral beings remember the time of his death, more or less clearly. In this regard, let me quote a passage from the story, recorded by one of the dead soldier through the medium of Mr. Tudor-Poles: "... As you can see, I will briefly tell about these" important "events, once important to me, and now I having no value. As we re-evaluate some things in the physical life! I am afraid of death and I was sure that it stands for oblivion. Many people still do not believe it. I'm talking to you because it is not.

Physical death - that's nothing. Some of my friends have mourned Here's how it happened. I was close to the line of fire, intending to go over the guard. It was a clear night. I have not sensed any trouble. The sense of danger arose when I heard the whistle of bullets. Then, somewhere in the back I heard an explosion. I instinctively ducked, but it was too late. Something hit me in the neck. I will never forget because of this strike. Throughout the incident that was the only unpleasant second. I fell at once, without any visible break in consciousness, found themselves outside of the body. You see, I'm telling my story just so it's easier to understand. You will realize that death - that's nothing! Think about it! Another moment ago, I was alive, in the earthly sense of the word, and quietly looking out of the trench. In five seconds I was out of my body, helping to carry him to his comrades in the dressing station ... I acted like a dream. At first, I had a dream that someone or something knocked me off my feet. Now, I dreamed that I went out of my body, and I thought: "Soon I will wake up in your body and go to the guard"

Next, ordinary Downing wrote: "When I was living in a physical body, I almost did not think about it. And now, in other circumstances, I know a little bit about yourself. Obviously, I possess any body, but it is absolutely not interest me. It is comfortable, does not get tired and the shape is very similar to my old one. Some difference, of course, there is, but I'm not trying to find it ... In purgatory, every man creates its own conditions of existence. If I had to repeat this life, I would have lived it so much better! I lived among the little fellow, and almost no interest in their business! "

As you can see, this story has a lot to do with what you already know about astral projection. Caroline D. Larsen, in his book "Travels in the World of Spirits" tells how one day she was a witness to how the astral body of a dying several times coming out of the physical body before leaving it forever. Here's the story. "Both I and my husband were well aware of Mr. G., although we can not say that we were with him on friendly terms. He was a drunk, a man who broke under the weight of troubles in life and found solace in wine and drugs. The night he died, I was able to get out of the physical body. Passing by, I went to him. G. was lying on the bed in the convulsions caused by too large a dose of the drug and alcohol use. At his bedside were two men, who, as I understand, he tried to do anything to help. (Later, my husband found out that it was so.) Suddenly I saw that Mr. G. rises in the astral body leaves the physical and begins to search for those half a bottle of whiskey and a box of drugs that are stashed. When he found them, he tried to swallow anything. The failure has caused his face sad expression. Then he walked over to his body and quickly joined up with him. After a while he did the same, and so a few times. Whenever he came into the physical body, it writhed in horrible convulsions. Finally he came out of the body for the last time and just started searching, when he saw me. Straightening up, he looked at me with a bewildered expression. Then he turned and staggered out of the house, being in a state of profound confusion. At that moment he had no idea that ever leaves the body, of which just came out. "

An interesting fact is that every time when G. came out of the body, it immediately gave him the aura of apparel, like the pajamas, which was put on his physical body. However, the very aura was brown in color, indicating the absence of any spiritual development.

Andrew Jackson Davis, who had astral sight, witnessed many deaths, he said that none of them are alike, regardless of whether we consider it from a physical or astral point of view. In his book, "The philosophy of harmony", he gives the following description: "A man lies on a bed and dies. Death comes quickly. The physical body becomes cold and acquires a negative charge, while the astral body becomes warm and positive. First, get cold feet. The clairvoyant sees a halo around his head magnetic, golden in color and pulsating. The body grows cold to the knees and elbows. Then - at the hips and shoulders. A halo becomes wider. The cold spreads across his chest, and a halo rises to the ceiling. A person stops breathing, no pulse. A halo taking shape of a human figure. Inside the head of a ghost being felt uniformly deep ripple like ocean surf. Still capable of rational thought, although the man was almost dead. Ghostly form is connected to the brain very thin thread of life. Forms derived from the halo becomes more concrete: there is a person with divine traits, beautiful shoulders, and then the whole figure is somewhat less than the physical body, but a complete copy. Then the thread that connects it with the old brain is broken, and the spiritual body of gaining freedom ... "

However, the problem of death a little worried about the majority of people, so we consider it here only in connection with astral projection. Ordinary man rarely thinks that once he dies. And when a thought appears, he drops it as a terrible thing. It really is a curious paradox, when we think about how strong survival instinct in us.

Few philosophers have paid serious attention to this issue. Among the writers known Mr. Carrington, who has devoted the problem of the death of several books. But that said, in this regard prof. Furans d'Alba in the book "Immortality in a new light": "The twentieth century is too busy to deal with the problems arising from the fact of death. The worldly man is a will insure your life and make an order for his death, just observing the forms of courtesy. The church, once takes as their primary concern for the soul and its destiny after death, is now engaged exclusively in preaching morality. Death is the universal destiny and in dispute. The spectacle of two billion human beings, inevitably approaching his death and did not know exactly what it will be, and yet able to relate to your life easy and fun, it seems strange and almost inexplicable. It is like a prison during the reign of terror in which convicts spend time in an animated conversation, not knowing which of them will go on the block next.

Each year, forty million human corpses are buried. Millions of tons of human flesh, blood and bones discarded as useless to turn to other forms of matter, and perhaps in other forms of life. Meanwhile, billions of the human race alive and well ... "

"Death - is a topic on which philosophers have expressed surprisingly banal, - says F. CS Schiller, prof. University of Oxford. - There is no subject about which the philosopher must think more, if he is an idealist, and he has the courage to have their own opinion. "

So, at one extreme are materialists who claim that death is the utter ruin of man on the other - the spiritualists who claim that death - is just the beginning of a great life. And between these two extremes there is a whole army of cults, religions, beliefs, most of which treats death as a curse sent down to mankind.

But, of course, is the curse of death and life. Life with all its sufferings, turmoil, testing - the biggest curse sent to mankind. No luck in the future is not worth suffering; grief and anguish can not compensate. Really need to be persistent to be able to enjoy life on another planet, knowing that this suffering. I believe that such a person does not deserve happiness. Is it possible that the spirits lose this ability for compassion?

I think the curse of death and infinitely sorry that it exists. No mortal can push even the weakest argument in defense of life I regret that materialists are wrong. I regret that the death of the suffering does not end there. If death meant a long, dreamless sleep! But alas! My experience proves otherwise.
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