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We should not think that every dream encapsulates the dreaming body. Some dreams astral body does not react, still resting. Man dreams when the physical and astral bodies are in a state match. Dreams can be seen in the physical state of somnambulism. On the other hand, a person can dream, when his astral ghost still lies in a zone of peace Regarding the involvement of the astral body in the dream, then it is either projected onto the scene, or creates an appropriate environment with the help of the imagination, it is a replica of a real place. In a dream, you can see the events that occur at a distance, while not projecting his astral body at the scene. There is no doubt that many cases of clairvoyance, astral projection explained by anything to do with it do not matter. Here is an interesting example of such a dream, recorded by the Company for Psychical Research. It said a member of this society.

One morning in December 18 ... it was a dream, or rather, a revelation. He suddenly appeared at the gate leading to the street Major NM, a few miles from his home. Next to him was a group of people, including a woman with a basket in her hand, and four others - men were tenants, others he did not know Strangers beat NV (his friend). He intervened: "I struggled struck the man to the left of me, and with even greater force struck in the face of human right. Remarking to my surprise that I was not knocked over any of them, I continued to bash his enemies, and I went mad with despair, seeing as they kill a friend of mine. To my amazement, I saw that my hands go through the body fighting without causing them any harm. The strength of my punches were huge, but I'm desperate convinced that nothing I can do to help your friend. I lost consciousness after that feeling of powerlessness over me. "

A. The next morning, felt an ache all over, as after an exceptionally heavy physical exertion. His wife told him that she was very scared of the power punches that he inflicted in his sleep imaginary enemy, as if fighting for his life He in turn told her of his dream and asked to recall the names of those who were familiar to him. The next morning, Alexander received a letter from his agent, stating that one of his tenants was found Tuesday morning at the gate of the house of Major NM dying to break the skull. Criminals have left no traces.

A. In the evening went to the city to the magistrate and asked him to arrest and interrogate those three, which he learned in his sleep. This was done without delay. All three gave similar testimony, calling and the woman who was with them. During the interrogation, she told about the same thing. Thus, between 11 and 12 o'clock on Monday night they all were sent home and were stopped by three strangers, two of whom attacked NV, and the third tried to interfere with their friends. NV has survived, but the tragedy has left an indelible impression on him, and then he left these places. "

From the story it is clear that sleep in any case was not associated with astral projection. A. After fighting in the physical body, which was confirmed by his wife. This is a case of physical somnambulism, when the subject had a dream that was really going on. His physical and astral bodies were in a state match, otherwise the first would be unable to move.

If this is a dream-projection, then make sure this is possible only in two ways: either astral projection is to see a clairvoyant or projector must fully regain consciousness at the scene. Dreams in which the subject thinks he is somewhere far from home, never to be taken for astral projection, simply because they appear to be real. In many cases, physical somnambulism subject can accurately describe the event and the place where it happened. However, the physical and astral projection somnambulism can not take place simultaneously. Like a vision of long-distance, one can see the dreams that reflect events that occur next to him. Such dreams are usually dream about the day, often for a short time before awakening. For example, you can dream that your friend went to the door of your apartment, and waking up, you will see that this is true.


Cases of alleged conscious astral projection written a lot, they are numerous volumes, but not everyone of them is an example of this conscious projection. The fact that the mind is very easy to confuse dreams with a real consciousness, so it feels real. A person who sees the dream seer can watch the events occurring on other planets, plans and believe that he really is projected back into the astral body, when in fact it does not.

Thus obtained a wealth of information about life on a higher plane. But everyone who has experienced what a conscious astral projection, never confuse it with a dream yasnovid-cal character.
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