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Astral, time and information
It is widely believed that in the astral world, man acquires the ability to see the past and the future. I am in all its conscious projections saw only now, as I see it now as I write this book (although remember the past). It is believed that some sense there is a record of ever doing or saying, and that under certain conditions, this record can be read. Although I have never seen or read anything like this ("Akashic Records", as they call it), I, being in the astral body into semi-consciousness, experiencing events that have not occurred in my physical life. I'll tell you about it. But first, let me briefly outline what is known about the "Akashic Records".

"Akashic Record" - it's not some huge book, and traces of every word and action, imprinted on a world ether, or astral light. This is not such a miracle, because our memory is identical to it. Dissect the brain, and you will find no trace of what is called "memory." And yet you know that the record of past events in your life somewhere unseen exist.

Of astronomy, we know that light travels at a speed in excess of 186,000 miles in 1 second. There are stars so distant from us that the light they emit thousands of years ago, only now reaching Earth. The end we are looking at a distant fixed star, we actually do not see it for what it is now, and the way it was hundreds of years ago, when she radiated such light beams. Here he writes about Mr. Carrington: "... All of this leads us to the following: suppose that a creature that is in outer space away from us, watching our planet. Length allows him to see only what we proiyhodilo year ago. Naturally, the farther away from Earth is the observer, the older events to appear to his sight. So, in theory, arguing, you can watch the events reflected in the ether. "

You can see the stars that existed hundreds of years ago. Their light tells us this, although the stars themselves are not. And the "Akashic Record", broadcast worldwide reflects everything that has ever happened. The Hindus say that people who have reached a high development, able to read this chronicle. Here is what Swami Panshadazi, which they say as a master of art of astral projection: "Traveling at some point in time in the fourth dimension, you can take it from there and see a moving picture of the history of any part of the planet, from that point until today. You can also travel in the astral body in the usual spatial scales and observe everything that is happening at this moment on Earth. However, I must warn you that this chronicle of the past is on a much higher plane than the astral, and what you see is only a reflection of her. It is necessary to have a high degree of occult development in order to see even a reflection of ... However, the usual clairvoyant is able to capture certain moments these astral pictures and fairly well describe the events of the past. " Unfortunately, the author of this book never had the pleasure to read this chronicle.


You already know that the events of the past can be experienced again during sleep projection. The same happens with the events of the future. Of course, a dream that predicts the future, can be seen without it the body of dreams. However, the astral body is involved in the so-called prophetic dreams quite often (such dreams are especially characteristic of those who have a penchant for astral projection). I've had a lot. Here is a simple example of such a dream, which took place a few years ago.

I dreamed that I walked out the front door of our house and walked up the street toward the school. (There I could walk two roads; led straight through a residential area, and the other - in the downtown area. Returning from school after lunch, I always chose the second path, the shorter.) When I (dream) walking down the street, I heard that someone is calling me. I turned around and saw one of his comrades, who lived a few blocks away from me, he ran to catch up with me. He was in my class, and on the way we talked about school problems. Soon we came to a place where the road forked. I chose the shorter route, thinking that my friend follow me. But he said: "Let's go through the town, we have a lot of time." And we went through the business center. In the window of a store I stopped, I liked the socks. I went to the store and bought them. We then continued on their way to school. Walking through the park, we saw a boy walking toward us. I recognized him immediately. Caught up with us, the boy spit on my shoes and ran. He was really very harmful. As soon as we came closer to the school, my mind cleared up, and before I was fully awake, I was alone. Finally awake, I found myself in the astral body, moving in the direction of the school. A week later, a dream became a reality in every detail. Even the same boy was walking towards me, when we got to the school. I said to my companion: "Now this boy spit on my shoes." And so it was.

Here is another example. In the spring of 1927, awakened in the astral body, I found myself in a strange place - an exceptionally beautiful park. I looked around, remembering this place forever. Particularly well etched in my memory high steep wall, and two small bridges thrown over the creek. I did not remember that ever happened in this park and had no idea where he is the park itself. Two months later, making a short trip with a friend, I happened to be in the same park. It is 50 miles from my home. I could tell you a lot of cases of this kind. Prophetic dreams I dream about almost every week. Sometimes when I get them in the mind, and I find that my body is a dream player in future events. My observations have shown that the prophetic dreams almost always start with something familiar, habitual. Later in the ordinary appears a new dimension.

As a rule, the dream became a reality in the next day. It should be borne in mind that these dreams I've seen a lot more than I remember: it is not all the dreams you can remember, and, in addition, the projector does not always come to mind during sleep. Unfortunately, the way of seeing the prophetic dreams at will has not been found. Sometimes during sleep projection entity retains almost clear consciousness and sees an unfamiliar place, people watching unknown events. Waking up in the astral body, he doubts that such an event could take place in reality, attributing them to a night of fantasy. And he can never learn later that these events actually occurred and that his dream was not a fantasy.
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