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According to the dictionary, the term "kinesthetic sense" refers to "the signals transmitted by the available in the muscles, ligaments and joints and nerve endings arising from the movement or straining the body, as well as sensory information carried by the signals." In other words, it's your sense of your own body and its movements. This is the same full-fledged sense, like sight, sound or touch. Do you know where your arms and legs, you know the feeling you passed all the cells of your body, etc. When you are trying to introduce themselves into a trance, you are still aware of your body lying in bed, and focus on the feeling - an important component of trance method. Listening to the inner feelings, you notice that the deepening of the trance they change, and use that feeling as a feedback mechanism, as well as in order to stay awake. In fact, you'll learn about what can already leave the body, it is to change the kinesthetic sensations.
Let's digress from the main topic of our discussion and remember that some time after the hard work and sleepless nights person goes to bed, and it seems as if it is rapidly falls somewhere. This is quite tangible, physical sensation, and it suddenly occurs. If this has happened to you, then you know what it means to leave the physical body.
So, you lie back and relax, the body is getting heavier and heavier, and suddenly you have the feeling that you, as we said, somewhere to fall through or slide forward. Before that, you can watch the hypnotic images, but they may not be. Be that as it may, the main thing you notice such kinesthetic sensations - do not lose the peace. Do not worry, all will be well: such feelings suggest that you leave your own physical body. If you have not become internal resistance and allow the situation to develop, everything will be fine and you will realize that in mind. Then you will be in total darkness. Do not be afraid of it. You have already left his body, but still nowhere to be located.

In fact, it is a very good place - quiet and peaceful. You can move it if you want, although apparently nothing will change, and you can just sit still and listen to the silence. And, of course, in your power to be anywhere on the astral plane.
To do this, try to look at the hands of his new body. Maybe at first it would be difficult to bring them to face, but you can do it. And discover that you have no hands! However, you can look at the place where they should be, move your fingers, etc. In the end you will see how your hands are taking a visible form, and at the same time around you will begin to materialize certain scene! You can say that you are using your own intention of setting up a vibration of one of their thin bodies on a sub-plane vibrations of the astral world. After that, you have a feeling that you are "out" are. Later we will discuss in what interesting places you can be.

Another way to leave "nothing" is the rotation around its own axis like a top. Just start to spin, and when you stop doing this, you will be in a certain place. Both of these methods work, so choose for a more comfortable and use it.
Dive into the black space - is not the only scenario, after you leave the body. It is also possible that during the relaxation you experience sudden dizziness, lasting only a fraction of a second. After that, you will immediately come to mind, but do not feel your body and do not treat black before my eyes closed, and are in the astral projection, anywhere - in your room, in a strange place on the moon.
Another possibility is to use hypnotic images . You can just lie down and consider one of them, and then jump right into it! With this example you learned above. Try to yourself to try to push yourself to the observed image.

Finally, well-acquainted with the kinesthetic sensations that accompany a deep trance, you will learn how to enter a state where willpower alone can "push" themselves from the body. Sometimes it looks like a "twisting", just as the butterfly leaves the cocoon. In other cases, you really are coming from a body of its own, and sometimes fall back. All these methods are distinguished from others by their activity and what you have to do a real effort of will. And just when you allow your consciousness to leave the body, it is by nature passive method. Both work, but with experience you will notice that more and more themselves "push" themselves out of the body, rather than passively allow yourself to leave.
Remember that the process of separation from the body, which was described above - is absolutely natural and spontaneous. Falling asleep, we all do it every night. The only difference is that in exercising astral projection, you want to keep a clear mind and memory. Therefore, do not apply to out of body experience as something more complex and require great effort. Calmly take everything that happens to you, and do not allow yourself to fall and get lost in their own thoughts.
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